Conflicts of Interest: Did Zelensky Damage Ukraine’s Reputation?

On COI #352, Kyle Anzalone discusses the war in Ukraine.

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9 thoughts on “Conflicts of Interest: Did Zelensky Damage Ukraine’s Reputation?”

  1. A stinking, unnecessary war. Untangle that ugly ball-of-string somebody – , & then we can reinvent the man’s reputation.

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    1. What Rumsfeld told reporters were lies as bald faced as Giuliani’s head. Now, Lloyd Austin is telling those same bald faced lies about Russia being the aggressor in chief. Biden is profitting off the war and hopes he will be re-elected in 2024.

      1. Just glad I know somebody who gets these Bankster puppets like I do. I hope life has been good to you friend!

  3. That’s sort of like asking if Trump tarnished the U.S.’s reputation. Probably, but it’s not like there was much to tarnish in the first place.

  4. Zelensky’s brand, thanks to his show, is one of champion of liberal constitutional democracy, reform, and capitalism.

    He is probably the reason Ukraine rallied so hard instead of capitulating like they were supposed to do.

    If you haven’t watched Servant of the People/Nation on Netflix, do yourself a favour and watch it. Its like a more comedic, but also darker, West Wing. Zelensky gave Ukraine a vision of their nation as free and prosperous with integrity and hard earned pride.

    Maybe not all his actions in government match up, but that is his brand, and everyone I met in Ukraine is fighting for him and for liberty. I didn’t meet a single person who didn’t think they were fighting for the spirit of Maidan.

  5. Does he care? Financially he is well set, provided be makes it out alive.
    Reputation is tge last thing on his mind. Thousands are sent to death so he can have good optics and internationalize drama. He did it with Mariupol, Dud wiyh Bucha — even though the names of victims not available. And than dragging AtomicEnergy agaency into nuclear power plant – just to have them waste time. All Ukraine had to do is stop shelling. Bakhmut is shaping as another encirclement. Why are Ukrainian soldiers still there? In myddy frozen trenches without much supplies in food or ammunition? Is it going to be another rescue mission of people who have nowhere to go? It is the optics that are worth every human sacrifice.

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