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Is the Bush Doctrine Dead?: Patrick Buchanan
Stop Training Iraqis for Civil War: Ivan Eland
A Self-Defeating War: George Soros
The Myth of the Spat-Upon Vets: Lembcke/Philion
Christians in the Crossfire: Doug Bandow

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Updated October 17, 2006 - 9:24 PM EDT
Iraqi Government Fissures Widening

Tuesday: 46 Killed, 48 Injured Across Iraq

  Bush Pledges to Keep US Troops in Iraq
  Iraqi Families Flee as Sectarian War Rages
  New Iraq Is Not Going to Be 'Democratic, Unified Country'
  Islamic Army in Iraq Issues Video of Ammo Facility Bombing
US Reviews War Plan on North Korea

US: North Korea Clearly Preparing 2nd Nuke Test

  US Confirms North Korea Blast Was Radioactive
30 More Countries Could Have Nukes Soon
  Seoul Can Build A-Bombs Within 1 Year
  Rice: North Korea Sanctions Serve as Warning to Iran
Olmert Offers Talks With Lebanon, but Not Syria
  Lebanon Snubs Olmert Peace Talks Offer
  Israel Says Syria Continues to Arm Hezbollah
  US Plan to Boost Palestinian Security Seen as Power Play
Bush Signs Bill Allowing Harsh Interrogation
Is the Bush Doctrine Dead?
by Patrick Buchanan
The Myth of the Spat-Upon Vets
Stephen Philion interviews Jerry Lembcke
Abandon Hope, All Who Enter Here
by Moazzam Begg
A Self-Defeating War  by George Soros
Christians in the Crossfire
by Doug Bandow
Seoul Shrugs  by Soyoung Ho

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Planespotting: Nerds With Binoculars Bust the CIA's Torture Taxis
NYC Civil Rights Lawyer Gets Prison for 'Helping Terrorists'
Senior Member of Congress Met With Front Man for Arms Dealer
Cheney: US Forces Winning Support From Iraqis
Bush Tells Iraq PM: Ignore Deadline Talk
Iraq Death Toll Survey Provokes Controversy
Gulf War Hostages Demand Inquiry Into UK Spy Claims
Bombs and Murders Push Iraq Further Into the Abyss
Today in Iraq
Iraq’s Christians Flee as Extremist Threat Worsens
Iraqis Ask Why US Forces Didn’t Intervene in Balad
Sadr Orders Militia Not to Evict Iraqis From Their Homes
US Contractors in Iraq Face Peril, Neglect
Interview With Iraqi Prime Minister Maliki
Saddam Letter Urges United Iraq
US Helps Rebuild Iraqi Air Force
Attacks Continue
160 Iraqis Killed Monday; 15 GIs Die in 3 Days
US Death Toll in Iraq Hits 58 So Far This Month
US Military Deaths in Iraq Hit 2,774
Brother of Saddam Trial Prosecutor Murdered

Security Developments in Iraq, Oct. 17

Security Developments in Iraq, Oct. 16
The War at Home
Is US Winning in Iraq? Tony Snow Says, 'I Don't Know'
Bush Says Any Partitioning of Iraq Would Lead to More Violence
Poll: Support for Iraq War at All-Time Low
Rising Violence in Iraq Could Hurt Republican Chances in November
Allies of Bush's Father Ask Baker to Push for Iraq Change
Expert: Iraq Now in 'Serious Civil War'
Japanese-Americans Split Over Officer's Iraq Refusal
Americans With Military Ties Debate the War in Iraq
US Military
Alleged US Ringleader in Iraqi Killing in Court
The Special Ops Stretch
Montana Guardsmen Bring Home Hidden Wounds
Iraq Imagery Reopens Wounds of Vietnam
US Military to Resume Mandatory Anthrax Inoculations
Cheyenne Mountain War Room to Close
US Air Force to Study Pilotless U-2
'War on Terror'
Will the Supreme Court Shackle New Tribunal Law?
Brits Say Two Terror Suspects on the Run
US Allies Block Gitmo Detainees' Return
8 Pakistanis Freed From US Detention in Afghanistan, Guantanamo, Return Home
Post-9/11 Security Standards Not Being Met at Uranium Facility
Battles of Britain
UK Home Secretary Admits Iraq War Has Fueled Radicalism
Blair Forms Plan of Attack Over General's Iraq Criticism
Labor 'Destroying Freedom of Information Law'
Menezes' Kin Appeal British Ruling
NATO Chief Eyes Afghan Success Despite Surge in Violence
Suicide Bombers Strike in Afghan Cities
Suicide Car Bomber Wounds Child in Kabul
Suicide Attack on Canadian Troops Kills Four Afghans
Raid on Suspected Militant Hideout in Afghanistan
Suicide Attacks Shake Afghanistan
Drivers Who Run Taliban Gauntlet on Highway Through Hell
Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka Suicide Bombing Kills 103, Wounds 150 Sailors
Hopes for Peace in Tatters as 100 Sailors Killed by Suicide Bomber
Blast Sparks Sri Lanka Air Raids
Black Tigers: Trained for Death and Glorying in It
Nepal Hits Standoff in Negotiations Over Future Government
India Fortifies Bangladesh Border
Chinese City May Fine Web Surfers
US, Philippines Conduct Joint Exercise
Will Kim Jong-Il Fall?
Seoul’s Nuclear Surveillance Ability Under Fire
Seoul's New Satellite Blanks North Korean Nuke Test
Mushroom Cloud on Inter-Korean Commerce
UN: North Korea Faces Hungry Winter
Defecting From Despair
North Korea Sanctions
North Korea Sanctions Dilemma
North Korea's Kim Jong-Il Can Withstand Sanctions

