Hold Their Feet to the Fire!

The recent election, widely hailed as a referendum on the Iraq war and American foreign policy, handed a victory to the Democrats – but who will hold their feet to the fire?

We will. We must – if the promise of the 2006 landslide for peace is to be fulfilled.

People thought they were voting for a new course in American foreign policy, but will they get what they voted for? The new Congress, swept into office on a wave of antiwar sentiment, is not guaranteed to pursue any of the goals of the antiwar movement.

Prominent among those goals:

  • An investigation into how and by whom we were lied into war.
  • The announcement of a definite timetable for the withdrawal of U.S. troops.
  • A regional settlement of the outstanding issues between Iran and the United States, beginning with negotiations in good faith with Tehran and a ratcheting-down of the rhetoric emanating from Washington.

Very few members of Congress are committed to the above, and all too many are outright opposed. The American people thought they were voting for peace – but they may very well wind up with something quite different, unless we force the Democrats to follow through.

At Antiwar.com, we cover issues of war and peace without fear or favor, bereft of partisan bias. We don't care which party warmongers belong to, because we know that their real allegiance is to the War Party. We must keep them honest and accountable to the people – not the lobbyists and the merchants of death.

With our 24-hour news coverage, incisive commentary, and original reporting, Antiwar.com is your watchdog for peace. But we don't come close to matching the War Party for funds, and we don't have big corporate donors. We depend on our readers to raise the $70,000 we need to make it through the quarter.

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Updated November 13, 2006 - 9:25 PM EST
Panel to Offer Few Good Options
  Democrats Push for Troop Cuts Within Months
  Pelosi Endorses Murtha as Next Majority Leader
  McCain and Lieberman Want to Send More Troops to Iraq
  Bush's Advisers Adopt New Tone on Iraq
Bloody Sunday: 217 Iraqis, 7 US/UK Troops Dead
  Monday: 2 GIs, 105 Iraqis Killed; 2 GIs, 47 Iraqis Injured
  Baghdad's Morgues So Full, Bodies Being Turned Away
  Baghdad Central Morgue Took in 1,600 Bodies in October
  Iraq PM Calls for Cabinet Shake-Up
Palestinians Agree on New PM
  Academics and Technocrats to Head New Palestinian Government
  Rice: Syria Is a 'Dangerous State Behaving in a Dangerous Manner'
Insurgent Activity Rising in Afghanistan
   Foreigners Among 60 Suspected Insurgents Killed in Afghanistan Op
  UK Minister Slams US for Not Cooperating in Friendly-Fire Probes
Apple Pie, Mom, and a Story for a Lost War  by Ira Chernus and Tom Engelhardt
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by Sami Moubayed
The Politics of Withdrawal
by Thomas Gale Moore
This Curve Spells Trouble for Iraq
by Ian Bremmer
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Searching for an Exit Plan
The New Face: A Spy With Fresh Eyes
Bush Stands by His Man for UN Envoy
Today in Iraq
Influence Rises but Base Frays for Iraqi Cleric
Iraq Govt Defends General US Says Is Sectarian
PM Orders Lawmakers to Be Loyal to Iraq
US Troops in Iraq Confront Growing Danger of Snipers
Top Commander in Iraq Says US Won't Abandon Its Mission
Anti-Corruption Official in Iraq Accused of Fraud
Basra: A Deadly Zone Where the Threat Is on All Sides
Attacks Continue
Bloody Sunday: 217 Iraqis, 7 US/UK Troops Dead
100 Dead Bodies Found in Baghdad, Baquba
35 Police Recruits Killed in Iraq
Four UK Servicemen Dead in Iraq in Boat Attack
Three US Soldiers Killed in Iraq's al-Anbar Province
US Military Deaths in Iraq Hit 2,848
Security Developments in Iraq, Nov. 12
Security Developments in Iraq, Nov. 12
Global Iraq Fallout
Turkish Soldiers Kill Three Kurdish Rebels in Fight Near Iraq Border
Saudi Arabia: Iraq a Major Terror Base

