Ron Paul: Why Does It Seem Biden Is Prolonging the Ukraine War?

As Ted Carpenter writes on, it sure seems like the Biden Administration is doing all it can to prolong the war in Ukraine. Sending weapons that have little chance of making a big difference in the outcome only keeps the fighting and killing going strong, and the Administration has shown no interest in pushing a quick diplomatic end to the war. On the contrary, Biden openly calling for regime change and a war crimes trial makes diplomacy nearly impossible. Why prolong the fighting? US National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan gave us a hint, when he told NBC News over the weekend that the US wants ” a weakened and isolated Russia.”

Reprinted from The Ron Paul Institute for Peace & Prosperity.

13 thoughts on “Ron Paul: Why Does It Seem Biden Is Prolonging the Ukraine War?”

  1. One name Hunter!

    Apr 12, 2022 Battle Raging On The Azov Sea In Mariupol (Special Report Under Fire)

    US Navy veteran and independent crowd-funded journalist. Over the 8 years of the Ukraine War I made more video reports in anti-Ukraine Government (Donetsk People’s Republic) controlled territory than any other western journalist. M

    1. That was a good/devastating video. Thanks for that. But I’m not sure I understand the motive to prolong the war attributed to Hunter. Can you please expound?

      1. That is probably true, but how is destroying Ukraine going to stop the revelation?

        1. I am very well aware of NATO and the history etc., you’ve changed the subject. But you didn’t answer how destroying Ukraine (Biden prolonging war) would somehow stop any revelations about Hunter or the other people. I mean what hides in the dark comes to light.

          1. That’s interesting but it still doesn’t answer my question. How does (Biden) prolonging the war in Ukraine keep any of this from coming to light if true?

          2. Are you saying Biden is normalizing Nazis? Because in a way he is by pretending they don’t exist. What clickbait are you talking about?

          3. It doesn’t.

            Everyone who cared already knew that his son had a sweetheart job he had no qualifications for because Daddy was VP. Everyone who cared already knew that Biden threatened the Ukrainian regime into dropping an investigation of the firm his son worked for, because he bragged about doing it on video. And everyone who cared could already knew that the whole thing smelled to high heaven. But the only people who cared were people who weren’t going to vote for Biden anyway.

            The war in Ukraine changes nothing on that count. Some people are just trying to come up with explanations other than foreign policy hubris to explain Biden’s actions. But we don’t need explanations other than foreign policy hubris, and perhaps the need for a distraction from domestic problems.

          4. I agree with that. But it’s confusing that this was mentioned. The original poster who linked the video was not a pro-Biden supporter, the best I could tell, and the video interviewed Ukrainians who were either pro-Russian or at least neutral.

          5. Well, like I said, some people are looking for explanations other than the obvious. And if they want to find such explanations badly enough, they’ll see such explanations in stuff where other people don’t.

          6. By prolonging the war Biden hopes to blame inflation on Putin, get a boost in the polls as a wartime President and help the Democrats prevent Republican landslides in 2022 and 2024. A war is also the ideal distraction from the COVID catastrophe.

            Of course the main reason for the US prolonging the war is geopolitical – As long as Russia is trapped in a generational quagmire it can’t win, Russia won’t be a factor opposing US/NATO domination in the Mid East, Africa or Asia. TBTB hope the Ukraine War will weaken Russia the way the Afghanistan war weakened the USSR.

            This is the war the US ruling class wanted and the political distraction Biden and the Democrats needed.

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