Vietnam Anyone? US Lawmakers Call for Military Advisors to Ukraine!

On Today’s Ron Paul Liberty Report:

A bipartisan group from the US Congress on a junket to Kiev have called for the Biden Administration to begin sending US military “advisors” to Ukraine. Not to the frontline (right away) they say. What could go wrong? Also today: Hungary’s Orban delivers a blistering speech on Europe’s failed Ukraine policy.

Reprinted from The Ron Paul Institute for Peace & Prosperity.

10 thoughts on “Vietnam Anyone? US Lawmakers Call for Military Advisors to Ukraine!”

  1. The Bankster’s have begun the looting!


    The plunder of Ukraine has been going on for over 3 decades now. Since the unfortunate events of the late 1980s and early 1990s, the country has been the target of various entities from the political West. The economy, scientific potential, natural resources and the people of Ukraine themselves have been subjected to one of the worst cases of exploitation in recent history. The economy has been plundered by the corrupt oligarchs, while the country experienced a severe brain drain, leading to complete degradation of its once word-class scientific potential, despite the fact that the country’s scientific institutions were essential in endeavors like space exploration, which was of prime importance for the entire mankind.

    1. Biden must want the war to last longer than the Energizer Bunny so Ukrainians can move to the West, form their equivalent of AIPAC and send endless aid to Ukraine as it does to Israel.

  2. They’re already there, in the same way they were already there in 1954.

  3. There is no “front line” in this war, only a more concentrated area of fighting. Russia has the ability to hit all of Ukraine and they have already demonstrated the ability and willingness to hit concentrations of foreign fighters as far as Western Ukraine. It’s also already generally assumed that it is US soldiers operating the HIMARS, not Ukrainians, which means it’s likely some US soldiers have already died, as Russia has destroyed four HIMARS already. This is just another example of Western leaders having no conception of how modern war is fought – and also of being willing to send US soldiers to their deaths just to gin up a wider war.

  4. These days the only place to see sane viewpoints on the war is antiwar sites…our mainstream media has lost it. NYTimes just ran a full weekend feature on the untold stories of the Neo-Nazi’s in Mariupol…the comment section ? Full of people cheering the actual real Nazi badges wearing troops as “heroes.”

  5. Meanwhile, Europe is destabilizing. 2022 Europe doesn’t have the luxury of being Vietnam war era Laos, Cambodia, and Thailand with the damage that brings.

  6. I wouldn’t they seem to be doing OK with our current level of assistance. Dead Americans make things way too emotional

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