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Fixing Intelligence: Charles Peña
Is Another 9/11 in the Works?: Paul Craig Roberts
US Support for Iraq War Down to 28%: Jim Lobe
Withdrawal May Not Mean Liberation: Conley/Rashid
Iraq: Permanent US Colony: Dahr Jamail

In all history there is no war which was not hatched by the governments, the governments alone, independent of the interests of the people...
Leo Tolstoy
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Updated March 16, 2006 - 11:25 PM EST
US Launches Biggest Air Assault on Iraq
Iraq Crisis Brings US, Ba'athists Closer
Civil War Seen Drawing in Iraq's Neighbors
Civilian Casualties on the Rise in Iraq
Bush Reaffirms Pre-Emptive War Doctrine
Iraq Parliament Indefinitely Postponed
Bolton Compares Iran Threat to Sept. 11 Attacks
Feds: 'No Point' in Continuing Moussaoui Trial
US May Hurt India-Pakistan Peace Efforts
American Support for Iraq War Down to 28%
Salon Publishes Full Dossier of Abu Ghraib Files
Judge Bans Media as Saddam Calls to Resist US
Rice: Attack Militants or SE Asia Will Become a Ring of Fire
FBI Docs Raise New Questions About Extent of Surveillance
Is Another 9/11 in the Works?
by Paul Craig Roberts
Stumbling Drunkenly Toward the Next War  by Charles H. Featherstone
Tillman Cover-Up Brings Officers' Integrity Into Question  by Jay Bookman
All Clear on the Iraq Plan? No?
by Matthew Yglesias
Evil of War Brings Unending Pain
by Andrew Greeley
Iraq: Permanent US Colony  by Dahr Jamail

