Conflicts of Interest: Biden Watches as US Created Crises in Yemen & Afghanistan Kills Children

On COI #197, Kyle Anzalone breaks down the humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan. The World Bank and UN are attempting to deliver aid to the Afghans. However, U.S. sanctions continue to prevent the aid from reaching suffering people. Back in Washington., Biden is figuring out what to do with the $7 billion held by the Fed in an account for the collapsed, formerly U.S. backed, Kabul government. Vultures in Congress are attempting to repurpose the funds to aid Ukraine. The Biden administration’s main concern in Afghanistan is preventing the Taliban from gaining “recognition,” not preventing the Afghan childrens’ impending mass starvation.

Kyle updates the raging war in Yemen. Saudi Arabia continues to hammer the starving people with airstrikes. Despite Biden’s pledge early in his administration, the US continues to support the Saudi-UAE war effort. The UN is now warning that 377,000 Yemenis will have died by the end of this year, most being children under the age of five who starved to death. 

Kyle discusses the military’s falling approval rating. In past years, the Pentagon was America’s most trusted institution. However, countless failures have led to the public’s waning trust.

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  1. Absoulely spot on target for the woke!

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