Journalist Max Blumenthal Arrested for Thoughtcrimes

The award-winning writer and founder of the adversarial news site The Grayzone journalist and best-selling author Max Blumenthal, had his apartment swarmed by D.C police who pounded on his door and demanded that he open it, or it will be broken down. Max admitted to journalist and comedian Jimmy Dore that he was debating in his mind whether or not to open the door or let the officers destroy his property.

Max noticed police had his apartment surrounded, and instead of allowing the police to kick his door in, he opened his door, and armed officers swarmed into his livingroom and presented Max with a warrant for his arrest. DC police then arrested Max Blumenthal on a five-month-old warrant for simple assault stemming from an event in which Max Blumenthal attempted to smuggle food into the Venezuelan Embassy to activists of the Embassy Protection Collective.

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The Houthis Use Ten Drones Destabilize the PetroDollar as the World Falsely Blames Iran

On Saturday, September 14, there was an attack on the Saudi Aramco facility in Abqaiq. This facility is host to the Master Gas System the world’s largest single hydrocarbon network with 288 trillion square feet of oil reserves. Oil from the world’s largest offshore oil field, the Safaniya Oil Field and the world’s largest onshore oil field, the Ghawar Oil Field along with over 100 other oil fields are part of this system which is connected into the Master Gas System at Saudi Aramco.

The Houthis rebels in Yemen claimed responsibility for the attack in an announcement that aired on the Houthi’s Al-Masirah satellite news channel. Claims by Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, talking heads in media, and the government of Saudi Arabia that Iran is responsible for the drone attacks at Saudi Aramco or that the Houthis do not have the capabilities to carry out this attack are utterly false. According to the United Nations, the Houthis in Yemen have UAV-X drones with a range of over 930 miles which would put Saudi Arabia and the UAE in range of Houthi drone capabilities.

Not only have the Houthis claimed responsibility for the attack on Saudi Aramco, but they have stated their motive for doing so very clearly. The Houthis attack on Saudi Aramco was in direct response to the Saudis four-year-long bombardment of Yemen, which has killed over 90,000 people with civilians being targeted 67% of the time according to data released by ACLED. A military spokesman for the Houthis Yahia Sarie stated on Houthi’s Al-Masirah satellite news that the attacks would continue unless Saudi Arabia stopped bombing Yemen.

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91,600 Killed in Yemen Conflict as Congress Seeks To End US Involvement in the War in Yemen

The death toll in Yemen has reached over 91,600 according to the Armed Conflict Location & Event Data Project (ACLED). The ACLED records that 4,500 direct civilian targeting events resulted in 11,700 recorded civilian fatalities since the US-Saudi led coalition invaded Yemen in 2015. Around 67% of all reported civilian fatalities since 2015 have been caused by US-Saudi led coalition airstrikes.

2018 was the deadliest year on record since the war started in 2014 according to data provided by ACLED. The uptick in violence has been attributed to the United Arab Emirates offensive against the port of Hodeidah. Clashes between the Houthis who controlled Hodeidah at the time and forces backed by the United Arab Emirates led to the most intense violence to date in the Yemen conflict. The port of Hodeidah is one of the most important ports in the entire country because 80% of the aid imported into Yemen comes through the port of Hodeidah.

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One Child Dies Every 10 Minutes in Yemen and No One Cares

UNICEF reported that one child dies every ten minutes in Yemen with 462,000 suffering from severe acute malnutrition which is a dramatic increase of about 200 percent since Saudi Arabia’s invasion started in 2015.

In 2016, UNHCR stated there has been 2.4 million displaced and that number has risen to 3.1 million due to heavy fighting in civilian populations. Yemenis civilians are fleeing across the Bab-el-Mandeb strait from Yemen to neighboring countries like Djibouti to seek refuge. Refugees are also fleeing to Somalia and Oman these countries report thousands seeking asylum. Oman reported nearly 3,000 refugees of 48 different nationalities have fled the conflict for Oman.

This conflict, legacy media like to call a “civil war” has killed more than 10,000 civilians and wounded over 40,000 others. It is a “war” that has left 22.2 million Yemenis requiring humanitarian assistance resulting in more than 80% of the population being in dire need.

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