PC Media Projects Their Racial Bigotry Onto Ron Paul

This week, the mainstream media and its social media followers found another target of wrath: former presidential candidate and Texas congressman Ron Paul. One of his staffers posted a link criticizing political correctness with a cartoon image attached that depicted ugly racial stereotypes. It was clearly insensitive and was quickly deleted with a notice of correction issued by Ron Paul.

CNN marched to the rescue with a Chris Cuomo segment headlined “What we ignore, we empower.” Cuomo mimicked the media narrative of Paul being guilty of “bigoted BS.” Cuomo declared,“We need to expose it because the ugliness is contagious…The BS from Paul resonates. It encourages more us vs. them ugliness.”

Obviously, it was a dumb mistake for a staffer to post an ugly cartoon. But no one of an informed, sound mind thinks Ron Paul approves of racial hatred. Since the 1970’s, Paul spent an entire political career denouncing the prison industrial complex, war hysteria, and majority rule oppressing minorities. In every appearance, he lectures about the importance of respecting individual personhood over collective group identities: an ethic that rejects racial tribalism completely.

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