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Withdrawal May Not Mean Liberation
Bush Predicts Mayhem in Iraq
Iraqi Government Could Still Be 'Months Away'
UN-Iran Discussion Mirrors Iraq Debate
Saddam Had No WMDs, Lived in Dream: Report
Gaza: Life Gets Harder in the 'Prison'
Britain in Clash Over US Fighter Secrets
Pakistan Asks Taliban to Aid Security
UN Creates Human Rights Body Despite US Objections
US Raids Iraqi House, Killing Family of 13, Including Five Children
Is It Civil War Yet?
Shi'ite Clerics Fear They Cannot Prevent Civil War
What Would Iraq Civil War Look Like?
Sunni Suspicions of Kurds, Shi'ites Undermine Army
Violence Crippling Iraq's Politics, Economy, UN's Envoy Says
Pentagon Again Dismisses Civil War Talk as Military War Games Prepare for It
Today in Iraq
US Has No Proof Iran Was Responsible for Bombings
More Troops Head to Iraq – Temporarily?
20 Including 2 US Soldiers Killed in Iraq
Abu Ghraib Handover Won't Improve Prison Conditions, Say Iraqis
Rice Confident Iraq Will Form National Unity Govt
Developments in Iraq, March 16
Developments in Iraq, March 15
Trying to Try Saddam
Saddam Testifies, but Judge Cuts Him Off
Saddam Calls Trial a 'Comedy'
Excerpts From Saddam-Judge Exchange
Saddam’s Half-Brother Takes Stand in Trial
Global Iraq Fallout
RAF Doctor Faces Court Martial Over Stand on Iraq
Anger Over British Firms' Gaudy Iraq Profits
Bush Thanks Hungary for Help in Iraq
Canadian Troops Kill Afghan Taxi Driver
US Marine Dies on Patrol in Afghanistan
Afghan Leader Says World Unsafe Without Pakistan's Help
Pakistan Calls for Counter Terrorism Operations With Afghanistan
Afghanistan: UN Assistance Mission to Continue for a Further Year
Afghanistan-Pakistan: Trial Run for Border Breaking Bus Service
Latvia Sends Troops for Afghanistan Reconstruction
Kabul: The City That Never Sleeps
Pakistan Embassy in Afghanistan Seeks More Security
Pakistan Destroys Taliban-Linked Islamic School
Schoolgirls Hurt by Pakistan Bomb
Pakistan, US to Boost Security Cooperation
Kashmir Militants Seek Inclusion in Peace Talks
Two Suspected Militants Killed in Indian Kashmir
China Steps Up Military Training in Latin America
US, Australia, Japan Wary of China’s Growing Might
US Senators Head to China Before Sanctions Showdown
Thai Leader Hints He May Step Down After Protests
Many Thais Weary of 'CEO Prime Minister'
Rice Condemns Burma as Oppressive Holdout in Asia
South Korea Opens DMZ Checkpoints
Nepal's Rebels Blockade Capital, Expel 2 Senior Leaders
UN Aids Asylum for Uzbek Preacher
The Death of Milosevic
A Ruse or Poisoning? Medical Mystery Swirls Around Milosevic
For Milosevic, a Muted Homecoming
Mourners Greet Milosevic's Return
Russia and China 'Pledge Not to Block New Kosovo'
Concern Over Russian Plan to Sell Nuclear Reactor Fuel
One Dead in Paris Suburb Car Bomb
Two Bosnian Muslim Commanders Convicted
Belarus Opposition Leader's Aide Arrested, Foreign Monitors Expelled
UN Force in Southern Sudan Still Running Late
Sudan: Botswana to Airlift Troops to Darfur
Zimbabwe: Arrest of Opposition MP for Insulting Mugabe Slammed
Zimbabwe Drops Charges in Plot to Kill Mugabe
Chad Officers Flee After Coup Attempt
Ivory Coast Rebel Leader Joins Government
Ethiopia Frees 395 More Prisoners From Poll Unrest
Peru Election May Hinge on Protest Vote
Ecuador Tries to Control Growing Indian Protest
Arms Trade
Embargoes on Global Arms Trade Have Been Total Failure, Says UN
In Other News
Australia May Relax Drugs Policy on Army Recruits
Britain Launches Nuclear Missile Debate
Detaining Justice
Military Lawyers Say Gitmo Tactics Broke Rules
Gitmo Transcripts Paint Shadowy Portraits
Gitmo Documents Hard to Follow
Sketches of Guantanamo Detainees-Part I
Sketches of Guantanamo Detainees-Part II
Sketches of Guantanamo Detainees-Part III
MI5, Camp Delta, and the Story That Shames Britain
Gitmo Detainee's Letter Reveals Desperation
Dog-Handler Recounts Abu Ghraib Conditions
Soldiers Made Game of Scaring Prisoners
UN Council Accord on Iran Eludes Major Powers
House Panel Backs Tighter Iran Sanctions
Khamenei: Nuclear Program Will Continue
China, Russia Object to Tough Iran Statement
1951: Iran's Last Referral to UN Security Council
Japan Curbs Iran Oil Imports Over Nuclear Concerns
Jordan's King: Attacking Iran Would Be Catastrophic for the Region
Iran Jails Dissidents, Student Activists
War on Terror
Terror Risks of Nuclear Fuel
Visa Ban on Muslim Scholar Challenged
UK Peers Stand Firm Against ID Cards
Congressman Claims Osama Is Dead
Ports Blowback
DPW Says It Will Sell Off All Its US Ports
Most of the Containers Moving Through US Ports Unchecked
Firm Expects State Help in Selling Ports to US Owner
Lawmakers Satisfied by DP World Plans
Republicans Block New Investment Scrutiny
US Military
US Puts Machine-Guns on Great Lakes Coast Guard Vessels
Activated Guard, Reserve Troop Numbers Dip
Gang Activity in the Military
US Army's Robots Break Asimov’s First Law
Pentagon's New Weapon – Cyborg Flies That Are Spies
SOCom Bribery Evidence Challenged
The War at Home
Report Backs Iraq Strike and Cites Iran Peril
Flashback: 3 Years Ago, Bush Tells Press It's 'Moment of Truth' for Iraq
Probe of Prewar Intelligence Making Progress
Report: Internet Search Outs CIA Agents
War Protests Planned for Weekend
Cartoon Fallout
Danish Prosecutor Won't Charge Newspaper
British Police Arrest Five for Protesting Cartoons
Syria, Lebanon Laud Hariri Murder Probe Report
Lebanon to Seek Brazil Extradition of Hariri Suspect
Syria, Lebanon to Pay for Danish Embassy Damages
Syria's Cyber Rebels Outfox Government
Battle of Jericho Fallout
Britain and US Complicit in Jericho Raid, Says Abbas
US, Britain Deny Assisting Israeli Raid
Prison Raid Brightens Olmert's Political Star
Raid Deals a Blow to Abbas' Reputation
Palestinians Release Last of Hostages Taken in Wake of Israeli Raid
Israelis Pounce as Monitors Slip Away
Abbas Says Israeli Raid Is an Unforgivable Crime
Prison Raid Shows Israel's New Freedom
US Envoy Warns of Palestinian Chaos
Qatar Asks UN Council to Condemn Israeli Jail Raid
Islamic FMs Blast Israeli 'State Terrorism'
Hamas to Present 'Last Offer' to Fatah in Coalition Talks
Russia, Syria Will Push Hamas on Road Map
Peres: Hamas 'Undemocratic'
World Bank Warns Palestinians of Bleak Year for Economy
Israeli Poll Shows Rise in Undecided Voters
Gaza-Egypt Border Reopens
Israel Tightens Grip on Jordan Valley
Report: Palestinian Shot Dead by Border Police Near Ramallah
Palestinians Free Korean Journalist
Middle East
Explosion Hits Turkish City
Kuwaiti Oil Plan Stirs Nationalist Fervor

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Fixing Intelligence

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War Is Good for the Economy – Isn't It?

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Last Chance for Diplomacy?

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Hamas and Israel: Rival Twins

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An Anti-Imperialist's Reading List: Part Two

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