Conflicts of Interest: Lindsey Graham’s Plan for Nuclear War

On COI #272, Kyle Anzalone breaks down Senator Lindsey Graham’s proposal to push Moscow into using a tactical nuclear weapon in Ukraine, paving the way for a NATO-Russia War.

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3 thoughts on “Conflicts of Interest: Lindsey Graham’s Plan for Nuclear War”

  1. My analysis on this posted in a comment on this site 4/16:

    My own conspiracy theory, certainly extreme, is that the Ukraine provocation is an attempt to provoke Russia into using nuclear weapons in order to make the Israeli nuclear arsenal usable. Iran now has a fully functioning civilian nuclear capability, from which it is a short walk to nuclear weapons. The only way to stop Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons now would be to bomb a hot reactor, an act halfway to nuclear war itself. Israeli security ultimately rests upon nuclear hegemony in the Middle East, and they will do anything to maintain it. At some point this is going to require bringing their nuclear arsenal out into the open and possibly using it, but this is politically unacceptable. Unless somebody else does it first. IF Russia can be pressured into using nuclear weapons, presumably tactical, then the global opprobrium of reintroducing nuclear weapons into active use would fall upon Russia and clear the way for Israel to credibly threaten to use or actually use nuclear weapons against Iran, and any other country deemed necessary. Granted this only works if Russian use of nuclear weapons is limited and civilization isn’t destroyed in a nuclear conflagration, but I think the Israelis consider regional nuclear hegemony necessary for their survival (not implausibly), and will do anything to maintain it, including risking the end of civilization as we know it. And the US gets its orders from Israel. Do the math. The invasion of Ukraine was plainly orchestrated by the US, and an attempt is plainly being made to push Russia against the wall in a war they cannot afford to lose. It all seems tailor made to force their use of nuclear weapons. Who benefits? And if all of this sounds crazy, that just makes it consistent with nuclear weapons generally.

    … and Lindsey Graham is a prime candidate for this.

  2. The Cold War had state sponsored terrorism. Creating a new one blurs the lines, and give opportunity to this scourge. Words & definitions matter

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