Why Is Biden Enabling Genocidal Ethnic Cleansing of Gaza?

Over 5,000 dead, mostly civilians, from 2 weeks of relentless Israeli bombing, turning much of the 139 square miles of Gaza into rubble, is a genocidal act of ethnic cleansing. It is designed to diminish, if not eliminate the 2.3 million Gazans. The many who have died from lack of food, water, medicine and electricity, while unknown, may be in the thousands as well. It is a monumental crime against humanity.

Much of the world is repulsed, including many in Israel. Yesterday, dozens from local Chicago Jewish groups, If Not Now, Never Again Action, and Jewish Voice for Peace, held up traffic in the Loop for over an hour during rush hour in their call for immediate ceasefire. Bravo.

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Ukraine, Taiwan, Israel: Biden’s Treasure-Squandering Trifecta

President Biden has a weapons supply problem. In 20 months of the Russo Ukraine war, also US proxy war on Russia, he’s blown $113 billion in US treasure desperately needed by the Homeland, National health care, infrastructure, clean energy, border security, migrant aid relief, education, crime reduction among other issues, go wanting.

The repetitive requests for more, more, more are weighing on Americans who increasingly see it as the boondoggle for the weapons makers it is. While congressional Democrats completely support is Biden’s spending spree, a small Republican House contingent is pushing back, sensing public disgust with Biden’s giveaways as a means of defeating him next year. They’re holding up current spending requests with both their opposition and current legislative paralysis due to the vacant Speaker’s chair.

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Running Low on Weapons for Ukraine, US Pivots to Stolen Iranian Ammo

Both US and UK weapons storehouses are nearly bare. Takes a lot of firepower to keep the Russo Ukraine war going in perpetuity. So many hundreds of thousands must die to protect US European dominance. What to do?

While the UK will simply stop sending weapons they don’t have, the US has gotten creative. They’re sending Ukraine weapons they stole from Iran last year to fill the void. The first shipment of 1.1 million rounds perloined from an Iranian vessel last year were sent Monday. In the works: 9,000 rifles, 284 machine guns, 194 rocket launchers, 70 anti-tank guided missiles and 700,000 more bullets, all “Made In Iran – Swiped by Uncle Sam.”

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Ukraine Aid Factor in Speaker McCarthy’s Ouster

Though little noted on mainstream news, America’s disastrous proxy war against Russia was a factor in the MAGA Republicans mutiny against House Speaker Kevin McCarthy.

Their only good spending cut, which fueled their removal bid, was ending all military aid to Ukraine. All their Republican colleagues and the entire Democratic House supports endless war in Ukraine killing hundreds of thousands to protect US hegemony in Europe.

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Biden to Zelensky: ‘Here’s More Cluster Bombs To Kill Ukrainian Kids for Decades to Come’

During his US visit, Ukraine President Zelensky scored a multi-million dollar bundle of cluster bombs to affix to his US supplied Abrams tanks in his war with Russia.

Over a hundred countries have signed on to the 2008 Convention on Cluster Munitions which prohibits manufacture, stockpiling, transfer and use of such grotesque weapons. They have a high failure rate upon detonating that end up killing unsuspecting civilians for decades afterwards. The US has not because it needs those cluster bombs to wage perpetual war round the world.

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