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The Sharansky Fallacy: Justin Raimondo
Sandbagging the EU: Gordon Prather
Valentine for Unknown Soldier: Teresa Whitehurst
Paid to Fight, Paid More to Die: N. Joseph Potts
Iranian Shadow Falls Over Baghdad: Aaron Glantz

We will not learn to live together in peace by killing each other's children.
Jimmy Carter
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Updated February 14, 2005 - 11:07 PM EST
Iraq Winners: Not What US Had in Mind
US Arming Ba'ath Militias to Fight Shi'ites?
Vote Gives Shi'ites a Mandate for Islamic Law
Shi'ites Take Absolute Majority in Parliament
Trio of Sistani-Backed Shi'ites Vying for PM
Bush Wants $86 Billion More for Wars
Tehran Protests US Use of Drones
Ex-Lebanon Leader, Nine Others, Killed in Beirut Blast
A Valentine for Your Unknown Soldier  by Teresa Whitehurst
Paid to Fight, Paid More to Die
by N. Joseph Potts
University Should Sever All Military Ties  by Jason Rowe
Sandbagging the EU  by Gordon Prather
Democrats Divided on Withdrawal
by David Corn
Shi'ites' Faustian Pact  by Pepe Escobar

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Distribution of Seats in Iraqi Parliament
Vote Totals for Leading Parties in Iraq Elections
Iranian Shadow Falls Over Baghdad
Shi'ites Gain Control, Will Dominate Iraqi Assembly
Was American Whistleblower Murdered in Iraq?
NATO Is Outdated, Says Schröder
Kurds Celebrate Amid Fear of Ethnic Clash
After the Vote
Kurds Say Iraq Shi'ites Support a Kurd as President
Vote Is Loss for US as Iraq May Move Closer to Iran
Shi'ite Islamists to Shape New Iraq
Power Check: Verdict Is Split in Iraqi Election
Allawi Miscalculated and Never Connected With Iraqis, Analysts Say
Iraq's Outgoing PM Down but Not Quite Out
Prospective Iraqi Premier a Man of Many Labels
Now That Iraq's Ballots Are All In, the Real Campaign Has Begun
Pro-Iran Shi'ite Group Ahead in Provincial Council Vote
Kurds Emerge as Key Players in New Iraq After Years of Struggle
Iraq's Destiny in One Man's Hands
Today in Iraq
Head of Christian Party Abducted in Iraq
Four US Soldiers Killed in Iraq
Civilians Working for US in Iraq Making a Bundle
Report: US Paid Iraq Contractors in Cash
A Return to Fallujah to See What Remains
Muslim Scholars Group Rejects Writing Constitution
Voting Was Dangerous Choice in Ramadi
Attacks Continue
Iraqi General Killed by Gunmen in Baghdad
Car Bomb Explodes at Checkpoint South of Baghdad
Three Iraqi Army Officers Gunned Down in Their Car
Four Dead After US Convoy Attacked Near Mosul
Oil Pipeline Sabotaged in Northern Iraq
Global Iraq Fallout
Turkey Expresses Concern Over Iraq Vote
Iraqi Elections Still Divide Arab World
Crisis as Troops Quit UK Special Forces
UK Attorney General 'Distanced Himself From War Advice'
NATO Urges Afghanistan to Decide on Date for Parliamentary Polls
Returning Afghans Were Promised a New Life; Instead They Have Misery and Death
Afghan Plane Recovery Begins
Pakistan Will Be Failed State by 2015: US Report
Pakistani General: No Troops Withdrawal From South Waziristan
Rape Riot Leads to Pakistan Army Arrests
Indian FM Arrives in Pakistan for Renewed Peace Talks
The Frontline of the Battle for Kashmir
35 Hurt in Kashmir Grenade Attack
Nepal Struggles to Break Maoist Rebel Blockade
Nepal Maoists Toughen Stance
Nepal Prepares to Count Cost of Coup in Lost Foreign Aid
China Presses North Korea to Relent
Battle Rages on Philippine Island
Wolfowitz Criticizes Muslim Aid to Tsunami Victims
Communists Call for Putin Ouster
Russia Close to Upgrading Its Nuclear Arms
Russia Has 'Problem' With US Democracy Push
Rumsfeld and NATO
Rumsfeld Defends NATO as Still Vital
Rumsfeld Revokes 'Old Europe' Remark to Bolster European Ties
US Brushes Off German NATO Plan
United Nations
Annan: 30 More Countries Are Potential Nuclear Powers
Annan Says 'Concessions' Made to Saddam
Annan Says Hard for UN to Mount Iraq Peacekeeping
Munich Conference Favors Bigger UN Role
US Military
Army Creates Medal for Troops Who Come Under Fire
Part-Time Warriors, Fully Committed
Marines Face Tougher Recruiting Questions
'Over My Dead Body'
Navy Removes Officer of Sub After Mishap
The War at Home
After Bush Leaves Office, His Budget's Costs Balloon
Bush Welcomes Iraq Elections Results
Son's Voice Drives War Protester
Their Objections to War Lead Activists to Do Battle with IRS
US Senators Expect Iraqi Give-and-Take
Santa Fe Settles Lawsuit Over Antiwar Protester's Arrest
Abusing Justice
CIA 'Renditions' in Tune With Habib Claim of Abuse in Egypt
Senate May Open Inquiry Into CIA's Handling of Suspects
Fresh Guantanamo Torture Claims
Iraqi Recounts Abuse by US Soldiers
Aussie Interrogated Iraqi Prisoners
War on Terror
UK to Water Down House-Arrest Plans
UK Home Secretary Denies Any Change in Plans to Detain Without Trial
Australia Has 'Great Concerns' About Freed Terror Suspect
Iran Warns US Not to 'Play With Fire'
Iran Spurns EU Reactor Deal
Bush and bin Laden Use Similar Language: Khatami
Iran Shuns Demand to Abandon Nuke Reactor
Abbas Sees End of War With Israel
Palestinian Militants Hold Fire
Israel to Free 500 Palestinian Prisoners
Sharon Cracks Down on Extremist Settlers
Could This Mideast Cease-Fire Actually Last?
Shimon Peres Fails to Persuade Shas' Spiritual Leader to Support Pullout
Israeli MPs Reveal Death Threats
Inside Israeli Prisons
Middle East
Middle Eastern Elections Show Strength of Religious Parties
Privatization Plan for al-Jazeera Has Journalists Worried News Coverage Might Suffer
UAE Announces Arms Deals Worth $358m at Military Show
Togo President Praises Police Who Killed Protesters
Annan Calls for More Troops in Darfur
Liberian Children Pick Up Pieces of Broken Lives
In Other News
Poll: Canadian Support for Missile Shield Plummets
Ukraine to Recover Privatized Steelworks 'in Weeks': PM

The Sharansky Fallacy

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Iraq: Purple or Still Black and Blue?

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Ran HaCohen
The Threat of Peace

Sascha Matuszak
Issues for East Asia: A Sinocentric View

Praful Bidwai
Hopes for Indo-Pak Peace in '05

Matthew Barganier
Et Tu, Pat?

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