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Mission Accomplished – for Iran: Ivan Eland
More Bureaucracy, Less Security: Ron Paul
Back Iraqi Nationalists and Get Out: Charley Reese
A Step Toward Realism in Iran Policy: Jim Lobe
The Nightmare Continues: Patrick Cockburn

 Sen. Mike Gravel

Criminalize the War: 5 years and a one million dollar fine

 Tony Benn

Iconic British MP on recrimination vs. reconciliation?: How do we deal with war criminals?

 Will Grigg

King George III Blushes in Hell: At the powers claimed by the President of the United States

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Updated May 15, 2007 - 8:59 PM EDT

US Searches for Soldiers Despite al-Qaeda Threat


Tuesday: 70 Iraqis Killed, 96 Wounded


British Hold Secret Talks With Sunni Rebels


Bush Finally Finds Someone Willing to Be 'War Czar'

  Reid: Senate Democrats Want Iraq War Deadline
IAEA Says Iran Is Stepping Up Nuclear Work

Bush to Bible-Beaters: Iran Is Existential Threat to US


Another Step Toward Realism in Iran Policy

Suicide Bomber Kills 24 in Pakistan


Air Strikes Kill 60 Taliban in Afghanistan: Police

  Is Time Running Out for Musharraf?
   US, Pakistani Soldiers Killed in Border Clash

At Least 16 Killed in Hamas-Fatah Fighting

Bush Shifts Iraq Burden
Onto General
 by Jay Bookman
Bloody Chaos in
Kurdistan's Future?
 by Spencer Ackerman
How Did It Come to This?
by Jacob G. Hornberger
More Bureaucracy, Less Security
by Rep. Ron Paul
Back Iraqi Nationalists and Get Out
by Charley Reese
Our Rapidly Evaporating Rights
by Aziz Huq

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Rove Fingered Five of the US Attorneys Slated for Dismissal

Rep. Ron Paul Casts Himself as Alternative Candidate in GOP Race

ABC News: Wolfowitz Out?

More Than One Crisis at World Bank

Bank's Report Says Wolfowitz Violated Ethics

Prominent War Critic Loses Son in Iraq

US Soldier Blames Death of Italian Agent He Shot on Freed Reporter

US to Block Soldiers From YouTube, MySpace, Other Sites
Today in Iraq

Plight of Iraq's Palestinian Refugees Worsens

Iraqi Military Faces Hurdles in Its Quest to Take Charge

Cheney Sees Arab Support on Iraq

Shi'ite-Sunni Team Turns Airwaves Blue

New Detainees Strain Iraq's Jails

Monday: 6 GIs, 1 Dane, 95 Iraqis Killed; 54 Iraqis Wounded
Kidnapped Troops

An American Nightmare: The US Search for Kidnapped Troops in Iraq

Soldiers' Abduction Adds to Pressure for Withdrawal

Iraq Occupation

Japanese Lawmakers Approve Two-Year Extension for Iraq Mission

US Embassy Employees Fearful Over Green Zone Attacks

Danish Soldier Killed in Iraq, Several Wounded

Marine Refused Staff’s Advice on Haditha Deaths, Major Testifies

The War at Home

Oversight Committee Postpones Rice Hearing to Make Way for Tenet Deposition

Antiwar Mothers March for Peace in Southwest Michigan

'New York Guard' a Chance for Politicians to Appear to Have Military Credentials

Former Senator: Bush, Cheney See Iraq as 51st State

Revamped Web Site Gives Public a Sanitized Peek at CIA

Troubled Soldier Says He Went AWOL to Get Mental Health Help

Iraq Fallout

Japanese PM Defends Invasion of Iraq

Americans Will Remember Chirac for Iraq War Stance

'War on Terror'

Terrorism Suspects Often Seem Far From al-Qaeda's 'A' Team

FBI, Security Officials Warn of Growing Threat From Islamic Extremists 'Next Door'

