Conflicts of Interest: With the Iran Deal Dead, Israel Prepares for War

On COI #367, Kyle Anzalone and Connor Freeman recap the disastrous foreign policy developments of the year, focusing on escalations with Russia, China, Iran, and North Korea, as well as the catastrophic trajectory of the Pentagon’s so-called “Great Power Competition.”

Kyle breaks down a major sexual harassment scandal involving a top official at Space Force amid Washington’s fueling of the branch’s budget by many billions of dollars.

Connor talks about Israel’s threats to bomb Iran’s civilian nuclear facilities in the coming years as the U.S. prepares yet more sanctions, doubling down on the “maximum pressure” campaign.

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12 thoughts on “Conflicts of Interest: With the Iran Deal Dead, Israel Prepares for War”

    1. I’m not. I know what you mean, but screw Israel, I’m not willing to do anything for it. But we might not need Israel, the U.S. is moving toward nuclear war and has been for 30 years by their constant provocations of Russia.

  1. Let Israel and Iran fight, but no more USA “wounded warriors” for Israel like in Syria and Iraq.

    1. Are you kidding. Our “defense” industry does not care about sending young men to be maimed, killed, become homeless due to ptsd. Guys like General Austin direct things from a comfortable office, sipping a nice cup of coffee, with a nice confection to chomp on.

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