Washington Neocons To Send Taiwan Billions in Weapons

Ron Paul’s Liberty Report:

A Bipartisan group of Congressional warmongers is pushing a multi-billion dollar military assistance package for Taiwan. The measure will include new language designating Taiwan a de-facto “major non-NATO ally.” Clearly the Ukraine model is being applied to Taiwan: fighting mainland China down to the last Taiwanese.

Reprinted from The Ron Paul Institute for Peace & Prosperity.

4 thoughts on “Washington Neocons To Send Taiwan Billions in Weapons”

  1. Must be awesome to have an endless bucket of money to fund every friggin war, or almost war. The MIC, and their shareholders must LMFAO at the stupidity of the citizens who don’t hold these monsters to account.
    The proles have so bought into the “we must defend whoever” narratives without question.

  2. Biden is on the warpath. Every president escalates tension with its enemies and frenemies and increases military spending. Biden was Ehud Barack Obama’s VP and started wars , continued wars and sent drones to kill people including innocent people. Obama copied George Warmonger Bush and that’s why he did not prosecute him. He thought acting like Bush would be the answer since he did not stand up to him.

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