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Found in Translation: Philip Giraldi
Thought Police vs. Candidates: Justin Raimondo
Padilla's Shocking Sentence: Andy Worthington
How to Sink America: Johnson/Engelhardt
Empire and the Economy: Jacob G. Hornberger

 Dahr Jamail

Eye of the Storm

 Kurt Pitzer and Linda Gallini

Bush's War Against the Non-Proliferators

 Gareth Porter

Hezbollah Didn't Do Argentine Bombing

 Luke Ryland

FBI Cover-up in Sibel Edmonds Case

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Updated January 23, 2008 - 9:43 PM EST
Hundreds of Official Lies Preceded Iraq War

Petraeus: Another 6 Mos. to Determine Success


Congress Sends $696 Billion Military Budget to Bush

  Wednesday: 54 Iraqis Killed, 170 Wounded
Gazans Knock Down Border, Flee to Egypt
  US Thwarts UN Censure of Gaza Strip Blockade
  Hamas Says Won't Abandon Rockets Under Israel Attack

US Falls Short on New Iran Sanctions


DM: Iran to Increase Defense Budget

Jose Padilla Is Sentenced to 17 Years


Supreme Court Broadens Immunity for Officers

44 Killed in Pakistan Fighting


Musharraf: Pakistan Isn't Hunting Osama


US Rules Out Direct Action Inside Pakistan

Afghans: Marines Fired Without Cause
  Afghan Journalism Student Sentenced to Death

Rice Slams US Envoy's North Korea Criticism

How to Sink America
by Chalmers Johnson and Tom Engelhardt
Padilla's Sentence Should Shock and Disgust All Americans  by Andy Worthington
Empire and the Economy
by Jacob G. Hornberger
Iraq 2011  by Brian Doherty
A Mideast Lesson for Bush
by H.D.S. Greenway
Hooray, They Hate Me  by Uzi Benziman

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Pentagon Tries to Cool Talk on Petraeus

Iraq's New Law on Ex-Ba'athists Could Bring Another Purge

Top Western Military Officials: First Strike Nuclear Attacks 'Indispensable' Against WMD

US Lobbies NATO to Expand

Bush Speeds Up Licenses for Military Exports to US Allies

Slovakia Spurns US Missile Shield in Europe

Poland Expects Deal on US Shield in February

Bodies of Seven Family Members Found in Iraq Orchard
Today in Iraq

Disputes Stall Iraq's 2008 Budget in Parliament

Tea and Tribal Conflict in Iraq

How Fear Turns to Resolve in One Iraqi Village

Iraq Delays Registration for Oil Deal Bids

New Flag to Be Raised in Kurdistan

'Ancient Civilization... Broken to Pieces'

Attacks Continue

Suicide Bomber Kills One, Injures 20 at Iraq School

IED Leaves Kirkuk Senior Police Officer Wounded

Six Family Members Killed by Gunmen in Diyala

Iraqi Army Forces Kill Gunman in Mosul

15 Gunmen Killed, 20 Arrested in Muqdadiya

Tuesday: 1 US Soldier, 32 Iraqis Killed; 42 Iraqis Wounded
Occupying Iraq

US Planes Bomb 'al-Qaeda Safe Haven' South of Baghdad

US Forces Seal Off Western Mosul Neighborhood

The War at Home
US Senate Votes to Exempt Saddam's Iraq From Suits

Asylum Program Falls Short for Iraqis Aiding US Forces

US Military

Army Recruiting Fewer High School Grads

Agency Casts Doubt on Cost of Army Expansion Plan

Military Ouster of Gays Plunges Amid Recruiting Crisis
'War on Terror'

Senate Rejects Surveillance Law Renewal

Osama bin Laden's Son Seeks to 'Find Another Way'

