Biden Sets New Rules on Targeting Russians

After a series of Administration “leaks” regarding US involvement in the killing of Russian generals and the sinking of the Moskva, the Biden Administration is seeking to plug the leaks and to clarify the types of intel it would share with Ukraine. The goal is to avoid becoming a party to the war. But has that ship already sailed? Also today: prepping in Alaska to fight Russia and China… and Biden’s ‘Disinfo’ Czar wants to edit your Tweets.

Reprinted from The Ron Paul Institute for Peace & Prosperity.

12 thoughts on “Biden Sets New Rules on Targeting Russians”

  1. See, this is what I’ve been suggesting. The US not only wants to fight Russia to the last Ukrainian, it wants to do it to the last European – which is why they’ve urged Poland to get involved. But the US wants to stay out of it in some way. Russia will not be fooled. If NATO gets involved in this, Russia will decimate the 30,000 US troops (plus reinforcements) in Europe now. If the US insists on more, the US Med Fleet will cease to exist. Then of course the US will turn to nukes – and we’ll all die.

    1. Every time the subject of escalation comes up it’s all “the Med Fleet will cease to exist” and “the Russians have weapons that will turn the 7th Fleet to molten metal” and so forth.

      And yet it wasn’t, say, the Theodore Roosevel that got taken out with anti-ship missiles, it was the Moskva.

      At some point, there will likely be a deep water navy that can best the US Navy. That navy almost certainly won’t be Russian — it probably will be Chinese or Indian. And it would be very surprising if that point was less than 20 years in the future.

      1. Add up all the ships in the 7th fleet. Add up all the Russian anti-ship missiles and torpedoes. Which number is bigger? Add in all the missiles the Chinese and Indians could quickly ship. What do you think? 100:1? 1000:1?

        1. My former Air Force fighter pilot friends laugh at the idea aircraft carriers are effective. Sitting ducks. They laugh at the idea of the jets taking off from the carriers then defending the carriers. How much did we spend on the last carrier, $13 billion??

          1. US$12.998 billion according to Wikipedia. Approximately 300 CEP stem to stern, 80 or so CEP abeam. Max speed approximately .05 Mach (actual number classified).

      2. I wish I could be so certain. Yet, all we have is
        the infomation from open sources, particularly US military experts.
        There does not deem to be much disagreement on issues of supersonic technoligy, MIRV technology. or submarine drones. Russian technology has a lead in most of them. China and Russia are coproducing, so it is hard to say what are thevdifferences. India and Russia have bern coproducing for a ling time. The most powerful Indian misile technology is Brahmos. It is a coproduction (name coined from two rivers — Brahmaputra and Moscow). Coproduction with Turkey, Egypt, UAE-/ smdo not know who else.

        So it is hard to make assumptions. Going on the basis of what our experts (not media) say.

        And hope hysteria wears off and much cooler heads prevail. US being so entangled in European affairs is a bad idea, Euurope likes to smell like a rose, while intrigue planting left and right, If we were smart and let Europe handle Minsk II, much of our money and global political capital could have been saved.

        As CIA chief reported to Ckngress recently most of the world is not with us. Europe will pay, but they set us up. And our neocons could not resist.

        1. NATO has cracks, because the European interests are not the same as the US interests, when the going gets rough we will see how big the cracks are. They can’t trust the US, so they can turn their backs and leave Biden in the lurch. It can’t be that Europeans would self destruct on command to protect American interests. The US used coercion on NATO members no one forced the Obama/Biden administration to do a regime change in Ukraine, Biden prevents Zelensky to negotiate and implement Minsk II, stop pointing fingers at others, the neocons are in charge and Biden was always their boy.
          Biden said Putin has to go, Biden said Russia must be weakened, They impose the sanctions and threaten other nations with consequences if they don’t do as told.
          The American neocons made their bed to lie in not other nations.
          War is big business, the US military- industrial complex is making huge profits, you do know, the top people get the capital gains, your taxes will pay for it.

      3. It won’t be the best navy or ship to ship exchanges. It will be missiles just as it was with the Moskva, and who has the latest missile {hypersonic?} technology in numbers on scene…?????

      4. The model of a “carrier group” is only good for beating up small Third-World opponents. Counter measures and stand-off anti-ship weapons are much cheaper and more effective. Building a US size blue water navy would be economic suicide for any nation—(including the US) that undertakes it.

        1. While I’d rather not find out, it would be interesting to see if the “countermeasures and stand-off anti-ship weapons” would do to the current naval paradigm what the Javelins and such have done to the armor paradigm.

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