‘Mission Accomplished’? Blinken in Kiev Announces Ukraine ‘Has Already Succeeded’

US Secretaries of State and Defense made a surprise visit to Kiev over the weekend to declare that Russia had already failed and Ukraine had already succeeded in the two-month conflict. Promising additional weapons transfers, the US is becoming ever more engaged in the war. Dangerous? Also today, some NATO officials openly declare the goal is to “bleed Russia.” And…Finland in NATO? Good idea?

Reprinted from The Ron Paul Institute for Peace & Prosperity.

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  1. We have learned absolutely nothing from Iraq (and Afghanistan, and so many other wars…)

    1. We, as a nation? I am antiwar. Therefore, I must know my own culture’s Propaganda on sight. There are the proWar, there are the ProRussian & ProUkrainian flavors.

    2. I think many in the military have learned, but the politicians know they lose nothing personally. I just now read a column noting that with Jack Dorsey gone, the remaining Twitter board owned less than 0.1 percent of stocks. That’s another case of having no personal stakes involved.

      U.S. politicians lose nothing because it’s all on another continent, and people can treat it as entertainment on their TV screen. Even those who oppose U.S. involvement in a war can simply use it for their own ideology, like “Me, I’m ANTIWAR so I’m morally superior!”

      Not to say there aren’t voices worth listening to. @mtracey on Twitter is a Democrat, who makes more sense when criticizing the war than do most Republicans. Or most other Democrats. I always recommend him.

    3. Well the American casualty count is really really low, the Russian casualty count is really really high. So far we have spend maybe 2 billion dollars, so far the Russians are out several 10’s of billions of dollars. i would say it is going pretty well. The Russians should leave.

        1. They are on the wrong side of the 2000 treaty border, they are destroying cities, killing civilians and making a mess of the place. They need to leave back to their side of the line.

          1. It’s Ukraine on the wrong side of history… The Nazis lost in ’45.
            Get over it!

  2. Imagine the media in 1990: “American forces have attacked vehicles on the road out of Kuwait, causing untold damage and with no concerns for potential civilians among the vehicles, but the Iraqi people are determined to fight on.”

    You can write this way about any side in any war. But people just aren’t aware of it.

    Russia moved faster than the Germans did in Operation Barbarossa. They captured an area the size of Britain. But no journalist can mention that. They did mention “the size of Britain” for ISIS territory, however. But ISIS was more okay than Russia. “We must understand ISIS” was an okay column, or “Why ISIS fight,” but never the same for Russia.

    Here is a thread linked to from Revolver News. It summarizes the war so far, with Russia switching from avoiding even military casualties in the hopes of negotiating early, to grinding down the Ukrainian army. (Now they’re striking railroad bridges for the first time, for example.) Interesting, I didn’t know Donbass had minerals and the Azov sea had gas to pump.


    And they have a lot to gain: The Donbas is mineral rich, the really productive farmlands of Ukraine are in the east and south, Kharkov is a major industrial city, the Sea of Azov has untold natural gas reserves.

    And besides—the people love them.

  3. That picture of is disturbing. Why the broad smiles? Are they posing at a banquet or discussing war?

  4. Blinken’s escalation will just keep Ukraine* a battlefield. Я антивоєнний . ( I am antiwar.).
    “…Politicians hide themselves away. They only started the war. Why should they go out to fight? They leave that role to the poor. Yeah!
    Time will tell on their power minds. Making war just for fun
    Treating people just like pawns in chess….”
    – War Pigs, Black Sabbath (sung by Ozzy Osbourne).
    Thank you, Dr. Paul.
    *neighboring Russia, the Black Sea, and possibly Moldova, and Poland

  5. Blinken is an absolutely clueless nincompoop. Ukraine can not win this thing; in fact, they have already lost, and the longer it goes on, the worse it will get. Initially, Russia wanted autonomy for Donetsk and Luhansk, recognition of the annexation of Crimea, and a neutral Ukraine. NOW it will be all the above, PLUS the entire Donbas, including (maybe) Kharkov, AND the land bridge between Crimea and the Donbas, and maybe Odessa and Nikolaiev as well. Plus, of course, the many thousands of dead.

    And Zelensky can go back to acting.

