Mainstream Media Grudgingly Admits Truth: Ukraine War Is A Disaster

One by one, the US mainstream media outlets are lining up to (finally) let a bit of truth leak out after three months of incessant propaganda: Ukraine is being destroyed in the war. How many have unnecessarily died because the likes of Boris Johnson and Biden have prohibited a negotiated settlement? Also today, US/EU sanctions on Russia have backfired. Like always. On today’s Ron Paul Liberty Report:

Reprinted from The Ron Paul Institute for Peace & Prosperity.

11 thoughts on “Mainstream Media Grudgingly Admits Truth: Ukraine War Is A Disaster”

  1. Those who read Telegram knew this was where the war was headed weeks ago. If Telegram had an automatic translation button for a few major languages, it would knock Twitter for a loop. The false hope being old by the MSM & NATO actors is adding to the carnage.

    1. Indeed – some English language sites that are good on the topic are

      Vineyard of the Saker
      Moon of Alabama
      Larry Johnson

      1. I post at MoA every day, usually including the Russian Ministry of Defense briefing.

        Andrei Martyanov’s Reminiscence of the Future is also good, although he doesn’t do ground reporting. His Youtube channel is a must, though, because he discusses military operational planning as a discipline which is why the Ukraine and the West are losing the war.

        For geopolitical analysis, The Duran and Alexander Mercouris’ Youtube channels are a must.

        Gonzalo Lira’s Youtube channel is also good.
        Gonzalo Lira II

      2. Revolver News, Information Liberation

        And Antiwar!

        And for the first time I have started reading RT daily. There are always things others won’t reveal.

        On Twitter @partisangirl is very good on war, and also some of those she retweets regularly, like @mtracey and @ggreenwald. Those two are Democrats, who feel like Republicans felt in 2003. “Are you guys crazy?” “Traitor! Go to the other party!”

  2. The daily propaganda has been ridiculous. You have to look at the tabloid headlines in the story every day, and you realize that the sheep actually believe this.


    40,000 soldiers were never going to take a city with 60,000 defenders. They were there to tie up western Ukraine while the real progress was done in the east. Any real military expert can easily see they weren’t going to take Kiev with those numbers, but this is never allowed to interfere.


    This was about Zelensky “freeing” Russian Donbass and Crimea. Seriously, Russia was going to “suffer its worst defeat” and lose Crimea, which has always been Russian, not Ukrainian except on Soviet paper? They wouldn’t prefer to announce a national mobilization and send in two million Russian soldiers rather than let that happen?

    Yet I have seen journos write about Zelensky’s bold determination to take Crimea. No one is allowed to question Zelensky’s claims. Then you lose your job.


    His approval rating is at 86 percent for saving Donbass from the planned invasion. His approval has never been higher.


    Putin avoided war for seven years while Washington financed a coup, and then shelled Donbass 20 times a day, randomly attacking civilian buildings. He approved of the Minsk Agreement, Poroshenko and Zelensky just ignored it. Only when 60,000 massed to invade Donbass did he act.

    Had he been “obsessed with war” he could easily have gone in to restore democracy in 2014 – as he should have. Ukraine didn’t have a military financed by U.S. taxpayers then.

    1. I picked up Aviation Week at the library two days ago and started reading about how Russia was failing to control the air over Ukraine and it quickly became apparent that I was reading flat out BS propaganda and so I put it down. I don’t suppose journalism has ever been a bastion of integrity but the MSM really seems to be turning into a boot licking cartoon.

      1. The “news” media is now one of two things, or both together.

        A click bait driven prostitute, who will say anything to get those precious clicks. Wish casting, wish fulfillment, fairy tale, morality play, rage bait, sentimentalist claptrap, rewriting every conflict as if it were Luke and Han versus the Empire, etc. Someone described as fantasy and fulmination. Identify the good guys, treat them as if they were Christ himself, demand that they win, or insist that they are already winning, reality be damned. Identify the bad guy, demand that he is losing or insist that he is (and also is a dictator worse than Hitler, has cancer, is insane, is a pedo, a
        rapist, a genocidalist, etc, etc), again, reality be damned.

        And the servant of the Imperialist ideology. Almost all of the Western media, old and new, is a servant of the ideology of the US Empire. Imperialism is the preferred “ism” of everyone from the supposed left liberal margin (eg MSNBC) to the right margin (Fox), and to the middle as well (CNN). Neo con and neo lib are the only views allowed. You MUST be an interventionist. You can be one because of “national greatness” or because of “human rights,” or some combination of both, but you must be one. Or you get no air time, and no mention in print or online.

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