Democrats Try to Delay Eavesdropping Vote

Terrorism Scare in Portugal Turns Out Unjustified


Militants' Attacks Highlight Violence Along Afghan Border

Premature Explosion Kills Bomber, Three Others in Southern Afghanistan

Poverty Feeds Afghan Drugs Trade

Canadian Report Urges On Afghan Mission


US Not Satisfied With Info on Pakistani Militants

Rice Defends US Aid to Pakistan

Retired Military Officers Call on Musharraf to Quit

Pakistan Leader Tells EU Nukes Are Safe

Bhutto Assassination Cost Pakistan $25 Billion in Investment Capital

South Asia

Sri Lanka Clashes Kill 15 Rebels

China: Warmer Ties With India Won't Affect Pakistan Relations


Thai Junta Quits, Promises No More Coups

North Korea Seems to Meet US Criteria on Terror Listing

Japan's Dynasty Politics Losing Favor Among the Public


US Remains Cuba's Top Food Supplier

Illness, Torment in Colombia Rebel Camp

Venezuelan Troops Go to Colombian Border


Iran Says Any New Sanctions Won't Affect Atom Work

Bolton: Near Zero Chance of Bush Attacking Iran

Crushing Gaza

Israeli FM: International Condemnation Won't Stop Gaza Raids

Peres: UN Should Complain to Hamas About Gazan Suffering

More Warnings Pour in for Israel to End Siege of Gaza Before 'Total Collapse'

UNICEF Very Concerned About Children in Gaza

Stench Wafts Through Gaza as Sewage System Falters

Aid Worker's Gaza Diary

Palestinians Shot in Gaza Crossing Clash

Thousands of Yemenis Demonstrate Against Gaza Strip Siege

Israeli Arab Protesters Mass at Border Crossing, Try to Pass Food to Gazans

Mideast Peace Talks

Blair Warned Peace Mission Faces Failure

Abbas: Peace Talks Must Continue


Factions to Meet in Syria on Palestinian Infighting

Paper: Syria Imposes Food Blockade on Lebanon

Syria Denies Allegations of Food Blockade Against Lebanon

Arms Firm Unveils Missile Designed to Intercept Hezbollah Rockets


Kenya's Internally Displaced Forced to Return Home

Kenya Refugees Struggle to Feed Children

Kenya's Displaced Face Uncertain Future

Kenya's Opposition to Take Govt to International Court

Kibaki 'Stole' Kenyan Election Through Vote-Rigging and Fraud

Kenya Police Teargas Govt Supporters

Annan: Solution Must Be Found in Kenya


Two Civilians Killed in Mogadishu Clashes

Tensions Continue in North Somalia After Clashes

Somali Govt Promises to Halt Abuse of Press Freedoms


At Least 5.4 Million Killed in Decade of Congo War

Nigerian Militant Killed in Clash With Navy

Zimbabwe's Opposition Leader Detained, Allies Say

Russia and Her Neighbors

British Fighters Scramble as Russian Bombers Near British Airspace

Russia Rattles Its Depleted Sabre in the Atlantic

Russia Military Chief Speaks Against Navy HQ Move

Forgery Probe Targets Critic of Putin

Soviet Theme Park in Lithuania Features Whippings, KGB Interrogations

Russian Inquiries Threaten an Opposition Candidacy


Serbia Wants Internationally Supervised Talks on Kosovo

Russia's Gazprom Takes Control of Serbian Oil Monopoly


Justin Raimondo
Foreign Thought Police Target US Candidates

Ivan Eland
Hope in Iraq

Doug Bandow
The Great Defense Budget Black Hole

Nebojsa Malic
A Different Endgame

Charles Peņa
Shocked, Shocked by Bush's Broken Promises

Philip Giraldi
US, Iran One Misstep
From the Edge

Alan Bock
Some Substance, Please

David R. Henderson
The Fatal Conceit in Foreign Policy

Ran HaCohen
Beware of Barak

Praful Bidwai
Nuke Deal May Trigger Midterm Polls in India

Sascha Matuszak
Chaos in the Great Game

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