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McCain & the Militarist Mentality: Justin Raimondo
US Media Covering Up for Govt?: Daniel Ellsberg
Canada's Torture Warning: Andy Worthington
Conservative Blind Eye on Empire: J. Hornberger
Hope in Iraq: Ivan Eland

 Luke Ryland

FBI Cover-up in Sibel Edmonds Case

 William S. Lind

The Imprudence of Empire

 Les Roberts

How Many Dead Iraqis?

 Juan Cole

Iraq War Far From Over

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Updated January 21, 2008 - 10:48 PM EST
Iran Sanctions Ripple Past Those in Power
  US Says Iran Still Training Iraqi Militias
  Bolton Slams 'Devastating' Intel Report on Iran as Unconstitutional
Iraqi Govt: Toll Mounts as Forces Fight 'Cult'
  US: Al-Qaeda 'On Run' in Iraq
  Nervous Calm in Southern Iraq After Bitter Fighting
  Papers Paint New Portrait of Iraq's Foreign Insurgents

Monday: 2 GIs, 37 Iraqis Killed; 28 Iraqis Wounded

FBI 'Has Lied' to Cover Up Nuclear Spy Ring
  Paper: Cover-Up in Whistleblower Case Confirmed
World Leaders in Secret Talks to Create 'New World Order'
UK Troops Seize Afghan Farm for Fortress
US Media Covering Up for Government?  by Daniel Ellsberg
Libertarian Foreign Policy in the Hobbesian Crosshairs  by Robert Higgs
Canada's Gitmo Torture Warning Shows Double Standards  by Andy Worthington
Surge to Nowhere
by Andrew J. Bacevich
Gates Again Undermines the Hawks
by Jim Lobe
The American War Dead
Los Angeles Times

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'Israel's Sanctions Strengthen Hamas'
North Korea Slams 'Reckless' US Jet Deployment
US: Saudi, Syria Cut Number of Fighters Getting Into Iraq
Britain 'as Inept as US' in Failing to Foresee Postwar Iraq Insurgency
Pro-Mehdi Paramilitary Groups Surface in S. Iraq
Quality of Nuclear Devices Questioned
Feared General Butt Naked Confesses: Killed 20,000 During Liberia Civil War
Kenyans Hacked to Death With Machetes
Iraq Occupation
US Put Iraqi President's Party on Terror Logo Calendar Sent to Police
Gates Lauds MRAPs as Bombings Spike
US-Iraq Armor-Piercing Bomb Attacks Down

Frontline Blogger Covers War in Iraq With a Soldier’s Eyes

Over 204 Detainees Released From US Prisons in Iraq in a Week
US Outlines '07 Operations Against al-Qaeda in Iraq
Today in Iraq
Spokesman: Sadr May Extend Freeze if Govt. Stops Measures Against Loyalists
Iraqi Population Hit by Acute Power Outage, Shortage of Petroleum Products
Iraqis Stream Home After 'Peaceful' Ashura
Baghdad Liquor Stores Reopen
10 al-Qaeda Members Arrested in Diyala
Iraqi Army Says 14 Gunmen Killed, 60 Captured During Past 24 Hours
Attacks Continue
Teenaged Bomber Kills Sunni Allies of the US
Baghdad Mortar Attack Kills One
Senior Security Official in Nasiriya Dies of Wounds
Suicide Bombing Kills Six in Anbar
Two Czech Soldiers Lightly Wounded in Basra
Two Civilians Wounded as Car Bomb Explodes in Mosul
Sunday: 43 Iraqis Killed, 41 Wounded
US Military
Destruction, Self-Destruction Comes Home With Some Vets
Navy Says Explosive Device Is Missing in Water Off San Diego

Pentagon Weighs Top Iraq General as Chief of NATO

Missing Veteran 'Confused and Unable to Call Home'

Court-Martial for Sgt. in GI's Death
'War on Terror'
US Agents Insured Against Terror Lawsuits
Spy Gear and Police Tech at Homeland Security Conference
Serbian Election Heading to Runoff as 'Ultranationalists' Lead
Serbia's Presidential Candidates
Facts and Figures About Serbia
Iran, Pakistan to Be at the Heart of Rice's Europe Trip
German Jews Warned of Terror Threat From Lebanon

