Fog of War: What’s Behind Russia’s Ukraine Strike?

Russia’s wide-ranging assault on Ukrainian military targets in the early hours of the morning has surprised Western capitals even as they repeatedly predicted an imminent attack. Propaganda machines on all sides are turned up to maximum. In today’s Liberty Report we try to break down the facts and the antecedents with an eye on where things might go from here.

Reprinted from The Ron Paul Institute for Peace & Prosperity.

11 thoughts on “Fog of War: What’s Behind Russia’s Ukraine Strike?”

  1. The frightening aspect for Americans (presuming no military action is taken which would be insane) is what will be deemed Russian propaganda going forward and potentially squashed. US intelligence has put in writing that it deems everything from opposition to military excursions to talk of oligarchic manipulation of US elections to even opposition to fracking as having originated in networks like RT (see intelligence report Jan. 2017). Combined with the Obama/Trump/Biden resurrection of the Espionage Act, people should be on guard.

    1. Surely you can’t mean that a media source is being censored in the US? TELL ME IT ISN’T SO.

    2. It’s been down and up. Varies by location. Probably under DDoS attack or ISPs are manipulating the DNS or other network issues.

      I can’t access the Russian Ministry of Defense Web site. No 404 or nothing. Just no response. Tried using my VPN but that POS (NordVPN) isn’t working again.

      1. Anonymous are HIPOCRITES , where were they when children where being killed in their thousands in Iraq, Libya , Afghanistan ect ect ect they are tools of the corrupt Western governments and should be hunted down and delt with deadly force.

        1. “where were they”

          Taking down PayPal over its treatment of WikiLeaks, disrupting Israeli regime web sites during the 2012 Gaza attacks, same with Canadian regime web sites over authoritarian “anti-terror” legislation, attacking Saudi regime web sites over Yemen, hacking/leaking US Senate, CIA, etc. material. And so on and so forth.

          “should be hunted down and delt with deadly force.”

          Well, bring it and see what happens if you have the testicular fortitude for that.

          Expect us.

  2. February 24, 2022 The Coming World War for US Dollar Supremacy? US-Backed NATO Expansion to Russia’s Borders Led to Conflict with Ukraine’s Neo-Nazi Regime

    Russian President Vladimir Putin has repeatedly warned the West that any action to push NATO forces close to its borders while Washington sends lethal weapons to Ukraine’s military would leave Moscow with no choice but to retaliate.


    What does Russian recognition of the Donbass Republics really mean? Russian support, Russian protection? That was never in doubt, but now it’s OFFICIAL. And above all, it means Ukraine and their Western masters are “having a cow”, as the great political pundit Bart Simpson might say.

  3. Could it be that the west is trying to bait Russia into another Afghanistan? The Great Game continues in another place.

  4. War is always about the transfer of wealth from the poor to the rich. War profiteers get rich by selling weapons, the poor become soldiers and die from those weapons. As soon as Russia moved into Ukraine, the price of a barrel of oil doubled. The other thing I see is war is used to stymie social progress; world war I shut down the social progressive movement of the early 20th century, FDR’s New deal ended with the start of world war II, lbj’s Great society ended with Vietnam. I’m sure we’ll never hear the words build back better mentioned again.

  5. Is this act two of China’s plan to cripple the West? We’ve just had two years of Wuhan flu, now without taking a breath we segue into war. Will China us this opportunity to invade Taiwan?

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