Conflicts of Interest: Ukraine Offers Biden Targeting Control in Exchange for Weapons

On COI #333, Kyle Anzalone discusses how the war in Ukraine can go nuclear.

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6 thoughts on “Conflicts of Interest: Ukraine Offers Biden Targeting Control in Exchange for Weapons”

  1. Been lurking in antiwar for a while, first comment here and it may well be the last in quite a while. If things continue escalating, being publicly a pacifist may start looking like a rather unwise move. It’s already raising accusations of being on the side of the enemy, even to celebrities like Elon Musk, that sounds a bit crazy in many ways, but when it comes to Ukraine, he’s sounding as reasonable as they come. Kudos to all those that are committed, but surely you realise that you can’t expect an ordinary person not to look after their own wellbeing first, especially with WWIII potentially looming.

    What worries me the most is that the situation keeps looking more and more untenable in the medium term, not even for the long term. Washington keeps behaving as if a course of action that consists on providing lots of weapons to Ukraine and all sorts of support for the long term but drawing some sort of line that keeps NATO out of open war is a possible course of action that can be maintained indefinitely. I just can’t see it as something even possible.

    At present, Europe may not get enough energy to last for this winter, let alone the next two. Poland is full of Ukrainian refugees, and complaining that they aren’t getting enough support from the EU to help them. The lines between NATO and Ukraine are terribly blurry already. It isn’t tenable to keep saying that Russia is the enemy, refuse to negotiate a peace, ask people to put up with all sorts of privations because of Russia, and not expect at some point that one NATO country or another will decide that the only thing that makes sense is to escalate and invoke article 5 and stop pretending that NATO isn’t all in.

    I think people in Washington don’t actually care whether it all ends in WWIII or not, they just care about personally avoiding the blame for acting incorrectly, whatever “acting incorrectly” seems to be at any point in time.

  2. Oct 5, 2022 Russia-Ukraine war: Annexed regions represent 15% of Ukraine’s territory | WION

    Russian President Vladimir Putin has formalized the claimed annexation of four Ukrainian regions. He signed legislation formally including those regions into Russia.

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