Conflicts of Interest: Biden Takes Aim at Putin During SOTU

On COI#241, Kyle Anzalone and Connor Freeman break down President Joe Biden’s second State of the Union speech. Approximately the first third of last evening’s speech was directed squarely at Russia and President Vladimir Putin.

Biden ranted, pounding his podium and boasting about sanctions on Russia and further arming Ukraine against Moscow. Biden declared there is unprecedented unity and strength in NATO. He talked about strangling Russia’s economy and cutting it off from the rest of the world.

Kyle and Connor further discuss how Biden’s policy which seems designed to support a protracted proxy war is not about the Ukrainians at all and will ultimately cost them the most.

However, this played great with US lawmakers draped in blue, yellow and sporting Ukrainian flags which vastly outnumbered the American flags present. There was thunderous applause and unanimous cheering for the economic war against Russians and “security assistance” to Kiev.

Kyle also talks about his new Libertarian Institute featured article co-written with Will Porter. The piece analyzes how the administration, its hawkish media surrogates, as well as assorted former and current officials, are once again blatantly rewriting history,  putting forth a false narrative, and labeling any dissent as treason.

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3 thoughts on “Conflicts of Interest: Biden Takes Aim at Putin During SOTU”

  1. Biden is delusional if he thinks anything he’s done is going to change the outcome. In a short while, Ukraine will be “re-oriented” to no longer be a threat to Russia – while Russia will place strategic weapons in Ukraine and Belarus to counter the US strategic weapons in Poland and Romania.

    And that’s only the first step in Russia’s “military-technical measures” to be applied to re-establish MAD.

    1. Respecticely: I don’t think Russia intends to occupy a war buffer zone called the Ukraine, it is making it unhabitable while securing the nuclear materials that the Ukraine has weaponized.
      Likely some centrifuges somewhere will be found but Russian diplomacy does not expect the NATO or UN to come clean, to get honest.
      The bad boy is the Ukraine and actor Rambo Ray-gun Zelenski who is begging that NATO intervenes Before the bog south nuke plant is taken. The Ukrain military is trying to stop Discovery.

      Russia needs no further provocation. I SUGGEST A SUMMIT.
      ALL CARDS ON THE TABLE! Leave your nukes art the door.
      Until then, NATO holds Aces and Eights which is the hand Ukraine delt them. Normally it’s a winner.
      2 kitty out.

  2. Ukraine weaponized nuke waste Joe.
    Russia asked the neighbors and us to remove our nukes a month ago BECAUSE WE KNEW ABOUT THE WEAPONRY. We ignored it.

    RUSSIA EXPRESSES THIS WAR AS AN ACT OF defending its genetic Diaspora Heritage and to prevent genocide of it. No more assassinations of Russians like we did the Tsar Joey.
    That is what is on the table Joe. Genocide of the diaspora in the old world, by proxy and Russia is in full force going to defend their own if NATO does not Withdraw. Those are the terms made public Joey.

    Does NATO sanction the weaponized activity? Or condemn it like we say Iran is Weaponizing plutonium? The Uke military were at the nuke plants and Pres Rambo Z says a 10X effect of nuclear destruction will happen if Russia bombs the plant.
    Nuke war is on because Ukraine was weaponized Joe and you cannot hug your grandchildren with nuclear arms.

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