Travesty: UK Judge Green-Lights Assange Extradition to US

In a blow to press freedom and decency, a UK judge has today approved Julian Assange’s extradition to the US to face espionage charges for his role in exposing US war crimes in Iraq and elsewhere. Also today: Biden wants to send ANOTHER $800 million in weapons to Ukraine! Also: Pentagon admits there is no way to track weapons once delivered to Ukraine – is Europe about to face a major terrorist threat due to this negligence?

Reprinted from The Ron Paul Institute for Peace & Prosperity.

9 thoughts on “Travesty: UK Judge Green-Lights Assange Extradition to US”

  1. Oh now I understand , the United States accuses Russia of war crimes while they persecute, extradite and prosecute Assange, a member of the press, because he exposed the US war crimes. Things are quickly going down the “rabbit hole”. Of course if you check out the amount of money we’re sending to the Ukraine it looks as if the ” money hole” is also quite active.

  2. well!
    that’s one way to get out of Europe!
    Who really wants to be there now?
    He will be much safer here in our concrete fortresses than the ones over there.

  3. This is a man who is not an American citizen, has not been in America, has committed no crime and yet is still subject to American law, due to the outrageous licence given American legislature.
    This is not just a travesty of justice but an insult to the jurisdiction of all other nations. Amerika has no right to apply for the extradition of someone they simply disapprove of, and it is to the eternal shame of Britain that it should acquiesce to this disgraceful global tyranny.

    1. He is charged with conspiring to steal state secrets from the US. But oddly the person who did steal those documents has been forgiven and released from jail, 35 years lopped off the sentence. The entire charge against him is bogus.

  4. The British Justice System has degenerated into a bad Joke.
    Note the name of the Magistrate who likes to send Assange to the Amerikkkan Torturers !!

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