US, NATO, Spent 2021 Ramping Up Ukraine War

Neither the US government nor mainstream media will tell the American people the truth about 2021, America’s Year of Living Dangerously in Ukraine

But with nuclear war a growing possibility each day the war continues, it behooves us to review exactly how provocative US, NATO policy last year made war this year virtually inevitable.

The prelude to 2021 is also critical to understand the current war.

2008 US announces at NATO Summit, intention to bring Ukraine and Georgia into NATO.

2014 US supports coup to depose Russian leaning Ukrainian President Yanukovych, touching off civil war in Donbas. US begins training 10,000 Ukrainian soldiers annually to fight against their Russian speaking citizens there. Over 14,000 dead in 8 years since.

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US Sanctioning Itself Into Economic Ruin

Three months ago, the US cut off Russian oil and imposed draconian sanctions on Russia for their Ukraine war. President Biden admitted our action might bump up gas prices, but “we cannot turn a blind eye to Putin’s murderous ways.” NATO countries followed suit.

Now US and NATO countries are suffering both economically and politically as gas keeps rising while public support for US involvement in Ukraine is collapsing like the Ukraine military.

After initial outrage, most now realize the war there does not affect US national security, nor their personal interests, one iota. Those who seeks the facts know America and NATO provoked the war for years by expanding NATO up to Russia’s borders. They also realize Ukraine has been killing Russian speaking Ukrainians on Russia’s border since 2014, after the US helped Ukraine ultranationalists depose an elected Russian leaning Ukraine president. That made Russia’s war, though criminal, inevitable.

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After 116 Days of War, Several Things Have Become Clear

Ukraine has largely been defeated by Russia.

That isn’t guesswork. Ukraine is outgunned in artillery 20 to 1; 40 to 1 in artillery shells. Russia puts up 300 air sorties daily; Ukraine about 3. Ukraine now admits they’re losing upwards of 200 fighters daily. Russia has gobbled up a fifth of Ukraine in the Donbas where Russian speaking Ukrainians endured 8 years of shelling by Ukraine ultranationalists. Ukraine’s economy has shrunk over 50%, turning Ukraine into failed state status. It’s over President Zelensky.

But the delusional Ukraine president still pounds his chest for Uncle Sam and NATO to save his bacon by expanding the war into US/NATO versus the Russian Bear. He does this even tho we told him before the war started, we’d neither shed one drop of US blood nor give him weaponry like fighter jets, which could trigger WWIII.

Another reality we need to admit? None of the economic sanctions we’ve implemented on Russia nor any of the $54 billion we’ve squandered on weaponry for Ukraine will turn the tide. Russia may be bleeding profusely from their criminal war…but Ukraine is bleeding out.

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Chicago Tribune Coming to Senses on Ukraine War?

It was encouraging to see the Chicago Tribune publish The Rev. Martin Deppe’s letter "The error of NATO expansion."

It was a baby step back from the Trib’s initial bellicose support for U.S., NATO military support to help Ukraine defeat Russia on the Ukraine battlefield after Russia’s criminal February 24 invasion.

For the Trib, as well as virtually the entire US media and national security establishment, Russia’s invasion represented a titanic battle of good v. evil, democracy v. authoritarianism that required the $54 billion in military aid we’ve funneled into the war zone, but not one drop of US blood.

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Looks Like Latin America Is Boycotting ‘Bad Neighbor’ Uncle Sam

U.S. plans to host a Summit of the Americas in Los Angeles in June have been upended by several countries dropping out.

Why? They are boycotting our mean-spirited decision to not invite Cuba, Venezuela and Nicaragua. Seems these poor, small countries don’t bend to America’s demanding they kowtow to US unipolar dominance of the world, especially in America’s backyard.

Mexican president Andres Lopez Obrador, Bolivian president Luis Arce, Argentine president Alberto Fernandez have all called for the US to invite the 3 targets of US hatred or they won’t attend. That poses a huge dilemma for President Biden who claims he’s re-instituting sensible diplomacy to US foreign policy after 4 years of Trump mismanagement and bungling.

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After Afghan Pullout, Biden Goes War Bonkers

President Biden was excoriated by the U.S. war party for pulling out of Afghanistan after 20 years last August. In so doing, Biden didn’t mince words proclaiming that staying wasn’t worth one more American death after 4,288 Americans died there for nothing since October, 2001. Yet, his pulling out was the boldest, most sane US act for peace in this century, one that deserved thunderous gratitude instead of unrelenting vilification.

But unnerved by the criticism he was weakening American standing in the world, Biden has pivoted from peace to an aggressive foreign policy around the world since.

Does even one in a thousand Americans believe we’re under threat from the al Shahab militant group in Somalia, 8,600 miles from the homeland? Biden does, announcing 500 US troops are on their war to African Somalia and that airstrikes against these alleged bad guys will resume.

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