Conflicts of Interest: Does Israeli Aggression Signal Progress in Iran Nuclear Deal Talks?

On COI #195, Kyle Anzalone and Connor Freeman discuss recent developments in the new Cold War with China as well as the resumed JCPOA talks in Vienna.

Kyle details recent reports about how Taiwan, eyeing China, is building its own submarine fleet with assistance from various nations including the United States and the United Kingdom. Kyle then breaks down a propaganda piece from Reason magazine that promotes Sean Roberts, who authored a discredited Newlines Institute report containing debunked lies about China’s Uighur “genocide.” This is a major oversight from Reason and reflects that even mainline, establishment libertarians will traffic in blatant anti-China war propaganda.

Connor then discusses the recently renewed indirect JCPOA talks between the U.S. and Iran in Austria. The other remaining signatories to the nuclear deal are in attendance as well and are speaking directly with Tehran’s delegation. The U.S. has been consistently hawkish leading up to the talks, imposing sanctions and threatening Iran. Israel is nakedly attempting to sabotage the talks and the deal itself by spreading lies in the media and western capitals alleging Iran is preparing to attack the U.S. and increase uranium enrichment to weapons grade levels. Tel Aviv’s seemingly desperate actions may indicate they suspect real diplomatic progress could take place in Vienna.

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