Conflicts of Interest: Ukraine Is Trying to Assassinate Putin

On COI #426, Kyle Anzalone and Connor Freeman cover the Empire’s latest escalations against Russia as well as the increasing tensions with Iran as Israel threatens war.

Kyle breaks down an admission by Ukrainian military intelligence that they are actively seeking to assassinate Vladimir Putin, Warsaw’s announcement that they are ready to begin training Ukraine’s pilots on flying F-16s, Boris Johnson’s trip to Texas lobbying the GOP for the Ukraine war, an attack on a Russian warship in the Bosphorus Strait, and the Fifth fleet conducting more patrols in the Persian Gulf eyeing Tehran.

Connor details a peace mission led by six African nations seeking a ceasefire in Ukraine, the Israeli military chief saying “we have the ability to hit Iran,” the US military posting pictures of their bunker buster bombs in a threat to Iran, dozens of House Democrats recent attempt to force the Joe Biden administration to end its support for the Saudi-led coalition in Yemen, and the White House’s continuing push for an unlikely Saudi-Israeli normalization deal.

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4 thoughts on “Conflicts of Interest: Ukraine Is Trying to Assassinate Putin”

  1. May 3, 2023 Russia thwarts attack on Putin’s Kremlin Residence

    Moscow said that it thwarted an attempt to assassinate Russian President Vladimir Putin and accused Kiev of being responsible, stressing that it reserves the right to respond.

    Context: Feb 24, 2023 For centuries Russia has tried to ‘destroy Ukraine and deny the existence of our people & language’

    To commemorate the grim one-year anniversary of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, FRANCE 24 is joined by Yuriy Sak, Advisor to Ukraine’s Minister of Defence.

    1. Zelensky is trying to assassinate Putin. Israel constantly assassinates people in neighboring countries & is not held accountable even if it kills children. Obama was not held accountable for drone strikes that killed bystanders including children.
      Lindsay Graham says Putin should be assassinated & the people of South Carolina are not demanding he resign. If a politician of a foreign country called for the assassination of a US, Israeli or Ukrainian leader, the West would call it an act of war even if that politician was not the leader of the country.

      1. You will get no disagreement here friend. I have the two Pentagon stooges here in this clip. McCain and Graham. Pure evil!

        Jan 1, 2012 John McCain & Lindsey Graham Justifying The NDAA Bill

        John McCain & Lindsey Graham explaining why the NDAA bill, also known as the indefinite detention bill, must become law. The bill allows for any American citizen deemed a “terrorist” to be arrested & detained without a trial. This bill was signed into law on December 31, 2011 (New Year’s Eve) by President Barack Obama.

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