Conflicts of Interest: Congress Votes to Indefinitely Occupy Syria

On COI #394, Kyle Anzalone and Connor Freeman cover how Washington and Seoul’s massive war games are inflaming tensions on the Korean Peninsula, the Pentagon’s confirmation that Kiev is now using US precision guided bombs, Congress voting down a War Powers Resolution that sought to end the indefinite US occupation of eastern Syria, the Israelis’ bombing of the Aleppo international airport, Tel Aviv accelerating its plans to attack Iran, and the Chinese foreign minister’s urgent warning that the White House’s Asia policy will lead to “conflict and confrontation.”

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29 thoughts on “Conflicts of Interest: Congress Votes to Indefinitely Occupy Syria”

  1. We got to keep the Kurds in place to pump oil.
    It’s not as if we could drill for oil here; it’s too dirty so we will take it from the brown people…..

      1. Why?
        What possible reasons other than economic ones should we care who is in charge there?

        1. They’re all economic in the long run but I believe we’d be there if there was no oil. Iran is still in the crosshairs. And the little parasite, who controls our congress, has been yapping at our heels to go to war with them for decades. Which means they want Assad gone.

          1. We are in the Middle East because of economic concerns which revolve around traditional trade routes and resources of which is a lot of oil. Don’t forget humans as resourses as well to governments…
            Perhaps you might add in Religion but that can be traced to power and who gets to use resources.
            Side note: piracy sanctioned by religion/Kings, Queens, Presidents and Mullahs (Barbary pirates) to snatch ships, goods and control of shipping lanes is a great read if one is into history.

          2. Don’t forget our “friend” in Libya; he wanted to nationalize his oil fields and instead of shipping his oil to the UK and France he wanted it to go to North Africa.
            Enter Obama and Hillary…..

          3. Yeah. “we came we saw, he died” while cackling. The nastiest of humans. Dick Cheney with breasts.

          4. “Dick Cheney with breasts.”

            Dick Cheney himself might have a little bit of man-boobs.

          5. I can still keep a sense of humor about this even though when I weighed more, the testosterone injections I was receiving gave me some definitely noticeable man-boobs. After losing 80 lbs. though, they pretty much went away completely.

          6. “He got a fresh heart”

            A physical heart, yes. A spiritual/emotional heart would have been a nice addition, though.

          7. Thought you might be interested that there is no statue of limitations on war crimes…..just hope they get to the bastard before his batteries run out.

          8. Doesn’t need batteries. Had a heart transplant. A more needy person did not get that heart.

          9. THAT sealed the deal of me not voting for the hag. My G-d in Heaven, the way he was killed: sodomized by a sword then shot in the head. She knew it, cackled about it, and she knew about the h*ll that would be unleashed on Libya. A GD evil hag.

        2. Why is the correct question. Another “why” is why did Eisenhower want the Syrian regime at the time replaced (the same time he gave his blessing to the coup in Iran).? Regime change desire by the U.S. has been in force since 1953. Why? This focus on a man or a regime is horrible for the people. So it goes.

          1. If we just focused on our own oil, instead of the Middle East we would not worry about their centuries old squabbles?
            Ike only cared because they had oil in that region not because dates and figs are so tasty.
            I’m sure North Dakota would love the return of those oil boom towns and would prefer not to be sending their sons/daughters over seas to protect overseas oil production

          2. But the oil is still there. So, I’m sure it would still be in our “interests” to maintain a presence there. Those 800 to 1000 bases spread around the globe aren’t going anywhere unless we decide, or we’ve been forced to decide, to do a 180 foreign policy wise. Plus, the neocon wet dream of making Iran a failed state hasn’t happened yet.

          3. Perhaps our interests would be better served if we just drilled here instead?
            I know some believe it’s better to let someone else bring up oil because it’s so dirty and they’ll like us if we trade with them….lol;-)
            The Syrians hated the Brits, French and now us because they know we aren’t really there to help them but to extract resources.

          4. In this instance, Eisenhower reminds me of Trump. Eisenhower talked about the MIC being bad but was not exactly a peace time POTUS.

      2. The US should end the war there. It is not the USA’s place to decide what leader another country has anymore than it is Syria’s place to decide what leader the USA has.
        Obama said “Assad must go”. If the leader of another country said “Obama must go”, the US and its allies would call it an act of war. Hillary Clinton urged Obama to attack Libya although it did nothing to the US and there was no genocide there. Clinton said about Gaddhafi: “We came, we saw, he died” and bragged about it.

          1. Like many other Democrats, Independent Bernie Sanders is for war when Dems are in charge and against war when Republicans are in charge. Now, there are Republicans against the war in Ukraine but would likely support wars caused by Republicans. There are no current Members of Congress nor Senators that I know of that want to end tension with China.

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