Kosovo priest: Murder at Gorazdevac Illustrates reality

From Rascia-Prizren Diocese Newsletter, August 14, 2003:

“Yesterday’s crime against the Serb children of the village of Gorazdevac near Pec has deeply shaken all Serbs in Kosovo and Metohija and throughout Serbia and left behind it a numbing pain and an awful feeling of helplessness. The brutality and cowardice of this terrorist act have cast a dark shadow over the entire previous UN mission and KFOR, who in the more than four years of their stay in Kosovo and Metohija have not even managed to protect the Serb population living in militarily protected enclaves, let alone to secure a normal life for all throughout the territory of the Province.
After all, this crime is not just some ‘isolated incident’ committed by anonymous extremists. The massacre of innocent children in Gorazdevac is first and foremost a shocking indicator of the real situation in Kosovo and Metohija that the majority of UNMIK and KFOR representatives, together with Albanian political leaders, are persistently attempting to hide from the global public in order to rationalize their own failures…
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Plunderers in Serbia

According to the Financial Times, Ms Kori Udovicki, “a Yale-educated economist and former expert on Yugoslavia for the International Monetary Fund” is the new head of the Serbian central bank.
The choice should not be surprising. Udovicki is a Statist economist to boot, and a successful plunderer. Former head of the Energy Ministry, she was behind the price hikes that impoverished vast numbers of Serbians (electricity is a government-monopolized utility over there), and filled up the state coffers quite nicely. Expect her banking policies to be inflationary, deficitary and aimed squarely against any form of entrepreneurial capitalism that hasn’t paid tribute to the State.
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