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Condi's Conundrum: Justin Raimondo
The Humanitarian War Myth: Eric A. Posner
Kissinger's 'Salted Peanuts': John Prados
Terror War Returns to Its Cradle: Jim Lobe
Indo-US Nuke Deal in Doldrums: Praful Bidwai

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Updated October 4, 2006 - 9:12 PM EDT

GI Deaths Rise, Iraqi Troop Deaths Down


4 More GIs Killed, 21 Since Saturday


Top NATO Commander Says Iraq Will Probably Never Be Peaceful


Wednesday: 64 Killed, 188 Injured Across Iraq

  US Now Using Militias to Enforce Occupation
War on Terror Returning to Its Cradle
  Bush Adopting Musharraf's Strategy in Afghanistan?
  Democrats Slam GOP Chief's 'Cut and Run' Afghan Strategy

Israeli Minister: War With Lebanon May Resume


Arab Allies Pressure Rice to Restart Peace Process

  West Bank Settlements Grew During Lebanon War
North Korea Says It Will Stage Nuke Test
  North Korea Appears Uninterested in Reaching Deal
  US May Trim Presence if South Korea Doesn't Provide More Funding

Court: Eavesdropping Program Can Continue

Kissinger's 'Salted Peanuts' and the Iraq War  by John Prados
The O'Reilly Fear Factor
by Jacob G. Hornberger
War in Heaven: Woodward's Book and the Establishment Insurgency  by Chris Floyd
Repression Belies Rhetoric in Georgia  by Igor Giorgadze
Whose Kosovo Is It Anyway?
by David Chandler
Stay Home, Ms. Rice  by Patrick Seale

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Iraq Suspends Commanders Over Mass Kidnap

AWOL Soldier Says He's Atoning for Iraq

UN Envoys: Israel and Hezbollah Broke Human Rights Law in War

American Hezbollah Fighter Buried in Lebanon

Tory Outburst on Bush and Blair Threatens Foreign Policy Rift

UK Shadow Defense Secretary Declares Russia a Great Threat to Security

Quiet South Korean Minister Set to Succeed Annan

9,000 Iraqis Displaced Each Week, 190,000 Since February
Iraq Attacks Continue
84 Dead, 85 Injured Tuesday in Iraq

17 US Soldiers Killed in Iraq Since Saturday

Sunni Group Claims It Killed Sadr's Cousin

Security Developments in Iraq, Oct. 4

Security Developments in Iraq, Oct. 3

Iraq Today

Iraq Court Delays Saddam Verdict

Sunni, Shi'ite Politicians Rally Around Iraq Peace Plan

Iraqis Welcome Peace Plan but Look for Detail

Iraq Appoints Shi'ite Envoy to Deal With Kurdish Rebel Fight

Iraq: Deteriorating Situation Prevents Revival of Marshlands

Iraq War Draws Foreign Jihadists, but Not in Droves

Occupying Iraq

Red Cross Visits New US Prison in Iraq

Little Information on UK Reporter's 'Friendly Fire' Death in Iraq

Eastern Afghanistan Fighting Kills 4 Afghan, 2 US Troops

Thirteen Killed as Afghan Police Fight Taliban: Governor

Two Canadian Soldiers Killed in Afghanistan

Some 15,000 Families Displaced by Fighting in Southern Afghanistan

Spinning Pop Tunes to Beat the Taliban

British Army Chiefs Want Heavy Armor to Foil the Taliban

NATO Names Afghan Expansion Date

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka Delays Talks but Rules Out War to End Ethnic Bloodshed

Sri Lanka Rebels Agree to Talks in Oslo


Kurdish Rebels Said to Fuel Anti-US Views in Turkey

Turkish Hijacker Was Seeking to Avoid Conscription


Jailed Jordanian Lawmakers Pardoned

Jordan Recalls Ambassador From Qatar


Assad: Peace Talks With Israel Would Take 6 Months

Israel Sets Conditions for Syria Talks

Syria's Envoy Defends Lebanon Border Moves


State Department: North Korea Nuke Test a 'Threat to Peace'

Analysts: North Korea Nuke Test Threat a Negotiating Tactic

Australian FM to Seek Meeting With North Korea

Canada Calls North Korea's Nuclear Tests a Provocation


Oil Company: 25 Nigerian Workers Abducted

Sudan Vows to Stick to Troop Deadline

Kenya Having Second Thoughts on Supporting Somali 'Govt'


