Bush's Plan to Hit Iran: Scott Ritter
Honest Intelligence Needed: Ray McGovern
If You Build It, They Will Kill: Turse/Engelhardt
Lebanon Baloney, Sliced Thin: William S. Lind
Not Invented Here: Gordon Prather

Peace hath higher tests of manhood than battle ever knew.
John Greenleaf Whittier
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Updated April 3, 2005 - 11:04 PM EDT
State Dept: Israel Must Give Up Nukes
Syria to Leave Lebanon by April 30
Pope's Final Plea for World Peace
Iraqis Elect Sunni as Parliament Speaker
Abu Ghraib Prison Attacked; 56 Wounded
Green Light for Prison Abuse Came From the Top
Sunni Clerics Deny Decree on Police, Army
Kyrgyzstan's Shining Hour Turns Out to Be a Plain, Old Coup
If You Build It, They Will Kill
by Nick Turse and Tom Engelhardt
WMD Commission Continues the Stonewall for Bush  by David Corn
Lebanon Baloney, Sliced Thin
by William S. Lind
Bush's Plan to Hit Iran
an interview with Scott Ritter
Honest Intelligence Needed
by Ray McGovern
Not Invented Here  by Gordon Prather

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A Fierce Debate on Atom Bombs From Cold War
Iraq Blocs Agree on Parliament Speaker
'Curveball' Debacle Reignites CIA Feud
US Relied on 'Drunken Liar' to Justify War
Fury at 'Shoot for Fun' Memo
Britain to Pull 5,500 Troops Out of Iraq
Hezbollah Condemns Recent Beirut Blasts as Serving 'Zionist Enemy'
Bomb Damages Christian Town Near Beirut
Daily Intelligence Briefings Are Vague, Officials Say
Pope John Paul II Was a Strong Voice Against the Iraq War
Today in Iraq
Iraqi Police Officer Accused of Leading an Armed Group
Iraqi Politicians Complain of Flaws in Interim Law
Kirkuk: Between Kurdish Separatism and Iraqi Federalism
Democracy in Iraq?
Iraq's Dislocated Minorities Struggle in Urban Enclaves
Iraq: Alleged Terrorist Leader to Be Deported From Norway
Attacks Continue
US Marine Killed in Ramadi
Five Gunmen Killed, Two Arrested in Tikrit
Violence Claims More Lives in Iraq
Shi'ite Pilgrims Fear Attacks in Iraq
Iraq Occupation
US: Bulgarian's Death a 'Tragic Accident'
Anti-Rebel Hotline Gives US Troops Boost in Iraq
Japanese Troops Fortify Camp in Samawah
Americans Keep Dying
WA Soldier Dies in Mosul
Florida Firefighter Killed in Iraq
War Comes Home as Guardsman (IN) Killed in Afghan Land Mine Blast
Remembering a Fallen Soldier (IN)
Soldier From Carlisle (IN) Killed in Afghanistan
623rd Soldier (KY) Killed in Iraq
Soldier (WA) With Ties to Illinois Dies in Mosul
NSU Alumnus (LA) Dies in Iraq
Loving Father, Keen Officer (IN)
New Orleans (LA) Soldier Is Killed in Iraq
Summersville (WV) Marine Killed While Serving in Iraq
US Military Confirms Increasing Militancy in Afghanistan
Insurgents Kill Seven, Injure Five in Renewed Violence in Afghanistan
Italy to Raise Its Troop Level in Afghanistan
Pakistani Police Disperse Islamist Strikers
Uproar in Kashmir Assembly Over Pakistani Snub
8 Killed, 20 Injured in Nepal Violence
Nepal Ex-PM Challenges Emergency
North Korea
North Korea Wants Japan Out of Nuclear Talks
North Korea: No Talks Until US Apologizes
Soccer Riot in Tightly Controlled North Korea Surprises Observers
Kyrgyzstan's Exiled Chief Agrees to Resign Without Conditions
Khmer Rouge Haunts Cambodia 30 Years Later