Aussie PM Open to Iraq Policy Change

Australian FM: Dems Won't Lead to US Withdrawal From Iraq

The War at Home
Iraq Wrong War, US Losing Ground, Say Americans
Bush Faces GOP Ire Over Rumsfeld Timing
Bush Praises Troops, Doesn't Focus on Iraq in Veterans Day Speech
Britain at War
Blair Under Renewed Pressure to Deliver Exit Strategy From Iraq
British Media Toe the Line on the Iraq War
Iraq War Widow Lays Autumn Leaves for a Fallen Generation
UK Inquiry Into Firms 'Fueling Congo War' Attacked
The UK Weapons Company With Influential Friends at the Highest Level
US 'War on Terror'
Poll: Americans Disagree With Congress on Interrogation
Posada Is Target of New Criminal Probes
Court to Hear Millennium Plot Appeal
UK 'War on Terror'
Brown and Reid Compete to Take the Lead on Terror
Brown Backs 90-Day Detention for Terror Suspects
Tories Warn on Terror Detentions
Man Cleared of Blast That Led to Chechen War
Separatist Region in Georgia Votes on Independence
Polish Voters Deliver a Blow to Conservative Twins
France Urged to Admit Colonial Crimes
Security Stepped Up for Sinn Fein Leadership
Islamic Militants Claim Capture of Key Somali Town
Tension Rises in Somalia as Islamists Expand Reach
Somalia in Mid-November: Sparring and Waiting for Someone to Strike
No Deal After UN Official Meets Ugandan Rebel Kony

Hope Tempered by Skepticism as Nigeria Faces Historic Vote

Former Contras Bemoan Ortega's Return to Power
US: Castro's Health Is Deteriorating
Cluster Bombs
With Conspicuous Absences, Cluster Bomb Treaty Comes Into Force
US 'Open to Iran Talks on Iraq'
Iran Criticizes Security Council Over Threat of Sanctions
Iran Says Will Reply Swiftly to Any Israeli Attack
Six Powers to Resume Bid to Agree on Iran Sanctions
Percussion Bomb Explodes in Iran
PM: Lebanon Cabinet 'Not Legitimate'
Lebanon Crisis Reignites Wider 'Cold War'
Hezbollah to Stage Protests After Unity Talks Fail
As Hezbollah Seeks Power, Lebanon Is Feeling Edgy
Hariri Probe at Heart of Hezbollah
Lebanon War's Deadly Legacy Continues to Kill
Palestinian Factions Open Talks on Unity Govt Posts
Hamas Accepts Peace Conference Proposal
Palestinian FM Puts Cost of Israel Shelling at 50 Million
Arabs Vow to 'Break' Aid Blockade on Palestinians
How a Beit Hanoun Family Was Destroyed
Police Suspect 12 Israeli Arabs Sold Weapons to Palestinians
Gaza Students Lament Ban on Studying in West Bank
Israeli Attacks Kill Teenagers
Israeli Military: Soldiers' Capture Could Have Been Avoided
Olmert Heads to US to Gauge Post-Election Policy
Olmert in US: Barghouti's Release Not on Agenda
Northern Israeli Communities to Withhold Taxes Over War
Esther Pollard Slams Olmert for 'Ignoring Jonathan'
Fury as Israelis Damage War Cemetery
A Second Israeli General Quits Over Lebanon War
Middle East
Arab Foreign Ministers Announce Plans to Hold Middle East Peace Conference
In New Middle East, Tests for an Old Friendship
Egyptian Shi'ites Feel Heat at Home With Sect's Regional Resurgence
Report: Afghan Conflict Deaths Quadruple
Karzai Steering His Nation Without a Rudder
'Friendly Fire' Death in Afghanistan Raises Disturbing Questions
UN: Afghanistan Still Faces Daunting Challenges
Post-Taliban Kabul Blossoms for the Rich
Portraits of Afghanistan
Soldiers Gather at Afghan Battleground to Remember War Dead
Reports: Planes Flying From India to US, Europe Targeted
Indian Airports on Alert After FBI Warning
Indian Army Against Siachen Withdrawal
Separatists for a Working Group on Kashmir
Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka Often Seems Embroiled in War

Waking Up Paralyzed in Sri Lanka’s War Zone

Bangladesh Protesters Attack Trains, Shut Down Cities
Bangladesh to Use Army to Quell Protests
In Vietnam, Old Foes Take Aim at War's Toxic Legacy

Vietnam Frees US Citizen Convicted of Terrorism

Democracy Activists in Vietnam Sense an Opening
Nepal Cease-Fire Pact to Be Signed on Thursday
Philippine Gov't Seeks Talks With Rebels
Europe's Uzbekistan Dilemma
Police Find Bomb-Making Equipment in House of Suspect in Indonesian Blast
Interim Thai PM Urges Thaksin to Stay Away

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