Biden to Zelensky: ‘Here’s More Cluster Bombs To Kill Ukrainian Kids for Decades to Come’

During his US visit, Ukraine President Zelensky scored a multi-million dollar bundle of cluster bombs to affix to his US supplied Abrams tanks in his war with Russia.

Over a hundred countries have signed on to the 2008 Convention on Cluster Munitions which prohibits manufacture, stockpiling, transfer and use of such grotesque weapons. They have a high failure rate upon detonating that end up killing unsuspecting civilians for decades afterwards. The US has not because it needs those cluster bombs to wage perpetual war round the world.

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Biden’s Whoppers at UN on Ukraine Burger King Worthy

Outside of NATO and a few other countries, most of the world’s attendees at President Biden’s UN speech grew hungrier as he dished up US Whoppers about Russia over Ukraine.

He began by blasting Russia for abandoning long-standing nuclear arms control agreements, citing Russia’s suspension of New Start, the last of four such US Russian agreements. He omitted that is was the US that abandoned the other 3 first: Anti-Ballistic Missiles System Treaty in 2002; Intermediate Range Nuclear Forces Treaty in 2019; Open Skies in 2020. Biden’s is simply “having it his way.”

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19 Months in, Chicago Tribune Continues Support of Perpetual War in Ukraine

Retired Army Col. Matt Dimmick’s op-ed: “Ukraine’s counteroffensive is working. With continued support, its forces will defeat Russia” (Chicago Tribune, August 31) is a masterful piece of propaganda to continue the Russo Ukraine war in perpetuity.

It appears to have been selected for publication to counter two incontrovertible facts.

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US Derides Wimpy Ukrainians Who Have Become ‘Casualty Adverse’

The US has come up a clever way of masking their contempt of the Ukrainian military in their failed counteroffensive against Russia.

Dismayed that Ukraine is squandering US weapons by hurling them at Russian forces instead hurling themselves at the well-fortified invaders, armchair US military are calling the Ukrainians “casualty adverse,” a nice way of calling them, cowards. US/UK war games ahead of the June counteroffensive envisioned Ukraine taking large casualties in order to reclaim Donbas so they could start brutalizing Donbas Ukrainians again.

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Biden Should Promote Peace Over War in Ukraine for Two Good Reasons

President Biden faces a dilemma. He’s running for re-election in what is likely to be an extremely close reelection race.

But he’s locked into promoting endless tens of billions to win an unwinnable proxy war against Russia in Ukraine that the electorate no longer supports.

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Why No Hollywood Movie on Nagasaki A-Bombing?

In the 1952 movie Above and Beyond, movie idol Robert Taylor played handsome Col. Paul Tibbetts, straight out of Central Casting, who piloted Enola Gay to drop the first atomic bomb on Hiroshima 78 years ago today. We all grew up in awe of Tibbetts, Enola Gay and the perfect mission which incinerated Hiroshima from the first A Bomb dropped in anger. My awe eventually turned to revulsion over a horrendous war crime.

But who piloted what plane that dropped the second A-Bomb on Nagasaki just 3 days later? The American Story has largely erased the saga of the Nagasaki mission for good reason. It was a colossal screw up that almost got the pilot court-martialed; indeed, nearly detonated Fat Man over the Pacific en route.

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