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The Empire at Bay: Justin Raimondo
Running With the Barbarians: Tom Engelhardt
Intel Officers, Learn From History: Ray McGovern
Fool Me Twice: Col. Daniel Smith (Ret.)
The Ideology of Occupation Revisited: Ran HaCohen

The coward threatens when he is safe.
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
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Updated June 26, 2006 - 11:02 PM EDT
Iraqi PM's Plan Backs Off on Amnesty
Bombs, Attacks Kill 57 Iraqis, 10 Kidnapped
GOP Senator Calls for Direct Talks With N. Korea
US Not Planning Troop Cuts in Western Iraq
Sunni Insurgent Groups Reportedly Seek Truce
Afghan Leader Losing Support
50,000+ Iraqis Have Died Violently Since Invasion
US Says Its Troops Killing Fewer Iraqi Civilians This Year
Top Sri Lanka General Killed in Suicide Attack
Embattled East Timor Prime Minister Resigns
Democrats Angered by Report on Troop Cuts
Veterans of US Prisons in Iraq in No Mood for Reconciliation
Palestinian Militants Attack Border, Kill 2 Soldiers, Capture Another
Running With the Barbarians
by Tom Engelhardt
Intelligence Officers, Learn From History  by Ray McGovern
Connecting the Data Dots
by Jonathan Turley
Terrorists in Miami, Oh My!  by Robert Parry
Standing With GIs Who Resist
Kevin B. Zeese interviews Max Diorio
Fool Me Twice  by Col. Daniel Smith (Ret.)

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Split Deepens Between Hamas' Political, Military Wings
Wanted Terrorist to Head Somali 'Parliament'
Iraqi PM Sets No Deadline for US Exit
Soldiers Charged in New Iraq Shooting Case
Saddam Thinks US Will Beg for His Help
Cameraman Sheds Light on al-Qaeda Videos
Echoes of Intifada as Israeli Tanks Rumble Into Gaza
North Korea and Iraq: Trumped-Up Threats?
Japanese Troops Quickly Begin Iraq Withdrawal
Iraq Reconciliation Plan
Maliki Touts Vague Reconciliation Plan
US Ambassador Urges Iraq Rebels to Join Reconciliation
US Says Iraqi PM's Reconciliation Plan Will Need Time
Iraq's Victims of Violence Doubt Maliki Peace Plan
Iraq Leader's Security Plan Targets Sunni Participation
Iraq Amnesty Offer Upsets US Lawmakers
Provisions From Iraqi Reconciliation Plan
Baghdadis React to Prime Minister's Plan
Attacks Continue
Sixteen Iraqis Kidnapped North of Baghdad
Video: Four Russians Held in Iraq Killed
Market Blast Kills Three in Iraqi Capital
Troops Face Sectarian Risks in Iraq
Developments in Iraq on June 26
Developments in Iraq on June 25
The New Iraq
Iraq Health Official Notes Sharp Increases in Drug Abuse
Iraq's Oil Production Back Above 2.5 Million Barrels a Day: Minister
Global Iraq Fallout
British TV Chiefs Turn Iraq War Into Drama
Raid Kills 45 Taliban as NATO Warns of Poppy War
Two Coalition Soldiers Killed in Afghanistan Battle
Five Aid Workers Kidnapped in Eastern Afghanistan
Taliban Violence Weighs Heavily on Southern Kandahar
Military: Taliban Used Civilians as Shields to Try to Escape
Taliban Leader on Pakistan TV
Karzai: Taliban Poses No Long-Term Threat
US Surveillance Plane Crashes in Southeastern Afghanistan
British Soldiers Stuck in a Rut on Nightly Afghan Desert Patrol
Afghanistan Urges Pakistan, India to Leave It Out of Their Bickering
Pakistan's Islamist MPs Get al-Qaeda Threats
Pro-Taliban Militants Call Cease-Fire in Waziristan
Rebels Blow Up Pakistan Gas Pipeline
Nine Killed in Kashmir Attacks
490 Killed in Kashmir This Year
Sri Lanka
Sri Lankan President Offers Two-Week Truce With Rebels
Tamil Activist Killed in Jaffna
Rebels, Nepal Regular Army May Be Merged
Nepal Faces Uncertain Future With Rebels
Central Asia
Uzbekistan Rejoins Russian-Led Defense Pact
Kazakh Leader, Daughter at Political Odds
Thousands Attend Mass Prayer With Firebrand Indonesian Cleric
Indonesian Militant Cleric Presses for an Islamic State
In Remotest Indonesia, Unfinished Business
Next NATO Summit 'Not for New Members'
Putin Asserting Control Over State Firms
Dirty Politics 'Ingrained' in Mexico
Four Policemen Dead in Run-Up to Mexico Vote
Lookout Over Guantanamo Bay Naval Base Grows as Tourist Spot
Peru's Leader Is a Lap Dog of the US, Claims Chavez
North Korea Spurns Sanctions Threat
Report: US to Deploy Patriot Missiles in Japan
North Korea's Kim Calls for Military Vigilance
Japan Threatens to Cut Off Food if North Korea Tests Missile
Korean War Anniversary Marked
North Korean Defectors Take a Crash Course in Coping
Iran Uses Oil Weapon in Nuclear Dispute
Iran Denies US Claims of Involvement in Iraq
Iran to Host Holocaust Conference Later This Year
'War on Terror'
Is This How to Fight the War on Homegrown Terror?
Specter: Bush May Embrace Making NSA Wiretaps Legal
Montana Mother Fighting al-Qaeda From Her Sitting Room
Father: Terror Plot Suspect Not in 'Right Mind'
New Profile of the Homegrown Terrorist Emerges
Congressman Accuses Newspapers of Treason
Belgian National Bank Admits Knowledge of US Spying
Accused Jihadists in Australia Refuse to Give DNA Samples
New 7/7 Bombing Claims Fuel Calls for a Public Inquiry
US Military
Soldier Who Killed Handcuffed Iraqi Is Freed Early
Is It a Bird? Is It a Spaceship? No, It's a Secret US Spy Plane
Sailors' Data Posted on the Web
Base Rally Backs Eight Accused Troops
3,000 Guardsmen Prepare to Go to War
Five Dead After Militants Attack Israeli Post
Israel Vows Retaliation if Missing Soldier Not Released
Diplomatic Efforts to Free Israeli Soldier to Continue
Olmert Rules Out Negotiations With PA, Blames Abbas for Kidnapping
Israel Holds Off Major Attacks on Gaza Until Return of Soldier
Israel Blames Hamas in Deadly Sneak Attack
Israel Makes Gaza Strike Threat After Militant Attack
Abbas: Hold Hamas Responsible for Israeli's Abduction
Abbas Condemns Deadly Attack on Israeli Army Post
Hostilities Rise in Gaza
Israel Extends Palestinian Spouse Ban
Middle East
Blast Kills Four in Turkey Tourist Area
Kuwait Court Acquits Four Islamists
Yemen Leader to Run Again Despite Promise
Somalia Militia Says It Will Negotiate
Somali Militia Offers to Protect Media
Somalia's Rulers Hunt for Cameraman's Killer
Sudan Pulls Plug on UN Operations in War-Torn Darfur
Khartoum Accuses UN of Giving Cover to Rebel Leader
Sudanese Forces Kill Four Uganda Rebels in South Sudan
US Aid Officials Tout Rejection of Gambian Request
White Farmers Facing Catastrophe as Zimbabwe Reneges on Property Deal
Fresh Hope for Peace in Northern Uganda?
Angola Elected Chair of UN 'Peacebuilding' Commission

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