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57 percent of Americans believe they were misled into war.

The majority believe the Iraq war wasn't worth it.

President Bush's popularity is at its lowest point ever.

We're at the tipping point in the struggle to roll back the War Machine. Americans are finally! waking up to the reality that they were duped into supporting an unnecessary and immoral war on Iraq, based on bogus "evidence" of Iraqi "weapons of mass destruction."

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Updated August 2, 2005 - 10:57 PM EDT
7 Marines Killed, US Iraq Toll Tops 1,800
US Intel: Iran Far From Nuclear Bomb
US Envoy in Iraq Discusses Pullout
Straw: US/UK Troops in Iraq Part of Problem
London Bus Fire Causes Alert
China's CNOOC Drops Bid for Unocal
Italian Police: Bomb Suspect Had No Terror Link
Prosecutors: Gitmo Hearings Based on 'Half-Assed Evidence'
Iran Delays Reopening Nuclear Plant at UN Request
Pentagon to Increase Domestic Surveillance
Individualism vs. War
Scott Horton Interviews Chris Hedges
Armageddon Gets No Press
by Paul Craig Roberts
Gitmo's Kangaroo Court
by Joshua Frank
Operation Withdrawal Scam
by Norman Solomon
Conservatives & the Warfare State
by Paul M. Weyrich
Nuclear Warheads Lost From a B-52 Now in Iran?  by Alexander Cockburn
Is Your Fanny Pack Breeding Terrorists?  by Jacob Sullum

