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Support the Troops by Ending the War: Ron Paul
Empire vs. Democracy: Johnson/Engelhardt
Where Is the Evidence?: Keith Olbermann
Myth of an al-Qaeda Takeover of Iraq: Ted Carpenter
Official Lies Over Najaf Battle: Jamail/Fadhily

Man has no right to kill his brother. It is no excuse that he does so in uniform: he only adds the infamy of servitude to the crime of murder.
Percy Bysshe Shelley
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Updated February 1, 2007 - 9:23 PM EST
'Surge' Could Swell to 48,000 US Troops
US Moves May Trigger War With Iran
  US Warns Iran to Stop Aiding Iraqi Insurgents
  Report: US Plans Strike Against Iran
  Britain Plays Down Claims of Iran Role
  Retired US General: for Every IED in Iraq, a Bomb Should Go Off in Iran
  General Says US Has Proof Iran Arming Iraqi Militias
US: 2 Iraqi Generals Eyed in Karbala Attack
  Militias on the Rise in Iraq
  Official Lies Over Najaf Battle Exposed
  Maliki: Iran Behind Attacks on US Forces
  US Army Uniforms Found in Warehouse East of Baghdad
  Thursday: 138 Iraqis Killed, 205 Wounded
  Wednesday: 273 Iraqis, 4 GIs Killed; 72 Iraqis Injured
Senate Foes of Escalation Join for Weak Measure
  Feingold Says Levin, Warner 'Misunderstand' Iraq
  McCain Blasts Army Nominee Over Iraq Results
  GOP Fears War Could Help Dems for Years
The Myth of an al-Qaeda Takeover of Iraq  by Ted Galen Carpenter
Empire v. Democracy: Why Nemesis Is at Our Door  by Chalmers Johnson and Tom Engelhardt
He Chose to Stop Fighting
by Rep. Mike Honda
Support the Troops by Ending the War  by Rep. Ron Paul
The Real Issue Is Empire  by William Marina

