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Court Won't Hear Torture Case: Jim Lobe
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 Michael Hirsh

Newsweek Sr. Editor on Rudy’s Neocons

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 John Hagee

The End of the World!

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Updated October 10, 2007 - 11:10 PM EDT
Dems Put Troop Withdrawals on Hold
  Baghdad Embassy Delayed Indefinitely

Iraqi Official: Security Guards Fired Randomly, Killing 2 Women


Iraq Car Bombs Target US-Allied Sunnis

  Wednesday: 2 GIs, 112 Iraqis Killed, 84 Iraqis Wounded
White House Denies Leak That Helped al-Qaeda

High Court Won't Hear Rendition, Torture Case


White House: Al-Qaeda Pursuing WMDs


Judge Halts Transfer of Guantánamo Detainee

Turkey Shells Northern Iraq


Turkey Allows Troops to Attack Kurds in Iraq


White House: Genocide Resolution Could Hurt Relations With Key Ally


US Warns Turkey to Stay Out of Iraq

Pakistan Bombs Bazaar Full of Civilians


Pakistan Halts Village Attacks Long Enough to Bury Hundreds Killed

The Big Lie: 'Iran Is a Threat'
by Scott Ritter
The State Keeps Itself Busy
by Robert Fisk
Iran, the Decider, and the Enablers
by David Bromwich
A Quagmire of Complicity  by Jacob Boas
Israel's Rising Right Wing  by Gregory Levey
Will the Irbil 5 Be Freed?  by Jim Lobe

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Has the US Ceded Southern Iraq?

Badr Official: Sadr Deal to Hasten Foreign Troop Pullout

Allawi's Party Rejects Accusations of Involvement in Violence

Activists Call for Arms Trade Treaty at UN

US Weighed Radioactive Poisons During Cold War

Iraqis Concerned Interim Constitution Will Introduce Sharia Law
Today in Iraq

In Baghdad, Electricity Is Rare Delight

Fire Devastates Palestinian Refugee Camp in Iraq

Iraqi Detainees Face Religion-Based Rehab

70 Arrested in Mosul Raids

Iraqi Town Rocked by Twin Attack

Tuesday: 1 GI, 76 Iraqis Killed; 131 Iraqis Wounded
Occupying Iraq

US-Led Iraq Coalition Withering Fast

What's Left of the 'Coalition of the Willing'

GAO: White House Program to Provide Iraqi Services Fails

US Soldiers View Documentary Portraying Other Side of the Iraq Conflict

Osprey Finally Arrives in a Combat Zone, After More Repairs

The War at Home
Faster Army Expansion Plan Approved

Newsweek Editor: Giuliani Victory Would Likely Bring 'Another War'

Blackwater Founder Comes Under Fire

'War on Terror'

Immunity Crucial in Talks on Eavesdropping Rules

New Security Strategy Emphasizes Disaster Preparedness

Supreme Court Nixes Suit Claiming Torture by CIA

Amnesty Launches Web Campaign Against War on Terror Rights Abuses

TSA Pulls Plug on Orlando's Shoescanner

NATO Chief to Meet Rice, Gates on Afghanistan

Afghanistan 'Putting NATO's Future in Peril'

US Officials Push to Spray Afghan Drug Crops

Bookseller of Kabul Extends His Trade With a Mobile Shop

Canadians Pay Afghan Police to Bolster Security


Interview With Benazir Bhutto: 'We Plan to Handle and Control the Army'

French Arms Deal With Pakistan Risks US Ire

New Political Deal Angers Pakistanis


Myanmar Party Rejects Junta's Terms

Diplomat Quits Over Myanmar Monks

Arrests in Singapore for Myanmar Protest

Time to Prepare for Transition in Myanmar: US Envoy


Japan to Deploy F15s in Okinawa

China Promotes Taiwan-Focused Military Officers

Thailand to Send 800 Troops to Join Darfur Force

India-China Competition Revealed in Ongoing Border Disputes

North Korea Marks Nuclear Test Anniversary


Iran: US Allegations Reaction to Iraq Failure

UN Nuclear Team Arrives in Iran

France Faces Hard Sell on Iran Sanctions

Sarkozy Talks Tough on Iran Before Putin Meeting

Report: Iran Develops New Optical Smart Bomb

Hillary Attacks Questioner Who Criticizes Her Iran Position


Pressure in Israel for Missile Defense

Final Israeli Lebanon War Report to Spare PM

Twin Mideast Peace Concerts Rouse Skepticism, Rancor

An Israeli Strike on Syria Kindles Debate in the US


Egypt Signs Treaty With NATO

Egyptian Bloggers Expose Horror of Police Torture

Middle East

Algerian Troops Slay Deputy Head of al-Qaeda in North Africa

Saudi King Details Succession Law

Libya Opens Door to Tourists but Obstacles Remain in the Former Pariah Country

Secular Tunisia May Face a New, Younger Islamist Challenge


AU Confirms Bombing Raid on Darfur Town

Over 160,000 Displaced in Darfur Since January


Somali PM Strikes Deal With Some Mogadishu Clan Leaders

Fresh Firefight Takes Place in Mogadishu

Uganda Sends Diplomats to Help Mediate Somalia Peace


Eritrea Accuses Ethiopia of Jamming Media

Zimbabwe Drops 'Terror' Charges Against Opposition

France Moves Closer to Rejoining NATO

Sarkozy Spells Out New Rules to Putin


Poll: Aznar Lied About Iraq War, Say Spaniards

Basque Car Bomb Wounds Politician's Bodyguard

New Tensions Grip Basque Region


UK Diplomats Face Lifetime Gag

Rome Weapons Factory Blast Kills One and Injures 12

Poll: Serbians Divided on Actions if Kosovo Splits

Islamist Leader Appeals Expulsion From Norway


Four Russian Troops Dead, Ten Injured in Chechen Ambush

Stark Differences on Arms Threaten US-Russia Talks


Priest Gets Life in Argentina Dirty War Trial

Closed-Door Policy Undermines Confidence in Canadian Torture Inquiry


Justin Raimondo
Rudy's Radicals

Philip Giraldi
Neocons Acquire Another
Front Group

Alan Bock
Machiavelli's Real Transgression

Doug Bandow
The Price of Promiscuous Intervention

Charles Peņa
Misunderestimating the Price of Iraq

Nebojsa Malic
Brussels' End

David R. Henderson
War and the Constitution

Praful Bidwai
Nuke Deal May Trigger Midterm Polls in India

Ivan Eland
Why 'Partition' (of Iraq) Is a Dirty Word

Sascha Matuszak
Chaos in the Great Game

Ran HaCohen
Palestine: Blood Is in the Air

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