‘Don’t Investigate The CIA!’ Demands Former CIA Agent

Aaron Maté and Kurt Metzger appear on the Jimmy Dore Show:

Ex-CIA agent Mark Polymeropoulos loves that Congress provides strict oversight of intelligence agencies – he says it right there in the first paragraph of his Washington Examiner opinion piece on the subject! But this new investigative body House GOP members plan to set up to look into possible illegal activity by the FBI and other agencies? He’s not on board, and he’s particularly upset that it’s his fellow Republicans who are seeking to put his beloved intelligence services under greater scrutiny.

6 thoughts on “‘Don’t Investigate The CIA!’ Demands Former CIA Agent”

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  2. I don’t know if there’s a metric you could use to measure the evil the CIA has committed in the world.

    1. And it’s impossible to rid ourselves of them. Even if everyone agreed they are beyond evil. It’s not like most of the rest of the world doesn’t have a similar version of the CIA. We are stuck in a pile of neck deep shit.

    2. a metric you could use to measure

      Call it assholomic… Seriously, they aren’t just bad – they’re STUPID!

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