Biden’s 5th Gaza Veto in UN Makes Him an Ace… of Genocide

Nearly a thousand Palestinians were killed or wounded in Gaza Thursday after Israeli forces opened fire on people surrounding an aid convoy. The UN Security Council tried to pass a resolution condemning the massacre, but President Biden came to Israel’s defense with his fifth veto of Security Council votes to end Israeli genocide in Gaza.

Israel admitted they shot into the crowd all right, but it was the Palestinians fault for threatening Israeli soldiers and stampeding. First Israel starves the Palestinians fleeing US and Israeli bombs, then opens fire on them when they rush the food aid trucks.

Biden’s veto was based on a simple, self-serving fact… he didn’t have all the facts warranting a condemnation of Israel’s grotesque ongoing genocide in Gaza.

In WWI, a fighter pilot who shot down 5 enemy planes was termed an Ace, a mark of distinction sought after by every combat fighter pilot. Biden’s fifth veto of Israel’s endless civilian massacres in Gaza makes him an Ace of Genocide, something no other world leader dare emulate.

Walt Zlotow became involved in antiwar activities upon entering University of Chicago in 1963. He is current president of the West Suburban Peace Coalition based in the Chicago western suburbs. He blogs daily on antiwar and other issues at

11 thoughts on “Biden’s 5th Gaza Veto in UN Makes Him an Ace… of Genocide”

  1. Documenting everything, and I mean everything, will expose for all time the works of Mr. Biden. He will climb to the top of the list of worst presidents.

  2. MAR 2, 2024 The power behind the throne and the forever wars.

    We must take a stand or let our children fall, it’s that simple. The power ‘behind the throne’ are the bankers: In untangling the causal factors behind the many crises we face today, the trail of breadcrumbs always leads to the international banking cartel which appears to have the determining influence shaping the system of governance under which our societies operate. This network likely constitutes the very “monolithic and ruthless conspiracy” that President John F. Kennedy had warned us about.,c_limit,f_auto,q_auto:good,fl_progressive:steep/

    1. The bankers have as much blood money on their hands as Netanyahu and the NATO Misleaders In Chief. They keep enriching the MIC.
      Walt says Biden’s fifth veto to condemn Israel’s genocide in Gaza makes him an Ace of Genocide, something no leader dare emulate. Biden is emulating Netanyahu. They are both Aces and Asses of Genocide. They call Xi and Putin warmongers. Biden and Netanyahu have been on the warpath long before they were their countries’ Misleaders in Chief;.

      1. Well, remember NATO is targeting Russia and was founded to stop Russia from all expansion. Now, they NATO have become the global enemy of the world. The world is kept dumb by government schooling and the CIA news media friend.

        1. Now the fools have blundered into the sights of Russia & China. Tell me how this can end well for them…??????????????????????????

  3. But we dropped load of premade meals that should be enough to clear our conscious. It’s beyond cynical, beyond insulting and intentionally humiliating actions by the US administration and Congress. Words escaping me to describe this outrageous action. Loathsome is mild a word to explain it.

  4. GOING TO VOTE NOW!!!!!!!!
    Planning to write in !!!!-VOTING NO ON GENOCIDE JOE!!!!!!!

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