Biden’s Israel Policy Becomes Albatross Around Democrat Party Necks

On today’s Ron Paul Liberty Report:

With a majority of Americans opposing further US involvement in the Israel/Gaza conflict, President Biden is finding that within his own Democratic Party support for his approach is even softer. Younger voters are solidly opposed to further US support for Israel’s continued assault on Gaza. That is why while Biden’s initial reaction tracked more closely with his neocon views, he is furiously backpedaling under pressure from his own party. Also today: Rep. Massie is the lone “no” vote on another anti-free speech House Resolution.

Reprinted from The Ron Paul Institute for Peace & Prosperity.

6 thoughts on “Biden’s Israel Policy Becomes Albatross Around Democrat Party Necks”

  1. Democrats need to be paying more attention….The majority of US support PEACEFUL and realistic solutions, to avoid possible and dangerous escalation…

  2. I called my congresscritter to yell at the office for supporting the atrocity vote against free speech for Americans. It’s typically useless but some things you just have to yell at the staffers and demoralize them further, ask how they sleep. I hope they all develop substance abuse problems and failed marriages.

  3. It is not just Biden’s donkey, the Republicans have an elephant around their necks. There are few in Congress who have spoken against Israel’s actions, the rest are all complicit in the Genocide of Palestinians. The Presidential Candidates are also War Criminals and it serves no purpose to vote for a D or a R. Look elsewhere, not RFK Jr, who is also a Zionist. Write in your choice, but do not vote for the spineless, FAKE Americans who step on our Constitution every day.

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