Colombia Close to Accord on FARC Prisoners

Experts: US Influence in Latin America Waning


White House Calls for Quick Thai Elections

Ousted Thai PM Resigns as Party Leader

Russia and Her Neighbors

Russia Warns Poland Against Hosting US Missile Defense Site

Georgia Urges Russia to Halt Navy Drills

Georgian Vineyards Hit by Russian Embargo

Russia Suspends Georgia Transport Links


Pressure Mounts on Burma's Junta

Israelis Selling Arms to India


Albanian PM Calls for Independence for Kosovo

IRA Units Have Ceased Criminal Activity, Say Monitors

EU to Strengthen Military Research


US, Britain Warn of Sanctions in Iran Nuclear Case

Iranian Nuclear Official Proposes That France Enrich Iran's Uranium

France Rejects Iran Nuclear Partnership Proposal

Iran Offers New Nuclear Plan Amid Sanctions Threats

Can Rice Rally Mideast Against Iran?

Japan Says Iran Oil Talks Winding Down

Ahmadinejad's Domestic Troubles


UN Rules of Engagement: Force in Lebanon Won't Be Restricted to Self-Defense

Border Village Sours Day of Lebanese Army

Israeli Jets Fly Over Lebanon Despite Withdrawal

Israel Still Holding Lebanese Village

Lebanese Children Need Professional Help to Shake Off Effects of War

War Delays Beirut Business Moves

Beirut's Split Communities Come Together for Games

Russian Troops in Lebanon to Fix War-Hit Bridges


Lebanon Shi'ites Depend on Hezbollah

Hezbollah Denies Fundraising in US

Hezbollah's Battle With Israel a Rallying Cry in Palestinian Refugee Camp

Report: Hezbollah Received Intel From Russian-Syrian Listening Post During War

Hezbollah Weapons Still Deployed Along Border, Group Says

Palestinian Infighting

Hamas PM Vows to Prevent Civil War

Israeli Officials: Palestinian Issue 'Dead' for Now

Palestinian Infighting Provokes Despair, Frustration

Arab League: Palestinian Fighting Is 'Madness'

Poll: Fatah, Hamas Tied in Voter Support


More Israeli Analysts Now Consider Hezbollah 'Weakened,' War 'Successful'

Israeli Arab Suspected of Aiding Suicide Bomber

Five Injured as Israeli Planes Attack Gaza

Peace Now: 3,500 Housing Units Being Built in West Bank

Blockade of Gaza Could Be Eased by Rice's Plans

Mideast Peace?

Palestinian PM Urges Arab States Not to Support US Policy in Mideast

Arabs Meet Rice, Make Plea for Mideast Solution

Saudi FM Urges US Support of Mideast Peace Process

'War on Terror'

New Legislation Leaves Detainees in Legal Limbo

Pentagon: No Terror Trials Imminent

UK Pressed Over Claims of Complicity in US 'Renditions'

Hunt for Anthrax Killer Still Going On

Prisons Still Not Reading All Terror Inmates' Mail

State Department Confirms Rice Met With Tenet, Disputes Terrorist Threat Information

Egyptian Terror Suspect Jailed in Canada Makes Bail Attempt

Indonesian Military Denies Terror Links


US Offers to Return Gitmo Detainees to UK...

...but UK Doesn't Want Them Back

The War at Home
58% Say Bush Misled Public About Iraq War

Army, DHS Tops in 2007 IT Contracts

'Trumped-Up' Arrest Followed Word to Cheney

Author Who Sued CIA to Publish Memoir

1,500 Attend Antiwar Rally on Maine Waterfront


Justin Raimondo
Condi's Conundrum

Praful Bidwai
Indo-US Nuclear Deal Hits Doldrums

Ivan Eland
Kissinger Still Giving Bad Advice

Alan Bock
Much Ado Over Not Much

Doug Bandow
Normalizing Relations
With Japan

Nebojsa Malic
A Desperate Push

Charles Peņa
Know Thine Enemy

David R. Henderson
George Shultz's Unconvincing Case for the War on Terror

Sascha Matuszak
China's Little Capitalists

Ran HaCohen
The End of Lebanon?

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