How the UN Resolution Boxes in Kim Jong-Il

Rice Reminds Partners of 'Obligations' on North Korea Sanctions
US Says China Inspecting Cargo at North Korea Border
Ferry Ban Turns Tide on Korean Smuggling
World Reaction
Bush: North Korea's Leader Has 'Choices to Make'
China Erects Fence Along North Korea Border
New UN Man: I Plan to Focus on North Korea
Iran Threatens to Limit Nuclear Inspection if Sanctioned
Victory Certain in Nuclear Row Due to Relation With God: Iran Leader
Candidates Register for Iran's Elections
Olmert Sees Arab Axis of Peace to Counter Iran
UN Force Only Protects Israel: Top Shi'ite Cleric
UN Forces in Lebanon Take al-Qaeda Threat in Stride
Israel: Flyovers to Persist Due to Syria-Lebanon 'Arms Smuggling'
Israeli Bombs 'Major Threat' to Lebanese Children: UNICEF
Hamas Threatens Israel With 'Unforgettable Lesson'
IDF Says Hamas Readying for War With Explosives, Arms
Fatah Cancels Jordan Talks Citing 'National Security'
Gaza Arms Buildup Brings Israeli Raids
Mubarak and Gadhafi Discuss Sudan, 'Formula' for Palestinians
Olmert Speech Doesn't Mention Pullback
Russia Promises Israel to Impose Tougher Control on Its Weapons Exports
Saudi Arabia
Saudi Arabia's Bold Young Bloggers
Sudan Vows to Disarm Janjaweed Militia
Rebels Want Restrictions on Ugandan Army in South Sudan
DR Congo Arms Embargo 'Failing'
UN Accuses Eritrea of Cease-Fire Breach
Tunisia Cracks Down on the Wearing of Headscarves
Georgian-Russian Tensions
Georgia, Russia Spat Continues
Georgia Fears Russian Recognition of Rebel Regions
Russia Deports Hundreds in Georgia Row
Spaniards Have Doubts About Madrid Bombings
Activists Gather in Chechnya to Mark Journalist's Murder
Northern Ireland Parties Differ Over Interpretation of Agreement
Poland's Ruling Conservatives Revive Coalition With Populists, Far Right
Bleak Review Sends Turkey Sliding Down EU List
Serbia Accused of Ignoring Key Fugitive
Europe Raising Its Voice Over Radical Islam
In Colombia, a Dubious Disarmament
Guatemala, Venezuela Even for UN Seat
Link to Chávez May Have Hurt Ecuadorean Candidate
Paraguay Alert to Venezuela-Bolivia Military Alliance
Bolivia to Nationalize Mines Following Deadly Clash by Miners
State Race Signals Big Defeat for Mexican Leftist

Justin Raimondo
Election 2006:
A War Referendum

Ivan Eland
Stop Training Iraqis
for Civil War

Ran HaCohen
Good News From Gaza

Praful Bidwai
N. Korean Blast May Hit Indo-US Nuclear Deal

Doug Bandow
Bush Versus Principled Conservatism

Charles Peña
Co-Dependency in Iraq

David R. Henderson
The Nuclear Taboo

Alan Bock
Denial of the Obvious

Nebojsa Malic
Back to the Beginning

Sascha Matuszak
China's Little Capitalists

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