Janet Yellen: Iran Sanctions Not Working

From today’s Ron Paul Liberty Report:

US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen admitted over the weekend that US sanctions on Iran are not “changing behavior” of the government in Tehran, but vowed to strengthen the measures anyway. Sanctions don’t work? Sanction harder! Also today: US staying in Syria regardless of escalation.

Reprinted from The Ron Paul Institute for Peace & Prosperity.

7 thoughts on “Janet Yellen: Iran Sanctions Not Working”

  1. You think?
    If you were trying to push them towards the Chinese, they worked just fine.
    Next she’s going to realize her barber is not the best.

      1. Perhaps she should tip the gals at Cost Cutters?
        I always do; $7 or $8 on a simple cheap haircut makes them happy and it helps shame the cheapos into tipping.

  2. This foreign policy is like a bleeding ulcer. Hard to ignore and constantly draining the energy that should be going into the well-being of the political entity.

    And running the risk of turning cancerous and requiring drastic measures.

  3. Janet Yellen says the sanctions against Iran are not working so she wants to continue them. She wants Biden to be re-elected or Harris to be elected in 2024 so they can keep the USA on the wrong track.

    1. She does not care who is elected. The party will continue. Workers will continue to be insecure (key memo written from her to Mr. Greenspan in 1996). Fat witch.

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