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Bush Bypasses Senate, Appoints Bolton to UN
Polish PM: Postwar Iraq Plan a Failure
Iraq's Constitutional Panel Vows to Meet Deadline
22 Bodies Dumped in Baghdad After Killings
Rifts Between UK and US Intelligence Agencies
  Pessimism as Korean Talks Stretch Into 2nd Week
Bush Turns Visit to Disaster-Hit Scout Jamboree Into an Army Recruitment Rally
Today in Iraq
As War Drags On, Perception of Iraq Mixed
Oil Wealth Divides Iraqis
Purge of Ba'athist Judges Could Derail Saddam's Trial
Insurgency in Fallujah Expected to Worsen: US Commander
Reuters' Baghdad Bureau Chief Disputes Media Bias Claims
Attacks Continue
Saddam Followers Accused in Chalabi Assassination Attempt
Iraqi Govt Says 4,000 Iraqis Killed in 2005
Security Incidents in Iraq, Aug 2
Security Incidents in Iraq, Aug 1
Iraq Occupation
Contractors, Military in 'Bidding War'
Steroids Headed for Troops in Iraq Seized
Almost 900 Detainees in Iraq Set Free in July, Officials Say
US Relies on Local Leaders in Rural Iraq
The New Iraq
Reinvented, Chalabi Back on Top
Iraqi Oil Production Recovering, but Slowly
July Sees Rise in Iraqi Oil Exports
Global Iraq Fallout
Australian PM Urged to Admit War Raised Terrorism Risk
Iran-Iraq Parliamentary Friendship Group Formed
Central Asia
US Seeks Alternatives to Lost Uzbekistan Air Base
Germany Fears Loss of Supplies Facility in Uzbekistan
Russian House Speaker Lauds Uzbek Decision to Close US Base
Kyrgyzstan Plans to Hand Back 15 Uzbek Refugees
Afghan Elections Face $31 Million Funding Shortfall, UN Says
Taliban Becoming More Ruthless in Afghanistan, Says US General
Musharraf Slams Britain as Safe Haven for Islamists
Musharraf Moves to Prevent 'Talibanization' of Tribal Areas
Musharraf Tries to Head Off 'Morality Police'
Pakistan Govt Argues 'Taliban' Bill Unconstitutional
Pakistani Foreign Office Distances Itself From Expulsion of Foreign Students
Pakistan to Increase Intelligence-Sharing With UK
Pakistan to Seek Reduction of Forces in Jammu and Kashmir
Nuclear Rivals' Border Trade Woes
Questions Linger as Bush Pushes India Nuclear Deal
Troops Kill 6 Kashmir Militants
India, Insurgents Agree to Extend Truce for Another Six Months
Korean Nuclear Talks Turn Pessimistic
China Proposes New Draft at Nuke Talks
North Korea: US Planes Flew 160 Spy Missions in July
In Seoul, Scandal Over Spy Agency Wiretapping Spreads
South Korea's Train to Nowhere Will Head North Soon
Russia May Offer North Korea Energy to Give Up Nukes
US Would Oppose 'People Power' Against Arroyo
Officials Received Cash Bribes in Arroyo's Home, Ally of Foes Says
Indonesian Bombing Seen as Homegrown
East Timor Truth Commission Formed
Japanese Party Pushes Larger Military
Japanese Teachers in Court Over Anthem
Japan and China's Hostile History Festers
China, US Hold First Strategic Dialogue
Villagers Rally Against Guerrillas in Central Nepal
Two Jailed Over Cambodian Political Killing; Victim's Family Says Innocent
Tamil Rebels to Launch TV Station
Poignant Memories Still Haunt Ex-Soldiers in Malaysia
Russia & Her Neighbors
Georgia Accuses Russia of Terrorism
Russia Demands Polish Apology for Stirring Anti-Russian Sentiment
Murdoch in Talks for Russian TV Stake
One Killed in Blast at Decomissioned Russian Submarine
Northern Ireland
Controversy Over Troop Cuts for Northern Ireland
Unionists Slam British Disarmament Plan as 'Surrender to the IRA'
Britain to Pull Its Army Out of Ulster Within Two Years
Part-Time Soldiers Who Were Prime Targets for Terrorists
Battalions Scrapped After IRA Move
New Leftist Coalition Shuffles Political Deck in Germany
German Lawmaker Fighting Early Elections
Ukrainians Souring on Yushchenko
Practical Hurdles Slow Europe's Joint Effort to Tackle Terrorism
The Changing Face of Terror in Europe
Muslims in Italy Unsettled Over Increased Scrutiny
Sudan Police Say 24 Dead in Rioting in Capital
Death of Former Rebel Chief Tests Sudan Peace
Darfur Rebel Leader: Garang Victim of Conspiracy
Sudan's Peace Process in Jeopardy After VP's Death
Sudan Declares Curfew in Hopes of Ending Riots
Sudan Rebels Name New Leader
China Deal 'Too Small' for Mugabe
Zimbabwe's Doctors Go on Strike
Ivorian Rebels Refuse to Disarm
Guinea-Bissau Ruling Party Refuses to Accept Election Defeat
UN Envoy Dispatched in Effort to Save Crumbing Somali 'Government'
Irish Aid Worker Killed in Ethiopia
Cuba Bristles at Bush 'Transition' Plan
Aid Group Returns Quietly From Annual Trip to Cuba
Colombian Rebels Kill 14 Police in Roadside Ambush
Colombia's FARC Attacks Intensify
Colombia Paramilitaries Disband
Rights Group Report Adds to Criticism of Colombian Disarmament Law
Party Chief Quits Brazil Congress
Vote Scandal Won't Derail Brazil Reform - US
DEA: Mexican Mercenaries Expand Base Into US
It Will All Be Made Clear in the Zapatista Memo
War on Terror
Suicide Attacks Evolving, Increasing
Experts Fear Global Spread of Small Nukes