Nine Dead, Two Hurt in Aussie Navy Copter Crash in Indonesia
What Would Happen if Russia Exploded in Protest?
Putin Tries to Harness Rock Against the Revolution
Europe’s Future in Doubt
Paris in Frantic Bid to Head Off EU No Vote
Notorious Murder Grips Ukraine
Macedonian Pleads Not Guilty
Report: Colombia Drug War Failing
Despite Poor Results, Colombia to Keep Fumigating Coca Crops
Brazil Leader Condemns Killings
At OAS, Venezuela's Draft of Rights Charter Irks US
Weekend Reviews
The Next Big Thing in Islam
More Than Fit to Print
Four Books, Four Views of American Militarism – Trouble Ahead, Trouble Behind...
Disenchanted With Brute Force
Degrees of Not Knowing
Death of the Pope
Pope Helped Overthrow Communism in Europe
World Leaders Praise Pope as Force for Peace
War and the Pontiff: the Legacy of Pope John Paul II and Future Challenges
Pope Championed Mideast Peace
Pope Battled Radical Priests in Latin America
Muslims Hold Hopes for New Pope
Papal Candidate Gives Pro-Zionist Talk
Torture and Murder
Gen. Karpinski: Many Shared Blame in Abu Ghraib
US Forces May Have Beaten Iraqi General
US Soldier Convicted of Killing Iraqi Walks Free
Reactions in Military Community Mixed After Maynulet Is Found Guilty
US Military
Bush Appoints Commission on Base Closings
Army Ready to Call Some Missing Reservists 'No-Kidding AWOL'
US Soldiers Arrested for Colombian Cocaine Plot
Iraq War Vet Acquited of Seeking Psychiatric Help
War on Terror
US 'Vigilantes' in Border Patrol
Europe's Boys of Jihad
Bioterror Victims: Wait to Exhale
Palestinian Politics
Abbas Forces Out West Bank Security Chief
Abbas Declares West Bank State of Alert Amid Palestinian Security Crisis
Abbas Orders More Security Reforms to Fight Chaos
Hamas Joins PLO as a Full Partner
Israeli Politics
Sharon, Netanyahu Meet to Ease Party Tensions
Sharon Cabinet Weighs Request for US Aid
Settlement Leader Ready to Serve in Evacuation of Settlers
Iran Rejects Asylum Seeker's Claim on Death of Journalist
Canada Willing to Help Iran, Despite Kazemi Row
Middle East
Jordan Says Israel to Release Prisoners This Week
Yemen Clashes Kill 36 Soldiers and Shi'ite Rebels
French FM Heads to US With Mideast Agenda
Cyprus Can Play Role in Mideast: FM
Three Killed in Kurdish Rebel Violence in Turkey
Mugabe Party Wins Two-Thirds, Can Change Constitution
Mugabe Vows to Eradicate Opposition After Observers Endorse Election Victory
Mugabe Threatens to Meet Street Protests of Election Count in Zimbabwe With Force
Zimbabwe Uprising in Face of 'Sham' Election Fails to Materialize
Mugabe Claims Poll Landslide Has Sent a Message to Blair
Wife of Imprisoned Zimbabwe MP Defeated by 'Rigged Vote'
In Exploring a Solution for Darfur, Sudan Opts for Local Justice
Sudan Rejects Handing Over Darfur Suspects
In Sudan's Eastern Desert, Rebels Prepare for War With Show of Force
Darfur Slaughter on the Increase
UN Troops Kill 38 Militiamen in Congo Raid
Somalia: Ministers Unable to Reach Baidoa Due to Fighting
Solving Sahara Issue Is in Algeria's Interest, Former UN Representative
United Nations
Talk of Reform at UN Fails to Deflect Critics
The Man Who Tried to Blow the Whistle on the UN Oil-for-Food Scandal

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