Slovenia Chief Is Accused of Censorship

Georgia and Russia Pledge Better Ties at Inauguration

Signs in Kenya That Killings Were Planned

At Least Seven Killed in Violence Across Kenya

New Ethnic Fighting in Nairobi Slum
Kenya Court Shut Over Bomb Threats by Mob
Mortars Fired as New Somali PM Arrives in Mogadishu
210 Burundian Troops Leave for Somalia
Sudan Gives Adviser Role to Militia Leader
North-South Sudan Border Tension 'Unresolved'
Nigerian Govt, Delta Militants Disagree on Cease-Fire Terms
Low-Key Elections May Affect Castro’s Role
Change May Be Brewing in Cuba
Chavez Keeps Up Campaign to Get Rebels Off Terrorist List
Iran Receives Fourth Russian Shipment of Nuclear Fuel
Police Detain Ashura Mourners in Iran
Iran Halts Repatriation of Illegal Afghan Refugees
Gaza Lockdown
Israel's War on Hamas Means Ordinary Gazans Suffer
'Gaza Food Will Run Out by Midweek'
Security Sources: Gaza's Power Shortage Worse Than Expected
Humanitarian Crisis in Gaza a Hamas Lie, Insists Israeli Military
No Electricity in Gaza City, Other Strip Areas Amid Fuel Shortage
Darkness Falls on Gaza as Israel Takes Revenge

Gaza Economy Crushed by Embargo

Gaza Power Plant to Close After Israel Blocks Fuel Shipments
Israeli Electric Company Chair 'Livid' at Reports of Gaza Power Outages
Israeli Ministers Demand Assassination of Hezbollah Head Nasrallah
Bolton Rejects Olmert's Version of Lebanon War
Peres: Public Will Rule on Any Deal Reached With Palestinians
West Bank Settlement Population Grew Five Percent in 2007
Source: Israel Will Not Free 300 of 350 Prisoners Hamas Wants Released
Muslim Leader Urges Israeli Prisoner Swap
Palestinian Fighters Fire Missiles, Engage Israeli Troops in Ground Clashes
Middle East
Lebanon Again Puts Off Electing President – Now Set for Feb. 11
US Wary of Warming Syrian-Turkish Ties
Saudi Prince: If Israel Quits Arab Land, It Could Join Arab World
Yemen Detains al-Qaeda Suspects
Three PKK Members Surrender to Turkish Security Forces

Alliance Remains Divided as Spring Offensive Nears

Taliban Attacks Kill 12 in Southern Afghanistan: Officials

Taliban Kills Govt Official, Takes Away 2 Others in Southern Afghanistan

Kabul's Old City Gets Major Renovation

US Troops Recall Battle at Musa Qala
Afghan War Comes to Philippine Mountains
Pakistan's Civilian Casualties Forgotten in Bloodbath
Pakistani Military Attacks Militants

Pakistan: Is New Army Chief His Own Man?

Pakistan Braces for Religious Violence
Musharraf Seeks to Improve Pakistan's Image in Tour of Europe
Pakistani Women Assess Bhutto
Sri Lanka
Sri Lankan Troops Launch Assault on Tamil Boats
Sri Lanka Says Independence Celebrations on Despite Bloodshed
Brown Seeks Cooperation With India on Terrorism
India's 'Untouchables Queen' Gains Power, Enemies
Series of Bomb Blasts Rock Bhutan, One Hurt
Taiwan Feels the Squeeze From China Push Into Africa
Taiwanese Question Independence Push
Thai Parliament Convenes After Two Years
Thaksin's Future Murky as Allies Form Thai Government: Analysts

Justin Raimondo
McCain and the Militarist Mentality

Ivan Eland
Hope in Iraq

Doug Bandow
The Great Defense Budget Black Hole

Nebojsa Malic
A Different Endgame

Charles Peña
Shocked, Shocked by Bush's Broken Promises

Philip Giraldi
US, Iran One Misstep
From the Edge

Alan Bock
Some Substance, Please

David R. Henderson
The Fatal Conceit in Foreign Policy

Ran HaCohen
Beware of Barak

Praful Bidwai
Nuke Deal May Trigger Midterm Polls in India

Sascha Matuszak
Chaos in the Great Game

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