Conflicts of Interest: America Is on the Highway to Great Power Wars

On COI #281, Kyle Anzalone and Connor Freeman cover the Democrats’ lockstep anti-Russia hawkishness, the Blob’s refusal to hit the brakes, and the next target: China.

Connor breaks down hist latest column for the Libertarian Institute, the article discusses the Washington Blob’s insistence that Moscow’s repeated warnings regarding NATO’s proxy war potentially turning nuclear soon are mere bluffs.

This pattern of refusing to heed the Russian admonishments while sabotaging bilateral diplomacy only to increase weapons aid, intelligence sharing, and sanctions will inevitably lead to direct conflict between Washington and Moscow.

Before the war began, Senators, CIA, DOD, NATO, and Biden officials could be heard salivating in public statements and in newspapers about their desire to kill Russians in a drawn out, proxy war. As this war goes on, senior American officials brag in major newspapers and outlets that their battlefield intelligence provided to Kev indeed is being used to kill Russian Generals and soldiers.

There is also statements from Ukrainian officials that indicate the U.S. is preparing plans to destroy Russia’s Black Sea fleet. According to recent reporting by James Carden, despite Biden’s assurances of “no boots on the ground,” there may already be U.S. paramilitary forces deployed as well.

Connor notes some of the parallels with recent developments and tensions between the U.S. and China particularly with respect to the Taiwan issue. Washington seems intent on crossing every last redline the Russians and the Chinese draw, imperiling us all.

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7 thoughts on “Conflicts of Interest: America Is on the Highway to Great Power Wars”

  1. “…despite Biden’s assurances of “no boots on the ground,” there may already be U.S. paramilitary forces deployed as well.” 60% of Russian/Ukranian language is identical. Despite strict censorship attempts. You can’t tell me Ukraine isn’t full of spying. In this digital age & despite war time hate; it is going to leak quickly. U.S. forces don’t learn the culture on-the-fly. If this is true, it would be very reckless. So, my initial instincts is its not happening at this point.

    1. There have to be “trainers”, given the massive arms shipments. And from trainer to belligerent is but a single step.

      1. That’s true, but only in certain ways.

        Obviously there need to be trainers for new enlistees/conscripts to give them the basic military education they need to function as e.g. riflemen. And if they’re going to be put on more complex weapons systems, they have to get the basic training in that. That’s probably the BIG problem training-wise.

        For existing crews of older weapons systems, training on new varieties actually tends to be pretty quick absent some quantum technological leap. A mortar is a mortar is a mortar. A howitzer is a howitzer is a howitzer. Perhaps there’s a new electronic fire control system to learn, or new rounds that have to be handled slightly differently, but it’s probably a matter of a couple of days of classes and some OJT, not starting from scratch.

        1. Well, we’ve seen the progression from training to belligerency in all our other recent adventures. No reason to think this one will be any different — especially now that it looks like the Ukrainians are losing. The fools in Foggy Bottom have a long record of doubling down on failure.

          1. There was never much question that the Ukrainians would “lose,” if the Russian objectives were rational (securing LPR/DPR and a land corridor to Crimea) rather than the nutbar ones initially declared by Putin (“demilitarization” and “de-Nazification” of Ukraine).

            As it is, achieving even the rational objectives looks like it’s costing a lot more, in various ways, than Putin ever in his worst nightmares would have predicted.

          2. Russia will not be able to pacify and occupy the Donbas or the land bridge unless they depopulate the conquered territory. The Russians will eventually overcome the Ukrainian military. But the brutal Russian tactics are engendering a resistance that will persist and eventually defeat the invaders in an asymmetric guerrilla war of national resistance.

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