Conflicts of Interest: Biden Puts the Iran Deal on Its Deathbed

On COI #302, Kyle Anzalone and Connor Freeman break down the latest Afghanistan and Iran news, as well as President Joe Biden’s recent claim that U.S. troops are not involved in combat in the Middle East anymore. Biden’s new Washington Post op-ed included this false statement. Only last month, Biden wrote a letter to Congress which said U.S. troops remained stationed in Iraq, Syria, and Yemen.

Kyle discusses the combat nature of these troops’ missions. Kyle also covers the recent talks in Doha between the U.S. and the Taliban. These meetings take place in the wake of an earthquake that rocked Afghanistan killing roughly 1,000 people last month. Both sides discussed the billions in Afghanistan’s Central Bank’s reserves Washington froze after the Taliban took over the country last year. This policy combined with the sanctions imposed on the Taliban government has led to a liquidity crisis, and threatened millions with malnutrition, food insecurity, and starvation. Nothing was resolved, but a spokesman for the Taliban’s foreign minister said both sides were satisfied with talks. They agreed to continue these discussions in the future.

Connor details the latest accusations against Iran, the British claim they seized some speed boats earlier this year that were carrying arms to the Houthis in Yemen. Tehran has rejected this allegation and called out the UK for its hypocrisy in arming and supporting the Saudis in their genocidal war against the Yemenis. National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan, on the eve of Biden’s Middle East trip, also accused the Iranians of providing drones to the Russians for use in the Ukraine war. The U.S. and Israel continue to lay the ground work for the anti-Iran alliance with the U.S. backed Arab states but many countries are resisting the idea including Qatar, Kuwait and especially Iraq.

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3 thoughts on “Conflicts of Interest: Biden Puts the Iran Deal on Its Deathbed”

  1. June 22, 2022 How did America become ruled by it’s military industrial complex?

    The U.S. Government spends on its military, annually, in not just its ‘Defense’ Department, but all of its departments taken together, around $1.5 trillion dollars. (Much of that money is hidden in the Treasury Department and others, in order to convey to the public the false idea that ‘only’ around 800 billion dollars annually is now being spent for the U.S. military.)

    1. The US spends more than 2x as much on the military as China which is the world’s 2nd largest military spender. The US has hegemony in military power and standard of living. China will eventually overtake the US in those areas.
      Every US President outspends the predecessor in the military and can’t focus on domestic affairs.

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