Freedom Fighter, Terrorist, Whatever

Read this Ralph Peters op-ed on Bush getting cozy with the Turks.

Judas drove a hard bargain compared to President Bush. At least the great betrayer got 30 pieces of silver. All Bush is going to get for delivering the Kurds unto their enemies will be 10,000 Turkish troops – who will act solely in Ankara’s interests, not in the interests of Washington or the people of Iraq.

Oh, the Kurds aren’t as cute and cuddly as we’ve been led to believe? Well, that’s not exactly Peters’ complaint. You had better sit down for this.

The administration is even dishonest about Kurdish “terrorists.” The Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) has, indeed, engaged in terrorist actions against Turkish targets in the past. But if there ever was a case of freedom fighters using terror as a tool, it’s the PKK.

Take a minute to digest that.

(Link courtesy of my good buddy Glenn Reynolds.)

The American Spectator Responds

From Jeremy Lott:

No one has been purged. Bovard hasn’t written many articles for the Prowler
version of the website, but what he has written appears to have gone missing
in the search engine. These things happen; I’ll look into it and fix it.

On a related note: I bumped into Bovard at a party the other week and asked
him to write more regularly for the site. He said he’d like to do just that
and wondered if we could review his new book. I just got the review copy
in the mail today.

Looking forward to those new Bovard articles. By the way, his stuff has been, uh, missing from the TAS search engine for quite some time. I’ve searched several times before and found nothing. Glad to help correct this error.

War Street Journal: “Our Friends, the Serbs”?!

There’s that old canard that no press is bad press. Certainly, with everything that’s been written about them over the past decade or so, the Serbs should know that’s a lie. But sometimes “good” press is excruciatingly bad press, too. Consider an October 6 editorial by the War Street Journal (subscribers click here, the rest you will have to trust me), extolling the virtues of “better friends to America than the French.”
Welcome to the Dark Side. Continue reading “War Street Journal: “Our Friends, the Serbs”?!”

EU Seeks to Anull Loretta Lynn’s Marriage

Follow-up to the Romanian Gypsy child bride brouhaha:

The Romanian child protection agency has forced Ana-Maria to separate from her 15-year-old husband and has required both children to live at home with their parents in the Transylvanian town of Sibiu.

The Romanians caved to the EU, in other words. Thank God this horrible scourge has been defeated! Of course, the marriage was not a legally-sanctioned one to begin with, but who cares? Just so long as American and Western European do-gooders earn another badge. Not that their meddling is likely to do the young lady much good:

Although [the bride’s father, who arranged the marriage] has nominally complied, there is considerable doubt over whether the government edict is being obeyed, because the two families are next-door neighbours and there is a gate that links their properties.