    I pity the poor Ukrainian people, on either side; they deserved better from their leadership, and better from the EU and USA. Pack of scoundrels.

        1. That is the problem, Ukraine doesn’t have options the Russians have an entire largest country in the world to go back to.

          1. Well it just got a little larger… Thank you, Vicky Nuland!

            As for Ukraine, what is left of it was originally part of Poland way back in the day so their repatriation seems like the natural thing to do.. PLUS they can finally be in NATO.

      1. Russia has already “won” as far as their territorial ambitions go; Crimea and 90% of the Donbas are lost to Ukraine forever; the only open questions are Kharkov and Odessa, neither of which were originally on Russia’s list, but now, after all the blood spilled, just might be. I find it interesting that the MSM is no longer endlessly posting “maps” showing the Russian advance “stalled”, just repeating Ukraine talking points – and now that Russia has started dropping rail bridges, especially those over the Dnieper, the chances that the cast off collection of unwanted NATO armored vehicles are unlile;y to get anywhere near the real battlefields – but that’s ok, because “donating” them was only being done by the eastern NATO countries to play the US and Germany for fools – getting us to supply them with new, NATO-compatible equipment for FREE in exchange for 40 years old unwanted Soviet junk that is of dubious serviceabilty being given to Ukraine. Do you really believe that Yugoslav knockoffs of T-72 tanks, abandoned on the battlefield in Slovenia by the Yugoslav Army in 1990, and “stored” by the Slovenians for the last 32 years are “combat worthy”?

        1. Probably as combat worthy as the Russian stuff is. Yugoslavia was more advanced than the Soviet union. I didn’t know you were privy to the “plan” . You must be high up in the Kremlin. We shall see what happens Russia is going to try to hold what they have grabbed, but Russian Moms and wives are going to figure out that Ivan isn’t coming home, that the losses are pretty severe and for what? Internal pressure in Russia will build. How did the Russians do against determined Afghan opposition, the Ukrainians are far better armed than the Afghans ever were. Have you heard about the fires are Army recruiting centers in Russia? Something is brewing under the surface over there. What about all the oligarchs that suddenly decided to kill their families and themselves? Quite unusual. Stress is building, Russia is about to crack. Personally I am hoping the Ukrainians enter a float in the Victory Day parade. In Red Square, keep an eye on the Sun.

          1. So that’s your considered response; you make unsupported claims “Russkies go Home!” and denigrate anyone who points out that there is more to this then you are contemplating. Yet you have the audacity to consider other’s “trolls”. I’m thinking that applies far more aptly to yourself. Let’s see how things develop; I’m pretty sure I have the right take on this; you? not so much; but I’ll withhold judgement. But when you are [proven wrong, and Russia annexes the entire Donbas, be man enough to admit you were wrong.

          2. Nope Russkies go home is about the sum total of it. It isn’t just me, there was some kind of meeting in Germany to coordinate aid to Ukraine and 45 countries showed up. This Russian effort is doomed. Russia has some control over the size of their humiliation the sooner they leave the better for them, really for everybody.

          3. Keep telling yourself that. Check back with me in a month; let’s see who was right. Pretty sure It won’t be you.

  6. Apr 27, 2022 Putin warns of ‘lightning response’ to intervention in Ukraine

    President Vladimir Putin warned Wednesday that if any other country intervenes in Moscow’s military operation in Ukraine, Russia will launch a quick-fire military response.


    1. I wish Putin would help Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria and many other nations give the USA, UK, France and many other nations lightning responses so they’d quit meddling in other nations’ affairs. It would give new meanings to Bush’s shock & awe & mission accomplished.

      1. He has mentioned these areas.

        Feb 24, 2022 Vladimir Putin’s Speech on Ukraine and US Foreign Policy and NATO – ENG Subtitles

        Address by President Vladimir Putin of the Russian Federation on the Military Intervention in Ukraine; a Critique of U.S. – led foreign policy in Yugoslavia/Serbia, Libya, Syria, and Iraq; and the goals of the Russian Federation in Ukraine.


  7. ‘Mission Accomplished’? Blinken in Kiev Announces Russia ‘Has Already Succeeded’

  8. I guess that’s why the U.S. is going to pump another $33 Billion in war materiel into Ukraine.

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