Muslims Feel Strain of Global Terrorism's Grip on Their Faith
How Radical Islamists See the World
Terror Threat Not Halting Tourism
London: The Investigation
Italian Police: 7/21 London Bombers Were Probably Amateurs
Doubts Over Hopes for Extradition as Bombing Suspect Is Charged by Italian Police
Scotland Yard Fears Italy Delay Is Slowing Bomb Hunt
Two More Arrested in Failed London Attacks
The Suspect
Bomb Suspect Motivated by Iraq War, Not Religion
Would-Be Bomber Wanted to Be a Rap Star
Family Struggle to Understand Why Their Gentle Boy Became a Bomber
Where Refugees Cower at the Latest London Bulletin
Muslim Groups Condemn British Transport Police Stop-and-Search Policy
British Officials Meet With Parents of Brazilian Killed in London
London Student 'Sent a Bomb Hoax Text in Rush to Catch Flight'
UK War on Terror
Britain Asks CIA if They Can Interrogate Some of Their Secret Prisoners
Snipers Guarding Streets of London
Terror Alert Remains in London
Britain Makes 'Show of Force' in Subways
Arrests Mark Launch of UK Protest Law
Homeland Security
Fear Over US-Born Extremists Is Brewing
Seattle Drug Bust Aided by Controversial PATRIOT Act Provision
Homeland Security Nets 582 Gang Arrests in 2 Weeks
Local Terror Fighters Think Big
Florida Community College Offers Anti-Terrorism Training
US Moves Against 3 Tied to Terror Group
Pentagon Rejected Guantanamo Prosecutors' Concerns
Pentagon Denies Rigging Guantanamo Tribunals
US Keeps Uighurs at Guantanamo After Found Innocent: Rights Group
Top Australian Military Lawyer: US Tribunal for Hicks 'A Charade'
Australia Won't Protest US Trial of Hicks
UK Lib Dems Call on US to Release Terror Suspects
Plame CIA Leak Case
Novak: Ex-CIA Official's Remark Is Wrong
Columnist Defends Naming of CIA Agent
Is Immunity in Offing as Congress Looks at Plame Case?
US Military
Black Hawk Makes Emergency Landing at Jamboree
Pentagon Says Anonymous Quote-Use an Error
Marine Sergeant Charged With Homicide for Recruit's Death
Army Sees Shortage of Bomb Specialists
Peace Corps Option for Military Recruits Sparks Concerns
Defense Department Raises Prices of Viagra, Cialis for Military Men
Changing Role of National Guard Takes Toll on Its Citizen Soldiers
The War at Home
House Committees Probe Iraqi Insurgency Funding
Bush's UN Agenda Is Well Under Way
Unexploded Ordnance Hampers Sioux Move Into Tourism
Bush Administration Turns Its Attention to 'Moderate Muslim Outreach'
Iran Slams Europe's 'Procrastination' on Nuclear Deal
Iran Vows to Back Hezbollah in Talks With Chief
Saudi Arabia
Saudi Dynasty Has New King, Same Agenda
Oil Hits Record as Saudi King Dies
Saudis Reassure Oil Markets as Fahd Dies
Saudi Arabia's Succession
Diplomats Expect No Major Changes in Saudi Policy
What the Death of Fahd Means for the Middle East and Wider World
World Leaders Sing Praises of Late Saudi King
Fahd: Saudi Arabia's King in Two Decades of Turmoil
Terrorism Tests US Saudi Arabia Relations
Next Generation of Saudi Princes Are Already Jostling for Power
King Fahd, Man of Maddening Contradictions
Fahd Death Delays Emergency Arab Summit
Pakistan Announces Seven-Day Mourning for Saudi King
Suspect in Red Sea Resort Attack Is Killed
Egypt Opposition Party to Challenge Mubarak in Polls
Syria Eases Restrictions on Lebanon Border
Lorries Roll Across Syria Border
Lebanese Premier Holds Talks in Syria
Israel Rejects Last-Ditch Settler Protest
Israeli Forces Brace for Gaza Settlements Protest
Settlers Easing Gaza March Rhetoric
Israel, PA Agree on Pullout Coordination
Israel, Egypt Reach Initial Deal on Gaza Border Force
Looming Gaza Pullout Sows Division in Israeli Army
Sharon Says Most Settlers Applied for Compensation
Israeli Soldiers Injure Five as Palestinians Protest Settlement Road
PA to Organize Buses for Gazans to Tour Evacuated Settlements
Bush Urged to Help Mediate Gaza Pullout
US, Israel Working to Mend Rifts Over China Arms Sales
PA Restricts Press Coverage of Security Forces in Gaza, West Bank
Israel to Replace Rubber Pellets With Sand Bullets
Hamas Organizes Mass Wedding in West Bank
US Asks Israel to Withdraw From Land Claimed by Lebanon
Explosion Targets House of PA Attorney General in Gaza Strip
Peace Is Still a 'Thing of Dreams'
Middle East
Bush Pins Hopes on Middle East Deadlines
Kurdish Language Classes Fail in Turkey
UAE Bars Pakistan Opposition Head
Yemen Urged to Tackle Human Rights Concerns
In Other News
Canada Secretly Accepted Defectors During Cold War
Bolivian Coca Farmer Morales Is Party's Candidate for President
Hiroshima May Decide 2005 Nobel Peace Prize

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Disengagement's Foreplay

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US, India Open Can of Nuclear Worms

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Laowai and Zibenren

Joseph Stromberg
An Anti-Imperialist's Reading List: Part Two

Matthew Barganier
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