Not Again! Biden Unveils $700 Million More for Ukraine Weapons!

While promising not to send longer-range missiles to Ukraine, President Biden announced that he’s sending longer-range missiles to Ukraine. He also unveiled an additional $700 million in weapons for Ukraine (is this part of the $40 billion…or is that already used up?). Also today: EUROPOL (finally) wakes up to the nightmare of billions in weapons flooding Europe from Ukraine.

Reprinted from The Ron Paul Institute for Peace & Prosperity.

6 thoughts on “Not Again! Biden Unveils $700 Million More for Ukraine Weapons!”

  1. “Only” $6 billion of the $40 billion is earmarked for weapons to Ukraine. The rest is pork barrel for the MIC, NATO, etc. So the US is actually sending less weapons than they did before – none of which have proved of any value to the Ukrainians. The Javelins don’t work without four to six hits on a tank – if they even fire, the Stingers haven’t been effective against Russian jet or even helicopter countermeasures, the M777 howitzers are being located by their sound signature and destroyed.

    1. This reminds me of Britain and France attacking Germany and Austria with the excuse of protecting Serbia. After Serbia had been taken over by a military junta that slaughtered the royal family, and armed and transported the Black Hand to kill Austria’s archduke.

      “Destroy Germany! I mean … we love Serbia!”

      I’m sure Serbia was better off with five years of world war, and still controlled by the London-backed junta.

      “If Serbia could be towed out to sea and sunk, Europe would be that much lighter.”
      -British journalist in 1914

      1. “This reminds me of Germany invading France and Britain throwing in with the excuse of Germany’s violation of Belgium’s neutrality when doing so.”

        Fixed, no charge.

  2. To the most corrupt nation in Europe. (If we stretch the definition of “Europe” to a far-off-east country most Europeans in history never even heard off.)

    A country where elections are so full of bribes to all involved that people take it for granted, and indeed, approve, as they take and receive bribes themselves.

    A country where it’s legal for men to beat their wives, which most of them do. Where many men abandon their wives if they only have daughters. A country with widespread alcoholism.

    A country which has sold Soviet weapons to Europe for decades now.

    A country that hands out machine guns to anyone who stretches out his hands in the capital, with no oversight, arming the entrenched gangs who have used the guns for robbery and rape, while the government tapes dissenters to lamp posts in the city squares.

    The guns are handed out with no oversight. Honest people involved have admitted money and guns given to Ukraine “disappear into a black hole”. Just like giving money to the puppet regimes in Afghanistan and Iraq.

    The one senator who wanted oversight was RIDICULED and insulted, even by his own party leadership, saying he was “obstructing”. As if obstructing a blatant crime is a bad thing.

    The guns will be used to attack innocent people, in the Zelensky regime’s cities and in European cities. People will be murdered with the weapons paid for by American taxpayers.

    All to prop up a regime that prepared to invade Russian Donbass in February and says it won’t stop until it has invaded Russian Crimea. Just let Donbass and Crimea be free, stop shelling Donbass every single day for years, and the war will be over.

    Biden can’t use this in the midterms anyway, there’ll be no victory to boast about, so just end it right now. Then you can posture standing next to tractors in Ukraine, with headlines like “We’re rebuilding Ukraine!” Isn’t that better?

  3. May 31, 2022 How About Some Gun Control at the Pentagon?

    The weapons of war that maim and kill—the big ones and the small—let’s do something to curb them all. How is it that countless anguished commentators and concerned individuals across the USA can express justified fury at gun marketers and gun-related murders when a mass shooting occurs inside U.S. borders, while remaining silent about the need for meaningful gun control at the Pentagon?

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