The Law of the Jungle
by Jamie Stern-Weiner

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Study Group Chairs: US Botched Training of Iraqis
Bush: War's Hard
Africa to Get Its Own US Military Command
Israel's Economic Stranglehold a Silent Killer
West's Boycott Pushes Hamas Close to Iran: UK Report
Czech Hawks and Doves Clash Over US Base
US Air Force Preparing for Expanded Role in Iraq
Today in Iraq
Iraq FM: We Understand Bush Plan Is 'Last Chance'
'Shi'ite Cult' Source of Mystery in Iraq
Family, Military Upset Over Iraq Story
CBS Reporter Asked for Help in Getting Iraq Report Aired
Key Sunni Mosques Still Show Damage in Iraq, Now Under Shi'ite Control or Closed
Iraqi Hezbollah Leader Killed in Attack in Iraq
Wednesday: 273 Iraqis, 4 GIs Killed; 72 Iraqis Injured
Iraqi Exodus
Iraq Exodus Biggest Long-Term Population Movement in Mideast Since 1948
Iraqis Abandon Their Homes in New Refugee Exodus
Wrenched Into Exile From My Iraqi Homeland
Iraqi Exodus – in London, on a 'Long-Term Lease'
Adrift in Syria, Iraqi Woman's Dreams Die
Congress Presses for US to Admit More Iraq War Refugees
Iraqi Exodus Worries UN Refugee Agency
Iraq Exodus Brought Boom, but Jordan Stems Flow
Chaos Hastens Iraq Brain-Drain
Iraq Exodus Brought Boom, but Jordan Stems Flow
Global Iraq Fallout
Iraq Halts Flights To and From Syria
Arab League Admits Envoy to Iraq Has Resigned
Sweden Wants Answers in Iraqi Passport Debacle
UN: Iraqis Blocking Final Oil-for-Food Shutdown
Baghdad Invites Neighbors to Security Conference
Hurt Iraqi Kids Find Relief in UAE
US Politicians on Iraq
Feingold's War-Ending Legislation Released
In Senate, Allies of Bush Work to Halt Iraq Vote
In Fighting Troop Increase, Senator Finds Few Old Allies
McCain Backs Away From Iraq Statement
Democratic Leaders Agree to New Advisory Panel on Iraq
Sen. McConnell: Iraq Strategy Has Six to Nine Months
Libby Trial
Libby Lawyers Seize on Miller Hesitation
Journalists Under Fire in CIA Leak Case
Time Reporter Cooper Says Libby Confirmed Plame's Identity
Libby to Be Allowed to Question Reporter
The War at Home
Poll: Only 22 Percent in US Say Bush Relies on Facts
Kissinger, Albright Urge Bush Administration to Talk to Iran and Syria
White House, Congress Feud Over Weapons Labs
More Fallout From Cunningham Bribery Scandal
Spy Chief Nominee Faces Ethical Thicket
Poll: Most Americans Doubtful on Iraq Troop Surge
Grieving Dad Takes War Protest to Times Square
CIA Kidnappers Targeted
Germany Issues Arrest Warrants for CIA 'Kidnapping Team'
Judge Tells Spain to Declassify CIA Flight Papers
UK 'War on Terror'
British Police Arrest Nine in 'Iraq-Style' Kidnap Plot of UK Muslim Soldier
Birmingham's Muslims Fear Reprisals After Anti-Terror Raids
A Foiled Plot in Britain May Signal Chilling Tactic
Security Stepped Up for UK Muslim Soldiers
'War on Terror'
TV Network Ad Campaign Sparks Boston Security Scare
Report: Homeland Security Market to Grow by Half in Five Years
Reversal Means Padilla Will Face Waived Terror Charge
Surveillance Case to Pit Strong Views
White House to Release Details on Eavesdropping
US Judge Ends 20-Year Case to Deport 2 Tied to Terrorists
Islamist Encryption Software Released
EU to Debate Data Transfers to US
Thousands of Random Bag Searches, but Transit Officials Turn Up Only False Alarms
Al-Qaeda 2006: Fighting in Iraq, Regrouping in Afghanistan, Enlisting in Europe
Some Gitmo Detainees to Face War Crimes Charges
Australia Demands Independent Report on Gitmo Detainee's Mental Health, Prosecutor Insists He's 'Fine'
Former Terror Suspect to Stand at Election
Australian PM Denies Role in Assassination Plot Against Solomon PM
White House Wary of 'Speculation' Iran Behind Karbala Attack
Chirac Unfazed by Nuclear Iran, Then Backtracks
IAEA Fears Iran Poised to Escalate Nuclear Schedule
Report: Iran Years From Nuclear Weapons
EU, Russia Resist US on Iran Sanctions: Diplomats
Europe Nervous Despite US Denials It Plans to Attack Iran
Choice for No. 2 at State Dept. Defends Bush’s Stance on Iran
US Assails Iran for 'Systematic Oppression' of Minorities
Peres Says Israel Has No Plans Against Iran
Israel's Peretz Says 2007 Critical Year on Iran
Saudi Arabia FM Says Iran Cooperating
British Shadow FM: Don't Rule Out Attacking Iran
Iran Women's Rights Activists Faces Prosecution
Syria Talks May Help Israel, Baker Says
Israeli Envoy Describes Secret Talks With Syria
Syrian FM Stresses Iraq's Unity in Turkey Talks
Peres: Cluster Bombs a Mistake
Palestinian Envoy: Unity Govt in a Matter of Hours
$112 Million Transfer Boosts Forces Loyal to Abbas
Larger Palestinian Force May Get US-Funded Training
Palestinian Truce Holds Despite Sporadic Attacks
Israel Will Strike at Islamic Jihad, but Says It Wants Calm to Persist
Israeli Military Wounds Wife of Islamic Jihad Member in Raid
Israeli Troops Kill Two Militants in West Bank
Palestinians Say Settlers Planting Trees on Their Land
Lebanon PM Welcomes Hezbollah Call for Settlement
Diplomacy Raises Hopes for Solution in Lebanon
Military Prosecutors Begin Questioning of Suspects in Deadly Beirut Riots
Hezbollah's Star Wanes in One Lebanese Town
Amidst Hezbollah Protests, Lebanese Reek of Resistance – Literally
Middle East
Tunis Hosts Arab Interior Ministers
Mubarak Steps Up Fight on Muslim Brotherhood
North Korea May Accept Deal in Nuclear Talks
North Korea Nuclear Talks to Resume Feb. 8
North Korea Eyes New Nuke Test if Dispute Not Resolved
South Korea Stays Cautious Over North Korea
Seoul Wants Written Accord From Nuke Talks
US Suspects North Korea Laundering Money
NATO Offensive 'Kills 30 Taliban'
NATO Doubts Major Offensive by Taliban
Afghan Rebuilding Hit by 'Violence and Waste'
US to Retake Abandoned Taliban Town
Afghanistan Compact Hits Snags One Year After Signing
Donors Pledge to Give Afghans More Control
Mortar Attack in Pakistani Town Kills Two
Pakistan Expects US to Make Final Legislation on Aid More Balanced
Death Toll Rises as Nepal PM Promises Federal State
Bangladesh's Election Commissioners Resign
Candidate Could Make History in Hong Kong
Leader of Thai Junta Promises Vote in '07
Vietnam Communist Party and Armed Forces to Relinquish Control of Many Businesses
Ex-Warlord Voted Somali Speaker
US Navy Scales Back Presence in Somalia
Africa Still Trying to Raise Somalia Force
Fifty Dead in West Kenya Clashes
UN Cuts Eritrea-Ethiopia Troops
Bin Laden's Brother-In-Law Killed in Madagascar Break-In, Relative Says
South Sudan Finally Sees Progress After War
Africa Holds Attractions for China Leaders
Chavez Clears Way for 'Maximum Revolution'
Correa Supporters Storm Ecuador’s Congress
Putin Warns of Pre-Election Threats
Police: Russian Muslim Leader Wounded

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