Sheldon Richman asks Why Provoke Putin?

No one I know who criticizes America’s post-Cold War policy toward Russia — including the U.S. position on Ukraine — thinks Vladimir Putin is a good guy. Indeed, the case against U.S. bellicosity toward Russia in no way depends on a favorable view of the Russian ruler. On the contrary, it is because Putin is who he is (an aggrieved nationalist) and because of Russia’s place in history that the U.S. policy of ignoring, when not belittling, Russia’s security concerns is so dangerous. Russia’s history — including multiple invasions from the west — is what it is, and that huge nuclear power isn’t going anywhere, no matter what America’s warmongers would like. Neither are its neighbors going to relocate anytime soon. So a regional modus vivendi is imperative. If the U.S. government continues to stand in the way — remember the U.S.-backed coup against the elected Ukrainian government in 2014 and the repeated eastward expansion of NATO since the Cold War — it is an agent of war, not peace.

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  1. Russia has been around for supposedly something like 1,200 years. According Martyanov, it’s been at war for 800 of those years, repelling one invader after another. And again according to Martyanov, Russia has a sense of history like few other nations – certainly not the 200-year-old US. And Russian doctrine now is that no more wars will be fought on Russian soil.

    1. Absolutely. And when the Evil Empire is led by a controlled dotard who has less input than a cigar-store Indian, with a vice-pres whose educational achievements can be compared unfavourably with an illiterate baboon, the World is in deep sh it. A Congress of freemasons and bought politicians, every meeting of which can be equated to the Mafia meetings of past decades, anything can happen, including a nuclear war, which the globalists will relish.

  2. They have always been a target of NATO!

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    NATO was established in 1949 as a defense against the Soviet Union. Its core principal is mutual defense, enshrined in Article 5 of its founding treaty. There are 30 NATO member. Russia is trying to keep Ukraine from joining them. The threat of a Russian invasion of Ukraine prompted NATO forces to mobilize across Europe, evoking for many the military alliance’s first reasons for being.

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