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Georgia: Bloom Is Off the Rose: Justin Raimondo
Is a Vote for Rudy a Vote for War?: Pat Buchanan
Making War to Keep Peace: Doug Bandow
Cheney Tried to Stifle Dissent in Iran NIE: G. Porter
New Crises Sap Bush's War on Terror: Jim Lobe

 Tim Dickinson

Bush’s Lapdog IGs

 Eric Margolis

Conflict in Pakistan and Kurdistan

 Naomi Wolf

The Fascist Shift

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Updated November 9, 2007 - 10:48 PM EST
Cheney Tried to Stifle Dissent in Iran Intel Report
  US: Iran Attack Plans Ready if Needed
  Escorted by the US Navy, British Sailors Return to the Gulf
Dems Plan to Tie Funding to Withdrawal
  House Approves $471b Defense Budget
  Poll: Opposition to Iraq War at High
  Mahdi Army Accused of Killing Spree in Iraq Shrine City
  Friday: 45 Iraqis Killed, 33 Wounded
New Crises Sap Bush's War on Terror
  Mukasey Confirmed as Attorney General
  FBI: Al-Qaeda May Strike US Shopping Malls
  FBI Calls on Universities to Guard Against Spies
Conflicting Reports Over Bhutto's Detention
  Thousands of Police Block Pakistan Rally
  Musharraf Promises Elections as Mass Arrests Continue
  Pentagon: US-Pakistan Military Cooperation Unaffected by Martial Law
  Pakistan Crisis Reveals Fragile Ties in Terror War
The Impossibility of
American Empire
 by William Pfaff
Democrats' Year of
Living Fecklessly
 by Robert Parry
Not Everyone Wanted to Bomb Hiroshima  by Leo Maley III and Uday Mohan
Is a Vote for Rudy a Vote for War?
by Patrick Buchanan
On the Path to Barbarity
by John Laughland
Bring Back Alberto Gonzales
by Andrew Greeley

