NATO Launches Big Baltic War Games… What Could Go Wrong?

NATO has chosen to launch war games near Russia’s border precisely when the US and UK are sending longer range multiple rocket launchers to Ukraine and when the Russian president has warned that any rockets hitting Russia would incur a big response. What’s the game here? Bigger war?

Reprinted from The Ron Paul Institute for Peace & Prosperity.

5 thoughts on “NATO Launches Big Baltic War Games… What Could Go Wrong?”

  1. “What could go wrong” may be a smart-sounding phrase but it’s no argument. And are you seriously saying they’re going to attack Russia? They have Ukrainian conscripts for that.

  2. It seems that NATO doesnt even understand brute force! They tasted the blood in Iraq and they have continued non-stop with aggression for 25 years. It seems they want more.

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    We have gone to one of the biggest farming operations in the Kherson of Ukraine to talk about what the Kherson Farming Industry’s Problems are NOW and what can be done to help the industry. We will find out what causes these problems and how the war and Russian control of Kherson Region effects Farming Industry.

  4. NATO is simply a Tool in the arsenal of the World’s most active Meddler and Warmonger, the USA.
    Russia will always remain No.2 !!

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