Ron Paul on Biden Administration’s Ukraine Freak-Out: Pretense for War?

The Biden Administration, followed by lapdog UK, appears determined to ratchet up tensions in Ukraine to the point where war is inevitable. From the publicity stunt of evacuating the US Embassy in Kiev to – laughably – accusing Moscow of planning a Ukraine coup, a Biden Administration sinking in public opinion quicksand appears to be grasping for the war option. But…even Ukraine is putting on the brakes!

Reprinted from The Ron Paul Institute for Peace & Prosperity.

5 thoughts on “Ron Paul on Biden Administration’s Ukraine Freak-Out: Pretense for War?”

  1. The more Wars the World’s most active War Monger and Meddler can fight, the happier !!!!

  2. The UK has, as it has for over a century, been pushing for an Anglo-American war against Russia. In this, the US is not so much a poodle, a relatively smart dog, but an Afghan hound, widely recognized as the least intelligent.

    Having tossed half-a-century of negotiated advantages out of the window, as well as its gatekeeping role to investors seeking to do business in Europe, through Brexit, the UK is now dependent on alms from the USA and whatever it can extract from its ex-colonies, for economic survival. The UK seems to imagine that this would be much easier in the event of a jolly little war. Boris not being the kind of person who thinks ahead, they may be ignoring the existential risk to humanity of a nuclear conflict

    The rest of us should attempt not to be so foolhardy as to follow the English on their self-inflicted path to perdition. After all, while the US is invested in war to the extent that most of its population is already impoverished, infrastructure antiquated and failing, and the entire country is falling apart, it hasn’t won a war since it attacked Spain in 1896.

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