Ron Paul: Biden Bans Russian Oil. Are We Committing Economic Suicide Over Ukraine?

President Biden has just announced a US ban on Russian oil and other energy supplies, suggesting that now is the time to accelerate the transition to “clean energy.” As gas prices reach uncharted territory, are Americans being asked to commit economic suicide for Ukraine’s “democracy”? Also: More insane “no fly zone” talk from Congress.

Reprinted from The Ron Paul Institute for Peace & Prosperity.

7 thoughts on “Ron Paul: Biden Bans Russian Oil. Are We Committing Economic Suicide Over Ukraine?”

  1. Biden has the mentality of a suicide bomber; we’ll blow them up even if we blow ourselves up.
    It would be so much easier to realize that we are all interconnected and learn to live with each other.

    1. He was the man in charge in Ukraine after the coup. Making sure the “right” leader was installed, and, making sure his son got his plum job with Barisma (a cool $85,000 per month).

      1. VLP1730:

        $85,000.00 per month? That sounds a bit shabby don’t you think?… Well, that is a family matter, we need to keep our focus on those things which will impact us all, such as the specter of global nuclear war…

    2. Marti:

      You are inclined toward common sense, and also compassionate consciousness, which is entirely admirable (and something I would also aspire to…)

      Having said that, it seems to me, we are crossing a threshold that is precariously dangerous: “Biden has the mentality of a suicide bomber…”
      That pretty much says it all…

      The other point to consider, aside from man’s inhumanity toward man (or humankind), is human kinds insasiable desire to push everything to extremes. It’s sort of the giant “what-if” scenario…

      It almost seems inevitable that man will continue to push the edge of that envelope, to see if we can destroy the entire world (I offer nuclear weapons as a primary example…).

      It might even be our destiny… (Though I certainly hope not.)

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