Conflicts of Interest: Is Biden Turning to Diplomacy with Russia and Iran?

On COI #207, Kyle Anzalone and Connor Freeman update the JCPOA talks’ recent developments and the Russians’ security proposals presented to Washington.

Kyle discusses the Russians pulling 10,000 troops off the border with Ukraine and sending them back to their bases. This is potentially a show of goodwill before the upcoming talks with the U.S. next month. Kyle and Connor then cover some recent escalations that do not necessarily bode well for substantive diplomacy like the Americans flying spy planes over Ukraine not far from the separatist Donbas region. There is also talk of a U.S.-Ukraine intelligence partnership eyeing Moscow.

Kyle also covers the latest news on the new Cold War with China. It turns out that the Americans’ diplomatic boycott of the Beijing Winter Olympics is a “farce.” Also, using the Taiwan issue as a pretext, the U.S. and Japan are reportedly planning for war with China. Connor then talks about where things stand with the Iran deal.

Connor argues that the Iranians have the upper hand and have been largely successful by not making concessions, remaining steadfast, and demanding the lifting of all sanctions as well as the JCPOA’s full implementation. For all the tough talk and empty rhetoric from Tel Aviv, Washington, the Europeans, etc. it seems based on news reports and statements from the EU coordinator, the Iranian diplomats, and the Russian lead negotiator that Tehran’s demands and proposals have been accepted and, on their terms, things are moving forward. Connor and Kyle then talk American domestic politics, Middle East politics, and what Israel would demand in the case of a U.S. return to the Iran deal.

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3 thoughts on “Conflicts of Interest: Is Biden Turning to Diplomacy with Russia and Iran?”

  1. Re the headline: In a word, no.

    Biden will not rejoin the JCPOA. And Biden has been double-dealing with China over Taiwan, and Russia over Ukraine. All three parties – Iran, China and Russia – know this. Even if Biden were amenable – which he is not – all three parties know that Congress is incapable of making the correct decision.

    War is thus inevitable between the US and all three parties (always assuming, of course, that the *first* war doesn’t destroy the US ability to make war – which, if it isn’t with Iran, is the likely outcome.)

  2. I’m sure the US and their lust for uranium and regime change are foremost among the Tokayev’s and Russia’s concerns. Almost on par with Ukraine. All of Kazakhstans’ cabinet ministers have resigned.

    Pepe Escobar is reporting the MI-6 has this op’s responsibility. I would anticipate all British diplomats and civilians will be summarily kicked out of Russia within days.

    Is this where the end of life as we know it begins?

  3. The World’s newest and biggest Banana REPUBLIC, the USA is trying to “play” Politics🤣

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