Padilla Trial Begins

Guantánamo Detainees' Suit Challenges Fairness of Military's Repeat Hearings

US Divulges New Details on Released Gitmo Inmates

Spying on the Home Front

US Air Marshals Flooding German, British Flights

DHS Demands Europe Ensure Continued Access to Air Passenger Data

Fort Dix Arrests Stun Albanians


Growing Clashes Between Afghan, Pakistani Troops Kill 13

Pakistani Foreign Office Spokesman: No Conflict With Afghanistan

Germany Asks US to Change Tactics, Reduce Civilian Casualties in Afghanistan

Afghans Yearn for Glory Days


Registrar Shot Dead Before His Court Opens Musharraf Case

Eight More Die in Karachi

Province Shut Down by Pakistan Strikes

Violence Puts More Pressure on Musharraf

Pakistani Cities Virtually Shut Down by Strike

Sri Lanka

15 Killed in Weekend Sri Lanka Fighting

Central Asia

Turkmenistan's Natural Gas: Mixed Blessing

EU Extends Sanctions Against Uzbekistan

Why There's Little Coverage of the Andijan Massacre in Uzbekistan


Press Divided on Iran-US Talks

Iran Will 'Retaliate Strongly' to US Attack

Iran Lifts Nine-Month Ban on Moderate Newspaper

Iran Detains US Academic After Claims She Is a Spy

Palestinian Strife

Palestinian Interior Minister Quits

Gaza Crisis Prompts Security Push

PA Says Hamas, Fatah Agree on Truce After Day of Deadly Fighting

Battles Continue in Gaza, Despite Truce


Sources: Israeli War Game Simulates Attack on Syria

Olmert Insists Northern Israelis 'Feel Safer' After War

'Professional Errors' Blamed in Israeli Soldiers' Attack on Anarchists

Jerusalem: Unified City, Divided Views

Study: Palestinians Forced Out of Hebron

Canadian Groups Launch Boycott of Bookstore Chain Owned by Israeli Military Donor

US Christian Students to Be Trained to Advocate Israel

Red Cross Report Says Israel Disregards Humanitarian Law

Mideast Peace

EU and Arab League Say Peace Plan Deserves a Chance

Jordan's King Warns Cheney on Mideast

Israeli-Lebanese Peace Achieved at NYU

Middle East

Mossad Chief: Peace Talks With Syria May Lead to War

Lebanon's Siniora Asks UN to Set Up Hariri Court

Violence Ahead of Algeria Polls

IMF Warns Mideast Politics Threatens Growth

One Turkish City Countering Fear of Islam's Reach


Sarkozy Chooses Socialist as Foreign Minister

Israel Slams Sarkozy's Pick for FM


UN to Probe Mogadishu Atrocities

Live Ordnance Left in Wake of Somalia Battles

Somalia Gun Battle Kills 16

UN: Somalia Crisis Worse Than Darfur


Renewed Violence Limits Oil Production in Nigerian Region

Nigerian Separatists Poised for Showdown With Police


Uganda Rebel Leader Apologizes for Atrocities

Guinea Soldiers Continue Looting After President Concedes to Demands

Congo: Ex-Rebels Accuse State of Reneging on Deal

Russia/Missile Defense

Rice: Russia Rift Not a New Cold War

No Progress in Missile Defense Talks

US, German Ministers to Meet Putin Amid Strains

Poland, US Begin Talks on Missile Shield


New Taiwan PM Is Top Negotiator With China

Taiwan's PM Quits After Loss in Ballot

In Other News

Deaths and Fraud Reports Mar Philippine Vote

Cuban Students Try Posada in Absentia


Justin Raimondo
Benchmarks and Bullsh*t

Ivan Eland
Mission Accomplished – for Iran

David R. Henderson
Hail Ron Paul and Mike Gravel

Alan Bock
Renewing Old Europe

Doug Bandow
Get Out of Europe; Avoid a New Cold War

Nebojsa Malic
Jihad in New Jersey

Charles Peña
Good Intentions and
Unintended Consequences

Praful Bidwai
Sanctions Aggravate Iranian Rights Situation

Philip Giraldi
A High Price to Pay for Ignorance

Ran HaCohen
The Legend of the
Removed Checkpoints

Sascha Matuszak
From China to Cairo

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