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Israel's Dep. PM: ElBaradei a Danger to World Peace
Rice Admits Iraq Mistakes
More Than Half of Christians Have Fled Iraq Since 2003
Mom: My Son Was Mutilated and I Want Answers
Mother of Sailor Killed in Iraq: 'Needless Loss of Life Must Stop'
Pentagon Blocks Testimony of Former Marine Prosecutor Who Alleges Torture
Watada Court-Martial Put on Hold Indefinitely
State Dept. Drafts the Not So Willing for Iraq
Pakistan's Nuclear Arsenal a US Worry
Today in Iraq
Maliki Halts Effort to Bring Resigned Sunni Bloc Back Into Government
Interior Ministry Probes Alleged Human Rights Violations in Karbala
US Commander Sees Progress in Northern Iraq
500 Iraqis Freed From Crowded US Detention Center
Maliki Hails US Mass Prisoner Release
Attacks Continue
Shi'ite Politician Survives Basra Attack
Roadside Bomb Kills Six Policemen in Western Iraq
10 Policemen Killed, Injured in Attack in Anbar
2 US Soldiers, 47 Iraqis Killed; 33 Iraqis Wounded
Global Iraq Fallout
Czech Soldiers to Train Iraqi Tank Forces
Iraq Asks Britain to Return Hundreds of Missing Artifacts
The War at Home
Bush Loyalist Now Sees a White House Dangerously Soft on Iran and North Korea
Antiwar Students Protest Suspensions
Antiwar Vets Slam Parade Ban
Kucinich Bill to Impeach Cheney Goes to Committee
Antiwar Protesters Arrested in Giuliani'S, Clinton's Offices
Combat Missions? Clinton, Edwards Spar
US Military
Extended Tours Worsen Reservist Job Woes
Military Jury Acquits Army Sniper of Premeditated Murder in Killings of 3 Iraqis
A Complete Guide to Uncle Sam's Recruiting Incentives
Building of Bombproof Vehicles Too Slow
Soldiers Find Little Help Getting Back to Work
US Army Copter Crash Kills Four in Italy
Guantánamo Judge Says He Took 'Heat' From Pentagon
Decks Are Stacked in War Crimes Cases, Lawyers Say
Buried Evidence Revealed in Guantánamo Trial
'War on Terror'
Waterboarding Is Torture, Says Ex-Navy Instructor
Protest Greets Police Plan to Map Muslim Angelenos
British Police Watchdog Says Chief Tried to Stop Menezes Killing Report
Four Officers May Still Face Disciplinary Action Over Menezes Killing
'Lyrical Terrorist' Found Guilty of Writing Terrorist Poetry, Possession 'Extremist' Literature
Iraqi Passengers Sue Airline, Claim Discrimination
US Ponders Future of Spraying Afghan Opium Crops
Afghan, US Military Kill Several Militants, Detain 17 in Southern Afghanistan
Norwegian Peacekeeper Killed, Second Injured by Roadside Bomb in Afghanistan
Canadian Defense Minister Escapes Rocket Attack in Afghanistan
Pakistan's Moves May Aid Militants
Musharraf Gives Election Date but Purge Continues
US Welcomes 'Clarification' of Pakistan Election Date
Pakistan's Final Arbiter: The Army
Pakistan Strife Threatens Anti-Insurgent Plan
Pakistan's Nuclear Arsenal in Safe Hands, Brown Told
Anger at Decree Runs Deep in Pakistan
Keeping Pakistanis in the Dark
Pakistan's Private TV Channels Struggle
On the Run With Imran Khan
Democrats Warn Pakistan Like '70s Iran
UK in Touch With Bhutto, Sharif
Toll in Sri Lankan Clashes Rises to More Than 80
Racial Tensions Simmer in Malaysia
Gates Will Press Japan for Larger Military Role
As Military Balks, Chinese Public Pushes for Aircraft Carriers
US and Iranian Forces in the Gulf
Amid Increased US Pressure, Yahoo and Hotmail Remove Iran From Country Lists
Saudi King Urges Iran to Avoid Escalating Tensions With West
US, Israel Discuss Future Iran Strategy
Interpol Vote on Arrest Warrants Pleases Israel, Angers Iran
Iran Urges India Against Closer Ties With US
Iraq-Iran Pipeline Construction Starts
China Tells Iran to Heed International Pressure
US Tells EU Firms: Quit Iran
Florida Governor Cancels Brazil Meeting Over Iran Ties
Iraq Kurd Veterans Predict Turkish Defeat Against PKK
Iraqi Kurdistan Iraq's Kurdish Leader in a Bind
Turkey’s Kurdish Party Warned to Cut Links With Rebels
Iraqi Kurds Struggle to Generate Own Electricity Supplies
Three Kurdish Rebels Killed in Iran
Syria to Let US Personnel Process Iraqi Refugees
Syrian Ambassador Dismisses US Meeting
Israel and Palestinians Turn to US as Talks Hit Snag
Israeli Air Force Trying Really Hard Not to Kill Civilians, Chief Insists
Israeli Troops Carry Out Incursion for Second Day in Row
Palestinians Ease Demands for Conference
Israel Flouts Pledge to Curb Settlements
Israeli Army Arrests Palestinians in Gaza, West Bank
Rights Group: State Must Allow Gaza Patients Treatment in Israel
Deputy: Hezbollah Training to Ensure They Won't Be Caught by Surprise in Next War
Israel: Lebanon Instability May Chase European Countries Out of UN Force
Refugees From Lebanon Siege Camp Want EU Visas
US Worried Ahead of Lebanese Elections
Security Fears Plague Lebanon
Middle East
Oil Firm Clash Kills 12 in Yemen
Israel Urges Egypt to Act Against Hamas
Somali Crowd Drags Ethiopian Corpse, Echoing 1993 Brutality
Five Ethiopian Soldiers Killed in Somalia
State Dept. Officials Cheer Somali Govt as New Chance for Peace
Somaliland Forces Open Fire on Civilians, at Least One Killed
US Says South Africa Impedes UN Motion to Condemn Rape as a Tactic
Rival Gangs Menace Nigeria
Uganda's Rebels on 'Forgiveness' Tour
North Korea
North Korea Shows Signs of Opening Up
A Look at US-North Korean Military Encounters
Myanmar: Detained Leader Can Meet Colleagues
Text of Aung San Suu Kyi's Statement
Troops Enforce State of Emergency in Georgia
Georgian President Calls Early Election
Georgia Grapples With Restricted News Coverage
Russia Urges Formation of Central Asian Energy Club
Dissent and Satire Still Alive in Russia
Retired Military Chiefs: Forces Are 'Paying in Blood for Lack of Funding'
Fiery Speech by Serbian Leader at Trial
Latvia's Prime Minister to Step Down
Gunfire Erupts at Venezuela University

Justin Raimondo
Georgia: The Bloom Is
Off the Rose

Doug Bandow
Making War to Keep Peace

Nebojsa Malic
From Beneath You It Devours

Philip Giraldi
Joe Lieberman's War

David R. Henderson
Veterans Day: In Memoriam

Alan Bock
The Wars Will Be Outsourced

Charles Peña
To Bomb, Or Not To Bomb

Ivan Eland
US Has Double Standard at Home and Abroad

Ran HaCohen
The Israeli Right Has a Peace Plan

Praful Bidwai
Nuke Deal May Trigger Midterm Polls in India

Sascha Matuszak
Chaos in the Great Game

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