WWIII? NATO To Take a MORE Aggressive Stance After ‘Emergency’ Brussels Summit

President Biden has attended an emergency NATO meeting in Brussels where the member countries have pledged to get more aggressive toward Russia rather than look for means of de-escalation. More troops, more weapons, more interference. All this for a Non-NATO country.

Reprinted from The Ron Paul Institute for Peace & Prosperity.

11 thoughts on “WWIII? NATO To Take a MORE Aggressive Stance After ‘Emergency’ Brussels Summit”

  1. Clearly, some military contractors’ paychecks haven’t been padded enough.

  2. On the potential of Cyber threats from Russia.

    Cyber threats would be malicious and damaging but would more likely  be a Provocation to Escalation of Force, i.e. Nuclear sized Desolations. Would Cyber destructions here be a wise Russian offensive or a craftily designed conflict that we imagine Vlad to do to hurt us in half measures of wicked sadistic and malicious offense? We are really reaching for an excuse to move some inventory against better counsels to find and forge Peace.

    Cyber threats on a non nuclear nation makes a whole lot of sense if destroying the communications is an objective. Piddly little power grid and poop plant or nuke plant shut downs would be best used on a non nuclear warhead nation to demoralize them to leverage them but honestly, Putin has expressed that if he is aware of an attack on Russia, he’s not going to wait to get hit by a telegraphed swing. We should have attacked the Ukraine ourselves: look at the inventory he is burning through.

    Russia did no such cyber attack as the false flag analyst promoters have been selling: he hammered targets. He also gave advanced notice and time to vacate, but not in repeated memos in lunchboxes. Now his “back is  against a wall”? He’s desperate? Because he let us watch his hypersonic? That ‘desperation’ analyst tactic is the best pushback that we have.

    Cyber threats: It is a dreamy narrative of a hollywood eschatology but the sorry propaganda we have been getting is really off target: did anyone expect hypersonics with conventional explosives ? Talk about an air show! Talk about letting all our horses  (technical prowness) and all of our men (the smart ones/ analysts) watch the parade! We have seen a weapon that is called the ‘Daggar’ in Russian,  it is the Tip of the Offensive Spear and we are frantically processing the data and are crunching numbers we recorded. That means there is no surprises to its ability and that our technology to track, target, intercept and destroy one sucks. We know that they know that NATO is in CHECK for M.A.D. Tread lightly.

    Cyber threats are not the Russian tip of the Spear of offence. It is really a dagger which intimately conveys a close and personal deadly fast strike which is its function.
    It is scary fast and has a scary unbelievable range and an even more unbelievable and scarier targeting ability.  It sounds like rolling thunder as it travemls from one horizon perspective toward another in mach 5 + speeds. With a 10,000 kilometer range. It’s over before we get our socks on.
    Trust me, the name conveys intent and purpose: Strategy and Tactic.

    Of course the Pentagon knows this. Cyber threats in the news from the W.H. are ratcheting up national tension and with that an increase in the animalistic value of Self Preservation: War readiness and preparations.

    If Vlad knew in advance as a young lad that the rat he had cornered in his bedroom was going to lunge at him in its own self preservation, he would  have been better prepared with a faster and deadlier resolve. That is the fabric of his own self preservation weave.
    The Russian Hypersonic Dagger was put on International display because it has the tactical advantage with its speed.
    Its use is not an act of desparation, its use broadcasts ability to prevail over every capitol of NATO.

  3. I cannot edit after posting.
    Domestic internet hall monitors/ terrorists have admin over all my equipment.
    The other day they said that they were the FSB, years ago it was the NSA with a bad copy of the Logo with ” peep’n while you were sleep’n ” as the motto. The guy is Finnish, is a prgmr and computer neywork guy too. This kind of hack is Not from Russia, it is local. We have Nazis from Finland with DHS clearances.

    It is local, it is very custom and they have been bragging about their ability to control my communications.

    Look up FLUBOT Finland.
    I found him.
    He makes functioning mirrors of internet pages he puts up, a perfect False Flag tool. He intercepted and did not deliver many many of my SMS and had sent pictures of his junk . The local telecom is now a Starlink Associate and business has escalated into Domestic Cyber threats with a personal ” do you want to die?” Inserted into the app buttons.

    Edit: Flubot avoids any country that who’s name begins with a U.
    Edit has no scrolling
    IE: Usa, Ukraine, etc.

      1. My terminal is mirrored sometimes and this does not always work like a real webpage does. This is a malicious hack on my gear.
        Can you advise on scrolling through a edit session? How do I move the cursor past the first ‘page’ in the composition window into the remaining text below? ?

  4. Tweet of the day, from @mtracey’s feed:

    I have a fully loaded heavy machine gun mounted on my property line, aimed at my neighbour’s patio, but only for defensive purposes.

  5. NATO couldn`t get anymore AGGRESIVE than it is already , you all know the Countries that have been invaded by NATO without me nameing them.

  6. If the US can mearly sanction a nation disallowing them the right to transport oil to their would be customers and no one challenges those sanctions the game is over, the US wins. It’s no wonder China will support even defend Russia in a conflict as China needs a reliable source of energy and the stupid one is already threatening China with more sanctions if they help Russia. That makes no sense, if they do or if they don’t they loose. China is more interested in a win win way of doing business but will not just roll over and die because someone in the US threatens them. NATO members should ask themselves just who should they follow, just who is worthy of their trust.

  7. Another composition scrubbed the by a hall monitor.
    The Flubot author.
    Right here in USA.
    A CYBER terrorist.
    Said he was FSB in a personal death threat to me last week.

    He hijacks Admin control, removes features of security and blocks updates, destroys equipment.
    He’s from Finland

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